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    Part Latino. Part Scottish. All Scout!
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    South Orange County, CA
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    Teacher, Child Development Specialist, private tutor
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    Arts and literature, heraldry, history, music, anything that can be done in the great indoors. Tolkien expert, Star Wars geek, history buff, music lover, hobby naturalist, and more. Also the most ardent supporter of proper uniforming you are ever likely to meet.
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    Cub Scout Roundtable Commissioner, Unit Commissioner, and Unit Religious Emblems Coordinator. Eagle Scout. And always looking for and open to new ideas and helpful suggestions!

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  1. My apologies for tone.

    1. The Latin Scot

      The Latin Scot

      No need to apologize; all is heartily and gladly forgiven. 😇  I allowed myself to get far too heated - I tend to write very long posts, and the more I get going, the more intense my comments may become, and if they have upset you, I am truly sorry. My apologies. I hope I did not lead you to believe I that I disrespect you in any way; on the contrary, I find your commitment to Scouting admirable, and I am grateful that you are a part of our forums. I should not have let a problem to be solved become more important than a person to be loved, and I hope that in the future, I will do a better job of conveying that. My thanks to you, my brother in Scouting . 🙂

    2. SiouxRanger


      Well, I stand embarrassed at my brusque language, and I do need to reign in my comments .  This is only the second time in my 45 year professional life I have so transgressed.

      Thanks for your understanding, my Brother in Scouting.


    3. The Latin Scot

      The Latin Scot

      Well, I hope I will be a little kinder, a little wiser, and a little better after this exchange, and I have you to thank for making known these areas of improvement for me to work on. So now, let's put it behind us, and look forward to working as allies in a world that needs the values of Scouting today more than ever. 
      “Come on dear Brother since the war is past,
      For friends at first are friends again at last.”
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