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  1. Back Pack

    Transgender policy change

    At RT this week this was the topic....and just how long it will be before we are coed.
  2. Back Pack

    "Boy Scouts thrive after lifting of gay ban."

    They're down nationally too when you look at the revised stats from the annual report.
  3. Back Pack

    Transgender policy change

    Pot-stirring. It's the passive-aggressive way of throwing mud without looking like you are. But he clearly missed the inference of Satan's role in all of this.
  4. Back Pack

    Selection of Adult candidates

    Our unit allows the ASMs to elect from the eligible adults, similar to how the boys do it. Their camping nights and service hours are made known so scouters can see the level of participation. We ask the candidates before we do this to make sure they want this honor. I know other units that either have just the SM decide, one let's the unit's OA youth decide, another let's the troop committee decide. I don't think I've ever seen any rules on how it should be done, but I could be wrong.
  5. Back Pack

    Transgender policy change

    Did I just read that someone wrote bsa had no policy against transgender youth? I believe it was written in the name of the organization one was joining. It's pretty evident. Next we are going to claim the NFL governs baseball or Chipote does Italian food.
  6. Back Pack

    Boys and Girls (Co-Ed) Cub and Boy Scouts Are Coming

    Not sure how legit this is but here's a pack that claims to be coed. http://www.troopcrew56.org/cubs/
  7. Back Pack

    Transgender policy change

    What you quoted were the focus groups. Those are small groups of selected people. What you failed to quote was the much LARGER membership survey where MEMBERS actually overwhelmingly were AGAINST the change. Always convenient to post the stats that support you position withou noting the very small group of people invoked.
  8. Back Pack

    Can a SM ban OA elections?

    What bsa policy allows an SM to ban elections totally. I'd like to see that in writing.
  9. Back Pack

    Can a SM ban OA elections?

    True. But in this instance, if an SM does not want to recommend anyone that's one time an adult can with in the rules derail a program. Of course he's going to have to explain why.
  10. Back Pack

    Boys "Eagle Out" of troop

    And leaving a troop that helped you when you needed it IS Scoutlike? Really?
  11. Back Pack

    Transgender policy change

    Didn't the number of members decrease more since 2013? Happenstance? And what's the source for the assertion there was "significant support" for this change within BSA? I recall a member survey that said no. It was Council muckety mucks that made the changes. That's not the members.
  12. Back Pack

    Journey to Excellence year.

    One would think in the FAQ that would be question number one. It's the one I hear most often in my Council.
  13. Back Pack

    World Jamboree and Home Hospitality

    ROFL...I cannot imagine BSA using technology to link up anyone for this. They have a hard enough time making sure their members' data gets entered in to the recharter system (correctly) before June. I can only imagine the chaos this will be if BSA is involved.
  14. Back Pack

    Transgender policy change

    Money and memebership. That's why. By all accounts they've been losing both for years if not decades. They might see it as the only way to survive.
  15. Back Pack

    Transgender policy change

    I thought his posts have been pretty clear. He's asexual questions that haven't been answered. If you go back and read the exchange I could follow him fine, it's Fred who has dodged the questions. This is the point.
  16. Back Pack

    Transgender policy change

    Scouting has not thrived since these changes. They are no receiving the ground swell if new members many suggested might join after gays were let in. The corporate donations have not increased as many suggested would. In fact, Scouting continues to lose members and charter orgs at an increased rate. Donations are flat. In my Council many units have told their FOS teams to stay home and not bother to reach out. Units simply don't want to donate anymore. They are keeping their own money and doing their own thing. So the "change" in BSA culture has not had a positive membership or financial benefit yet. Still waiting to see this benefit happen. Doubt it will. @@Sentinel947, I have spoken with several scouted and parents that will do the same; pull back from national, council and district and do their own thing. We had two leaders step back from the unit. I am personally stopping any work with anyone above the unit level.
  17. Back Pack

    Transgender policy change

    Well the one family get they could no longer be a part of an organization that allowed their founding principles (a "safe place" for boys) to be eroded. From a religious perspective it did conflicted with their beliefs. If someone objects to something on these grounds, say supporting illegal aliens, they have every right to do so. Would you tell them to "get real" and live with the law rather than their deeply held beliefs? Odd how the SJWs are building "safe spaces" all over the nation in colleges but won't allow heterosexual boys their own safe space. As for it not affecting them, how about summer camp? Council camps? High adventure base? Does the probability of running to this situation matter?
  18. Back Pack

    Council Patch Question!

    Wouldn't this fall under the "once a uniform, always a uniform" standard? I've seen Silver [insert mammal here] all over Council wearing fifty different patches from the 80s to now. Haven't seen the uniform police get them yet. Heck, they have other stuff that doesn't belong on their uniform. As long as you belong to that Council and it's an official patch I'd think you're legal.
  19. Back Pack

    Transgender policy change

    A bit floored. Got a call from two parents tonight. Pulled their kids. They're gone. I guess I'm really not floored. It's to be expected.
  20. Back Pack

    Transgender policy change

    I wonder where the talk of being Kind, Courteous, Helpful, etc., is when we are trying to maintain the organization for boys that we've always had. Seems those wanting us to change want *us* to exhibit these qualities, but aren't willing to give the. In return...until you've gotten what you want. Very tolerant indeed.
  21. I don't post much and normally stay away from religion and politics for obvious reasons. You'll never convince someone to change or even see your side. My brother is an ardent liberal and we've talked for decades and neither of us are switching any time soon. That said, I wonder how many people who support gender changing and allowing this girl, er, boy in to scouts would similarly support me changing from a white male to a black male so I can get in to college easier? I mean it cuts both ways. If I "feel" more black than white, can I change and get recognized by everyone as being black?
  22. Back Pack

    Questions to ask a prospective Troop

    I'll add these questions which we get every year... Year Founded? Charter Organization? Troop Meetings: Time, Location, Frequency? BSA Quality Unit? Dues? Join Fee? Reimbursement For Gas For Adult Driving? Summer Camp Costs, Locations? High Adventure Costs, Locations? Troop Size? Number Of Active Scouts? How Many Scouts Attend Weekly Meetings? How Does Your Troop Implement A Boy-Led Scouting Program? What Is The “Patrol Method†And How Does Your Troop Implement It? How Many ASMs? Age Breakdown Of Active Scouts? How Many Eagle Scouts Overall? In The Past Few Years? Avg Age Of Eagle Scout? How Are The Patrols Organized? Who Leads The Troop Meetings? Use Troop Meeting Agendas? Service Projects? How Is Rank Advancement Managed? How Are Family Communications Handled? How Is The Troop Lead? What Role Do The Boys Play In Planning Events And Activities? How Are Leadership Positions Selected? Is There Leadership Training For The Scouts? How Are Activities Planned? How Is The Troop Leadership Managed? What Camping Has The Troop Done In The Past? What Is Planned? Most Popular Camp Out? High Adventure Trips Past/Future? Fundraising? What Training Is Expected Of Parents? What Training Is Expected Of Leaders? What Equipment Is Provided By The Troop? Uniforms Required? District/Council Events? How Are Conflicts Handled Between Scouting And Other Activities? Women Involved In The Troop?
  23. Back Pack

    Questions to ask a prospective Troop

    We don't have the quota problem. Just too few Scouts to choose from. I have friends in other parts of the country that have the luxury of imposing limits on crossovers. Some manage it well. Others have had a backlash against them in later years following imposing a limit. Word got out that they have a policy which limits crossovers, so people began to stay away. They had to fight hard to recruit folks for nearly 5 years. This unit combated this issue by doing their recruiting well in advance. They reached out to units when they were Bears and Web 1s. These kids knew the troop and the troop knew them. They knew by the Web 2 year which kids were coming over and which weren't. Their recruiting became easier and less of a hassle. It did require greater outreach and maintenance of their "feeder" program, but in the end it was worth it. They didn't have to fight the other units for the "left over" scouts. The other units still have not figured out why this troop "doesn't have to recruit".
  24. Back Pack

    VA Newbie

    Sorry didn't see this area until just now. I am new here and don't have much time to do anything beyond asking questions, so sorry. I live in Virginia in the southwest part of the state in the Blue Ridge mountains. We usually go to Goshen for summer camp and tend to do a lot of hiking along the AT. I am a new scoutmaster of a troop of about 50 scouts from all over. We are large for our area. That's about it. I apologize in advance for the many questions I may ask.
  25. Back Pack

    So This Happened

    This place confuses me. Did we really just spend a few pages talking about whether we could or couldn't use the term special snowflake? I thought the use was pretty clear. Is is one of those overly politically correct forums?