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    Bear Grylls is new World Scout Ambassador

    I don't know really who this person is outside of the brief (and surely cursory) sketch of his background in the announcement. What exactly has he done to merit this honor? Is this another instance of using a celebrity as a puppet leader to get attention, or does he actually have legitimate Scouting credentials to his name?
  2. The Latin Scot

    Why all the slap-stick in Cub Scouting?

    I'm afraid if you "dumped" religious, Scouting would have absolutely no foundation. Once religion is removed from Scouting, it will cease to have any power whatsoever to do good in the lives of young people. Baden-Powell himself said the following: Now let’s look at the BSA National Office for some additional clarification on this subject: I believe this 100%. And I think the "slap-stick" in Cub Scouting is often a distraction from this. I have a wonderful time as a Webelos Den Leader with my boys. But, while we are always engaged in meaningful activities, NOT EVERYTHING IS "FUN." Sometimes there are very sobering conversations, or discussions that require a bit of mature, thoughtful interaction. That's okay. Yes, Cub Scouts can be a barrel of monkeys, more often than not, we are having a wild time. But there are just as many times when we need to use this program to teach deeper values with far greater significance. Fun is a tool, and a marvelous one at that. But it must always remain just that - a tool, not an end. My goal is never "to have fun." I use fun as an effective and powerful way to reach my REAL goal - building solid moral character in the boys I teach. If it gets TOO ridiculous, well, in my book that's a distraction.
  3. The Latin Scot

    Each Patrol Member Needs a Job

    We have a young man who has done an excellent job teaching me how useful and important the role of Scribe can be. Mind you, I was Scribe for a while back when I was a youth member, and I never felt like I did anything important in that role. But this kid has really made the job his own. He keeps neat, organized minutes at every meeting, and he writes everything relevant in a tidy binder with dividers separating various types of "documents." He has a file for menus (including shopping lists, which Scouts will purchase what, who will cook the meals, et cetera), camp-outs (where they are camping, duty charts for the outing, requirements the boys want to pass off), troop minutes (with a better agenda than even our committee uses) -- this kid didn't ask whether the patrol needed a Scribe or not, rather, he made himself needed, and found ways to magnify his role so that it is now an invaluable part of patrol functions. I think that's what every boy should be aspiring to; it's not about the job you take, but rather it's the effort that you make.
  4. The Latin Scot

    How to deal with a difficult leader?

    Well, if you talk to your CO and explain the issue, they can simply GIVE him a new role. No questions, no discussion - simply tell him his services are appreciated but the nature of his role will be changing. Then change his role. If the CO approves the action, there is nothing he can do about it - besides whine and complain and all that, but he can't force himself into any position of leadership. It's a tough call but if he is truly sabotaging your boys' experience than just excuse him from the position in which he seems to be causing so much trouble, and find him something else to do where he won't cause so many problems. The CO is fully empowered to choose its own leaders, and to dismiss them as well (or at least give them new duties). Should he decline, he is welcome to look elsewhere for opportunities to serve.
  5. The Latin Scot

    Chartering a New Troop for Girls

    I think simply "Starting New Units" would be better; it could be Cub Scouts, Venturing, Sea Scouts, whatever. Seems like it could potentially get a lot of interest.
  6. The Latin Scot

    Eagle Board of Review (Appeal)

    Ah, that would be the difference between @SSScout's district and ours. Our district advancement chair just issued a VERY strongly worded mandate to our units specifying that "under no circumstances are units or committees to conduct preliminary or 'practice' Boards of Review. The final Board of Review is the ONLY Board of Review, as stated in the Boy Scout Handbook and in accordance with the Guide to Advancement, and this is to be conducted only after all other requirements have been met. This does NOT include a 'trial run.' with another group of leaders. There is no need nor authorization for units, chartered organizations, or unit committees to schedule or demand a precursory Board of Review with an Eagle Scout Candidate."
  7. The Latin Scot

    Eagle Board of Review (Appeal)

    Wow ... @SSScout, you just described in perfect detail the EXACT procedure we follow in our district. You sure you don't live in South OC, CA?
  8. The Latin Scot

    Woggle -> Slide -> Friendship Knot, What's your pleasure?

    I wear this collectible slide that the LDS-BSA Relations Committee produced some years back. It's a very well-made slide, and I like wearing the LDS-BSA emblem so prominently as a way of making my convictions and affiliations known:
  9. The Latin Scot

    Patrol Method/System Resources

    I love that. I have already printed off copies of it to give to all the leaders in our Troop.
  10. The Latin Scot

    "Classic" Scout Socks are now a thing?

    So, apparently the Scout Shop is really excited about these "Classic Scout" socks - they're also "Vintage," "Retro," and "Original." I don't know if they could fit any more adjectives on the packaging. Anyways, they're cute and all, sure, but with all the crazy stuff going on in Scouting these days ... was there really a demand for these things? Has anybody had Scouts coming to them saying "Gee wilikers, would that I could find myself a genuine pair of red over-the-calf socks like my Grandpa used to wear! That would be far out!" ??? Also, if you have had a Scout come to you saying that, are you from the past? Can I see your time machine? And can you bring me back a Cub Scout Blue jac-shirt in an adult Small? I have but simple demands. Thank you.
  11. The Latin Scot

    "Train Them, Trust Them, Let Them Lead"

    On the one hand, that was the campiest little number I've watched in months. Yet on the other hand ... It is charming (I vaguely remember slideshows from when I was only about knee-high to a grasshopper; they were already considered obsolete by the time I was in elementary school), but I gotta say - I agree wholeheartedly with most everything it teaches. As primitive as the presentation is, I find that it successfully conveys the entire point of the patrol method in a clear, easy-to-understand and mildly (MILDLY) amusing context. The quotes are right on, it addresses a scenario that is all but ubiquitous in the Scouting world, and it's simple. Honestly, I think it's wonderful. I would GLADLY show this to any Scouter, whether old and seasoned or fresh and new.
  12. The Latin Scot

    Winter Camping Plans?

    When I was 15 we drove 2 1/2 hours up to Big Bear up in the San Bernadino Mountains during the brief time of year when they have a modicum of snow so that we could experience the "thrills" of winter camping. There was almost no snow on the ground to speak of, but to a kid like me who had never seen snow before it might as well have been the North Pole. There was only enough in a few melted-out patches to make four or five muddy 'snowballs,' and by the time we woke up it was all gone. Of course, when I say "woke up," I wrongly suggest that I actually slept. Not a one of us had proper clothing, sleeping gear nor even the most basic preparation for the cold we struggled through that night. It was, without question, the second-worst camping experience I ever had to endure, and I would never dream of willingly camping outdoors in a place that had winter again! That said - I hope your boys have better experiences than I had camping in the winter time! Of course, I imagine you people have winter time in the first place, something that fortunately we lack entirely here.
  13. The Latin Scot

    Eagle Board of Review (Appeal)

    I was 14 when I earned the rank of Eagle, and now 20 years later I still get people asking if I "really appreciated it" when I got it, or if it was me or my parents who really did the work. Your son will learn much more from this experience that he realizes right now in the thick of things, and it will make him an even better Eagle Scout besides. At 14 he is learning more than many do even at 16 or 17. Just don't let him give up!
  14. The Latin Scot

    Eagle Board of Review (Appeal)

    Argh, I HATE hearing about ignorant EBOR board members who think they have the right to question a boy's work when his project has already been passed off! So, I note that your son just turned 14. As a 14 year-old Eagle candidate myself, I know I had a lot of condescending board members who seemed to doubt that a 14 year-old was capable of any "real" leadership, and they seemed to expect that I had allowed my parents or leaders to do most of the work. This attitude is absolutely inappropriate, and I hope that is not the kind of mindset your son was battling. I was fortunate in that I had two older brothers who had faced similar situations, and I was well prepared to present my case and state unequivocally "I led the project, I met the requirements, and I have earned this award." Those were the exact words my brothers had me memorize, which I still remember vividly to this day. Since your son did not have that counsel on his first go, however, an appeal is ABSOLUTELY justified here. He has done the work. Everything is signed off. That board had NO RIGHT to withhold the honor unless your son has committed the most egregious of crimes (which, considering his age, I consider highly unlikely ). The first comment in this thread made by @69RoadRunner are absolutely correct, and I would even suggest printing off the article and taking it with you when you go to appeal. Also, while it is not recommended, you as the parent have every right to be in the room during the appeal if you insist upon it (which this time, I might consider if I were you). In fact, you had the right to the same at the first BofR as well, though many snooty pseudo-authority figures prefer not to acknowledge that privilege. There has been an over-stepping of bounds here, and while your son has every reason to feel hurt and confused, he is not wrong, and he can get it fixed. He has done a great service, he is obviously a dedicated and hard-working person, and he has already accomplished more than many young people his age. This will work out as long as you are willing to fight for it. Some battles aren't worth the effort, but if I may venture to opine so, I'd say absolutely that this one is. And do tell him there's a California Scouter who's rooting for him and praying for his success.
  15. Bless you for your willingness to be involved! Here are a few guides that might help you get started: https://filestore.scouting.org/filestore/pdf/510-239.pdf https://filestore.scouting.org/filestore/pdf/512-735_WEB.pdf And here's the link to a whole page full of forms, applications, awards and resources: https://www.scouting.org/programs/cub-scouts/resources-forms-applications/ The Cub Scout Leader Book will be your best help; I would try to procure one as soon as possible. It has a very good, clear breakdown of the program: https://www.scoutshop.org/catalog/product/view/id/7906
  16. The Latin Scot

    Service hours

    BSA policy has never prohibited using hours helping with an Eagle project being used towards advancement as well. The only guideline from the Guide to Advancement is this, from section So while it's encouraged to pose these questions to Scouts and discuss these ideals with them, there is NO REQUIREMENT prohibiting nor demanding the same. This article also addresses the issue in the last part of the Q & A: https://scoutingmagazine.org/2017/02/ok-complete-two-advancement-requirements-one-activity/
  17. The Latin Scot

    Totin/ whittling Chip

    My gracious. I dread the possibility that a person like this might actually be a Den Leader working with children.
  18. The Latin Scot

    Bear Claws

    How affordable is affordable? Here are two options the Scout Store offers; a can opener is actually a pretty standard accessory. I've never owned a pocketknife that didn't have one: https://www.scoutshop.org/catalog/product/view/id/4093 https://www.scoutshop.org/catalog/product/view/id/3412 Admittedly they're not as cheap as the $6 option, but as long as you have one can opener you can still teach them how to use it.
  19. The Latin Scot

    Time line from Scout to Eagle

    I apologize if my comments came off as severe in places, but I write what I do because I feel it is important. The last sentence of my previous message demands the context of the rest of the post. Please note that most of what I wrote was positive, not critical. And I agree with you utterly; adults should support and provide programing that allows Scouts to move at whatever pace they wish, of their own accord.
  20. The Latin Scot

    Time line from Scout to Eagle

    HOWEVER Let it be noted that it is not bad to want to earn your Eagle sooner rather than later, and there are many, MANY boys who earn the rank of Eagle Scout at 14, even 13, and who continue their Scouting adventure, appreciate fully the significance of their rank, and go on to have wonderful Scouting adventures later on in life. Earning your Eagle at 14 is an impressive feat, and should be honored, not derided. For many decades that was the average age of most Eagle Scouts. Not only that, but for every 17 year-old who goes on to finally earn his Eagle and has a wonderful tale to tell about it, there are a dozen more who only wait because they are lazy or distracted, and their parents or committee make a mad dash to 'help' him earn it, ending up with a 17 year-old who really didn't care about it until, at the last minute, people told him he should. And that's not to speak of the thousands besides who never even get that far. Every Scout is different, and age is a very poor determinant of the quality of one's character or the authenticity of one's experience. The best Scouts I know right now are the little band of 13 and 14 year-olds of the Troop into which my Webelos Den feeds, all former members of my Den, who joined already eager to lead and camp and advance and everything Scouting has to offer them. Their energy and excitement is palpable; in the few short years they have been in the program they have completely reinvigorated our Troop, and the lot of them will earn the rank of Eagle by their 14th, or latest, 15th birthdays. And they are as dedicated as any 17 year-old. Their youth is no hindrance to their learning, and they are model Scouts - just a bit shorter is all. As a 14 year-old Eagle myself, I want to make sure we remember that many boys are simply more motivated as zesty 14 year-olds than they are when they become busy 17 year-olds, and there is nothing wrong with encouraging the young ones to earn their Eagles early on, and then to become the leaders of new boys in the future. Yes, I understand that many times it's the parents who do the pushing, and advancement is a method of Scouting, not an aim. But if the boy simply loves Scouting, and wants to challenge himself by setting goals and working hard to achieve them, and if, as seems to be the case with @scoutboy, the Scout is entirely self-motivated, then we should encourage him to meet his goals, not attempt to change his mind. Every Scout is different. @scoutboy wants to challenge himself; that's great. Let's help him make it a meaningful experience, not try to change the experience itself.
  21. The Latin Scot

    New Scouts BSA marketing video

    I am sorry you have decided to misinterpret my comments so insistently, but it is not your place to make such a request of me. I have been decidedly on-topic, but unfortunately you don't seem to like my opinions and you want me to take them elsewhere. So I will do you one better. I will leave this thread entirely without adding further comments of my own. However, I request that my comments NOT be moved to some other thread, because they express my feelings on the video shared - exactly on-topic. They belong here, in this discussion, not in some other thread - I have the right to express an opposing point of view, haven't I? I want to make it clear that I do NOT like the video. That is absolutely fair. So, we will both win - you can perpetuate your feelings in this thread now without fear that I will oppose them, but my I ask that my comments remain so that my thoughts about the topic are known, which is very important to me. However, it is now my turn to make a request - please do not tell me where I should post anything again when you are in no position to do so. I know where my thoughts belong, and anyway that is not your privilege; there are moderators here for a reason, and they have a much clearer, more objective sense of what should transpire on these forums than either of us. And in any case I shan't oblige you, much as I should love to be more accommodating to your sensitivities. So now, that will be the last of my comments here; discuss the video at your leisure free from my troubling opinions. Sadly, that is what I had been trying to do all along.
  22. The Latin Scot

    New Scouts BSA marketing video

    You fundamentally misunderstand my comments, and I must confess I feel as though you are drawing out false statements about my posts while putting words and ideas into my ideology that are not my own, all of which is equally off-topic when compared to with words as you perceive them. I do not want to debate opinions, ideology, or viewpoints. I am explaining how I feel about the video. That will inherently include how it makes me feel about the direction Scouting is going. I have no desire to debate anything; in fact I would prefer to avoid such discussion. It's plain that not everybody will like the video, and not everybody will hate it. But we must be willing to hear both sides - those who like it, AND those who hate it. And I do note that you haven't expressed concern over those with positive reactions to it, only mine, which oppose your views. That is not fair. Eliminate my comments and you must therefore eliminate any positive perceptions as well. Are you prepared to do that?
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    New Scouts BSA marketing video

    I am not talking about masculinity. You missed the point of my earlier comment, so I will make it clear for you. I am talking about Scouting, and what this video is trying to communicate about it. This video wants people to believe that the program of Scouting, as it currently exists, will have just the same effect on girls as it does on boys. I think that is absolutely false. I think the video is an attempt to convince parents that the traditional Scouting program can be made to fit girls just as well as it fits boys. But I believe girls and boys are inherently different, and a program that has been developed over a hundred years to match the nature of how boys learn and develop will not yield the same benefits for young women as it does for young men. So I am saddened by a video that uses values that are desirable for both - curiosity, exploration, boldness, et cetera - to suggest that the PROGRAM by which these values are taught will work just as well for one as it does for the other. I don't believe that. I find the video manipulative, and I don't agree with its agenda. I think it is perpetuating the lie that boys and girls are the same, or worse, interchangeable. A pretty, colorful video with trite music and a few sunny faces is a poor mask for the ulterior motives which I believe underlie its creation. But it is very craftily made - sincere young ladies having a wonderful adventure, 'fun,' kitschy music, adventure, beautiful vistas - this film was very carefully crafted to elicit a response. As a marketing tool, it is extremely effective and well-thought-out. And that's just what I find so frustrating about it. I am sure it will be effective in drawing in many families who subscribe to the ideology behind it, a line of thinking I cannot endorse because I love Scouting too much to accept it. It's hard to watch an organization you love go off the rails, but that's just what I am grieving when I see this kind of marketing ploy. I apologize if some find this offensive. But I can't apologize for what I feel is right. And again, this is not off-topic. This thread is about the video, and that is exactly what I am discussing here.
  24. The Latin Scot

    New Scouts BSA marketing video

    I don't even have words to express how upsetting it is to see videos like this trying to make the admittance of girls into Scouting look like some wonderful thing. And the mess it has caused with Youth Protection issues is only the tip of the iceberg; the organization of the Boy Scouts of America is coming apart at the seams, and there is no uniform on Earth that will withstand the impending troubles that I forsee coming to it down the road. Every time I see a video, advertisement or promotional image of girls in Scout uniforms, my stomach knots up. I believe in Scouting. I believe it has the power to save boys from a world that increasingly wants to demean, disenfranchise, and even destroy the masculine identity. But I do not believe the Boy Scouts of America will survive that battle as it opens the doors of its membership too wide, letting in agendas that will only harm the young men of our nation. And as it loses that original, deeply traditional vision of Scouting For Boys, which for over one hundred years it managed to preserve, it will eventually lose the power it once wielded to effect such tremendous good in our society. Scouting works, but it has to be done right. The BSA caved to public outcry, and the mobocracy of public outcry and media rhetoric will continue to warp the fabric of its nature until eventually it will no longer be a Scouting organization - just a generic youth one. Girls deserve the best we have to offer. Boys do too. But Scouting cannot serve two masters, and as the needs of boys and girls demand very different approaches to best nurture their very different natures, it will be impossible for Scouting to serve them both equally. I am sure my comments will be attacked and challenged. I care little. Truth is not subjective, and I hold too it, regardless of whatever rhetoric or public opinions may be tossed my way. From the Handbook: "A Scout is brave. A Scout can face danger although he is afraid. He has the courage to stand for what he thinks is right even if others laugh at him or threaten him."
  25. The Latin Scot

    Materials in Spanish?

    Greetings all! Does anybody know of any good sources for getting training materials, forms or applications in Spanish? I have been asked to train leaders in our Latin American community more and more often, and all I have are a few old handbooks and den leader guides in Spanish, which are hardly sufficient to really facilitate training for new leaders working with Spanish-speaking youth. If anybody has any resources they can suggest, I would appreciate it greatly. Otherwise I will just have to translate everything myself, which is fine except for the time it takes to do it right. I will gladly take any suggestions (except for Google Translate, which barely translates anything correctly so please don't suggest it hahaha).