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  1. The only real requirement to be a SPL is: you are a registered Scout in good standing, and the boys elect you. Bam. If the boys pick a kid, that's their choice. He may be 11, he may be a Tenderfoot, he may have awful attendance - makes no difference. The boys pick who they pick, and soon enough they will learn what makes a good leader or not. And they can always oust a leader and choose a new one whenever they feel a change is needed! 

    The most important thing is to trust the boys and not interfere. Let them handle it on their own; after all, it's their troop!

  2. 53 minutes ago, CalicoPenn said:

    The LDS is driving the LDS out of Scouting - not the BSA.  The biggest growth area for the LDS is not in the USA - its overseas.  The LDS has been using the BSA as its youth program for its convenience.  It is no longer convenient for them because larger and larger chunks of their organization cannot access the BSA program so the LDS is creating their own program which will be consistent globally rather than have a BSA centered program in the states and a "separate but equal (??)" program overseas.


    I am afraid this is not an accurate understanding of our relationship with the BSA. We did not adopt Scouting as a matter of convenience; in fact, implementing it took a great deal of effort, and meant cancelling a youth program we already had in place. 

    The need for a unified global program is only one part of the reason for our exit. The other very much is the fact that the BSA is making a broad statement with its recent policy changes - the statement that boys and girls learn in the same way, and that one program can adequately meet the needs of both with no need to differentiate between the sexes. This fundamental ideology, that boys and girls should just share the same program, is a complete turn-around from the roots of Scouting, which was a program specifically tailored to the needs of boys. It also goes against what we believe in the Church - that men and women are fundamentally different, that both serve complimentary but distinct roles in the family and in society, and that our gender is an eternal part of our divine identity. The new BSA ideology no longer matches those beliefs, and so it would be inappropriate for the Church to be associated with a program that now has a distinctly different worldview.

    This is not a matter of convenience. It's a matter of principle. We can still support and serve and encourage one another's growth, but we cannot share the same ties that we could when our core beliefs were the same. Had the BSA stuck to its original values, there would not have been such a need for us to take a stand like this.

  3. It's all a matter of being gracious and tactful. If you are again nominated for an award that you should only have received once, there's nothing wrong with informing the powers that be that you have already received the honor, and that you would rather not break rules to receive it again. Certainly nobody could fault you for pointing it out; it would be an honorable thing to do. After all, we aren't here for the awards (I should hope).

    Should they bestow the honor upon you anyway, even after said declination, simply receive it graciously. Make no fuss of it; modesty is always more becoming and more mature than gratuitously turning it into a big deal. But certainly do not wear two of the same knot on your uniform - not only would that be a tasteless flaunting of a double-bestowal, but it goes against uniform policy as well. One never wears two knots for the same award; that's what devices are for, and if there are no devices that fit the situation, it won't matter anyway. A good Scouter never seeks recognition, and certainly won't mind whether or not people know about all the honors he has received, because that's not what he is there for. :happy:


  4. 2 hours ago, WonderBoy said:

    Just my $0.02)


    1 hour ago, ValleyBoy said:

    Just my two cents worth.

    That's $0.04! Already I've earned almost a whole nickle off this thread. :happy:

    Both of the above are good points though; I am just going to recycle all the used stuff I can for the next 18 months. And I just realized @ValleyBoy's point this morning - any Webelos Scout who wants to stick to the blue uniform can easily just say he's wearing an authentic vintage uniform and he will remain correctly dressedProblem solved!

  5. Well, that's one reason I wouldn't wait till the end of the year to award ranks. As soon as a boy can get the requirements done, he should get his rank - in my program in fact, we don't follow school calendars at all. When a boy turns 10 he joins my Webelos group, and he is with me for a year till he turns 11. We don't take summer breaks, and we don't have a "start" or "end" to the program year. It's ongoing, and boys earn their ranks as they complete the adventures/other requirements for them. Obviously it means careful planning and juggling of activities, but it sure is nice not to be beholden to the schools for scheduling and planning activities and rank advancement. In fact, summer is when I see the highest rates of advancement and progress, since we don't have school activities conflicting with our program.

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  6. Oh yeah, I forgot about that! Haha. Well in that case, maybe my families can get by without having to worry about the changes after all! I just gotta stock up on the blue patches so that I have enough for any boys who stay in the blue uniform up till the end of next year. ;)

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  7. After hearing the swirl of rumors, I found this!


    I have to say, I do understand the majority of these uniform changes, even if I don't like them all (I have always been resistant to change). I have always wondered about the aqua color being used for Bears; light blue is much simpler. But making the switch out to the tan/olive uniform for ALL Webelos is annoying, and for some, expensive. I understand the cunning behind it - get the boys in the uniform early, and there is a far better chance they'll continue on to Boy Scouts since they own the uniform already. But still, it's kind of frustrating. I won't require it of my families for a couple of years at least. But I will miss the diamond blue patch!

  8. 50 minutes ago, Saltface said:

    Does anyone actually wear the field uniform in the field? Between the cost of the uniforms and superiority of other fabrics when it comes to outdoor performance, I see no reason to encourage wearing something that will make you feel miserable or be expensive to replace if damaged.

    In my council uniforms are worn to everything. I was especially impressed by how well uniformed our district was during the entirety of Camporee weekend and Scout-O-Rama this past month. I gotta say, uniforms are being worn much more often and more correctly than when I was a Scout in this area growing up. So yeah - lots of people are still wearing the uniform on their activities. I guess just not where you live.

  9. 1 hour ago, Eagle94-A1 said:

    OK, I know officially starting June 11 2018,  all Webelos are SUPPOSED to be in the tan and green uniform. Me personally, I'd stay in a "vintage" blue Webelos uniform until he completely out grows it, or crosses over into Scouts, BSA. A Scout is THRIFTY :)

    Wait wait wait wait wait - where did you hear this?! I haven't heard about this anywhere else; when did they announce this?

  10. Well, there had been a number of similar organizations appearing all over the country in the years prior to the BSA's founding - the Woodcraft Indians, Sons of Daniel Boone, etc. The Boy Scouts of America simply conglomerated the majority of them into one organization, giving it an immediately large starting population already. Such groups had been making headlines too with the success they had been having and the good it was doing for boys across the nation, so by the time Eldred was ready for the first Board of Review, Scouting was already square in the public eye. 

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  11. 47 minutes ago, RememberSchiff said:

    At 25 pages it would take some work. It would probably be easier to move the lesser amount on-topic content to a new topic and not in Issues and Politics forum.  I would probably have to lock the topic temporarily while moving.

    Since you are the OP is that what you want?


    I trust you can sort it out properly; I only hope it doesn't take away too much of your time to do so! But I would like if these more heated discussions be moved elsewhere so that this thread can maintain the integrity of its subject matter. Thank you.

  12. That's why I make my own; the ones sold at the Scout Shop are nice, but still not very attention-grabing. For use in Den or Pack Meetings, I like something big and colorful that is easy to track progress on; all the details I keep in my own personal chart in my notebook, but for the basics - the steps towards rank - I just use a big bright poster that even the youngest Scouts can read.