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  1. Pack YP equal or double standard

    It’s ironic because bsa is allegedly making these changes to be equal and yet the pass a policy like this. I am merely pointing it out so the irony is bsa’s not mine. Also I believe in equality. The ability for girls to have their own same sex program just like boys.
  2. Pack YP equal or double standard

    Who cares. It’s about being fair and equal. Maybe they should have thought about that issue before they open the program to girls.
  3. “Eagle Scout Canidate” On Resume

    There’s a difference. An Eagle candidate is someone sitting for an EBOR. A presidential candidate is someone running for president. I wouldn’t say candidate unless you’re done and awaiting review. Otherwise I’ve had several people reviewing my resume or applications asking about my eagle status. I was happy to tell him them I made it. It made a difference since it spawned a question which lead to a great conversation. Got in to one school where this happened. Can’t say if the Eagle made a difference but it built a rapport with the interviewer.
  4. “Eagle Scout Canidate” On Resume

    Depends. If you are just awaiting your EBOR then put it on there. If you are still working on requirements then I wouldn’t put it on. I had my EBOR schedule in november 2016 but was filling out college applications so I put candidate on my applications and resume. IMHO you’re not really a candidate until you’ve done all the requirements and are just waiting for your BOR. Until then you’re a Life Scout.
  5. Pack YP equal or double standard

    But then just say two deep leadership be it two men or two women or any combination. Putting in a double standard says we don’t trust men. Talk about sexist.
  6. Pack YP equal or double standard

    Venturing has equal protection. If only guys attend an event either male or female leaders can attend, but there must be at least one male leaders. Same if all girls attend, a minimum or one female leader must attend. If boys and girls attend then one leader of each sex must attend. Boys sleep in their campsite and girls in theirs. Adults sleep in the adult site. So why have a different standard for coed cubs?
  7. Buzzfeed - CSE Surbaugh - Girls - Scouter.com

    Exactly why I would pay a mandatory fos donation disguised as a registration or insurance fee.
  8. Buzzfeed - CSE Surbaugh - Girls - Scouter.com

    Thanks for the advice. Bsa was recruiting on my campus for staff. The pay was never mentioned but figured it was low.
  9. Pack YP equal or double standard

    It establishes a double standard. It says we trust trained women to be around boys but we don’t trust trained men to be around girls. That’s wrong. Either you treat everyone equally or you don’t integrate the program. With all the noise about equality and equal chances to put in a stupid policy like this just shows they’re not serious about equality. It’s just a buzz word to get their way.
  10. Pack YP equal or double standard

    So we don’t trust two men with a girls den but we trust two women with a boy den. That’s called a double standard. It’s wrong.
  11. Buzzfeed - CSE Surbaugh - Girls - Scouter.com

    Great. Follow the same rules everyone else has. Join Scouts. Start at Scout and work your way up. Too bad if that means you’ll be 20 when you make Eagle. I have dozens of friends who’d like special treatment too. Life shouldn’t work based on how loud you complain. Certainly an Eagle shouldn’t expect that.
  12. Pack YP equal or double standard

    I think a few of you owe that post in the other thread about girls getting what they want an apology. Clearly men are treated different than wormen and boys different than girls. That should be a problem for everyone here.
  13. Eagle Scout Application Filing Fee

    I wouldn’t pay it out of principle. It’s not right or honest to compel people to pay for council operations if they can’t manage their own finances well. That’s a huge amount of money.
  14. Eagle Scout Application Filing Fee

    You are kidding? $200 per Scout? I’d drive to the next council and go lone scout.
  15. Pack YP equal or double standard

    5:44 there’s a big graphic.
  16. Entering the Dark

    This was a great idea. We did something similar when I was SPL years ago. The guys really loved it.
  17. Buzzfeed - CSE Surbaugh - Girls - Scouter.com

    I wouldn’t say that exactly. Just want my safe space to be a guy. Btw I know you’re joking.
  18. Buzzfeed - CSE Surbaugh - Girls - Scouter.com

    It does when the boys didn’t want girls in their club house.
  19. Text Format

    Reset your phone’s keyboard and restart the phone. That should fix the problem.
  20. Buzzfeed - CSE Surbaugh - Girls - Scouter.com

    Since the program has not been officially released we really don’t know what bsa will do. They could do something totally different from what they’ve said they’d do.
  21. My scoutmaster would have reminded the older boys that a Scout is friendly and should invite the boy to play. Especially since he asked so nice. But you make it clear that he can play for 15 mins or so and then the boys can play by themselves again. I know because this happened to me. I was allowed to play but I also had to realize the older guys wanted to play with guys their own age. Everyone wins.
  22. Girls still want to be girl scouts

    How many troops camp far from outlets and flushies.
  23. OA and the aboriginal cultures

    How about using the kudu horn. Does the wood badge crowd have the African culture’s permission they stole that from? Doubt it.
  24. Troop Camping Locations

    Usually just state parks, national parks, scout camps and private property in that order. Depends on activity. The guys drive where and we try to vary locations but we always have our favorites we want to do each year. Distance is not an issue since the adults don’t mind. Sm steps in to give advice if the plc tries to go too far on a Friday night drive.