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  1. I agree. Having a foot in multiple locations - Pack, Troop and District - if your heart isn't totally "all-in" it makes it difficult to serve. And, when you no longer have a boy in the Pack, easier to walk away.  That being said, I'm enjoying the Pack Leadership maybe MORE since my son has crossed over to Boy Scouts.


    Has anyone said something like, we realize it's hard to walk away but we're ready to take this on and we know how to find you if we get into a bind?  Maybe they're staying on because they're afraid of what they built is going to fail. You could be the most competent person ever, but if they've never worked with you before, they may not know that...


    If that doesn't work, perhaps working with your Commissioner to help you sort out a resolution.

  2. We have a few months to tackle this - but wanted to see how other units vote on appearance awards.  If you don't - no worries. But if you do - could you share how you do it?


    We have 4 or 5 Appearance Awards - Most Scout- Like, Most Patriotic, Most Unique, Scout's Choice...  You get the idea.


    Each car is assigned a number.  Each Boy gets a ballot and a pencil and goes down the line to vote.  


    That part isn't hectic.  It's the tabulation.


    Anyone do it different?

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