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  1. Concerns with coed rules, leadership, liability

    As a venturer I can tell you that tent visits do happen but not nearly as much as you think. Also not for the reasons you think either. I have known a few who hooked up but out of all the guys and girls I know in Venturing it is very few.
  2. Age requirement guidelines

    If the Boy Scout disobeyed the parent instructions he’s not doing what the den leader wanted which is to protect and monitor the boys. Den chiefs are there to assist the den leader not replace them. I learned that in my den leader training. Either this scout and den leader are not trained or they are reading too much in to it. The den leader leads and the den chief assist.
  3. Age requirement guidelines

    No. Cub Scouts require two-deep adult supervision.
  4. Remind - A Messaging App

    I’m 19 and I knew everything until I found out I didn’t. My dad tried to warn me but I knew he didn’t know anything until I found out it was me who didn’t. Missed one car payment and didn’t renew my plates. Two tickets and I learned an expensive lesson that my parents were way smarter than me. I’m learning again how to taxes with dad this weekend. I didn’t pay attention last year because I knew more then. Thanks dad.
  5. Yes. Especially if your opinion differs from theirs I have noticed.
  6. Remind - A Messaging App

    Anything on SC can be gotten using various methods.
  7. For me it’s pretty obvious that a weed or liquor or tobacco store would be wrong because scouts are supposed to refrain from such things. A scout is clean in mind and body. But a drug or grocery store would be okay because those are places that sell other things. Selling outside a bar would also be wrong but outside a restaurant would be okay.
  8. This thread reflect the us versus them theme from another thread where we have mods and non mods involved. It is about perception and morality. I don’t have kids but I wouldn’t want them selling cookies outside of any of these places. Why are they there in the first place but to take advantage of people with munchies. That’s just wrong. They shouldn’t be outside of liquor stores either.
  9. Concerns with coed rules, leadership, liability

    Or every former scout that lives in their area.
  10. Will you poach our crew's women?

    You can’t be 11 or 12 or 13 and go to Philmont anyway. Crews follow the same rules and troops do now. If Venturing was coed but younger it would operate just like troops do today. There would be some events or things 12 year olds can’t do just like troops today.
  11. Am I the only one?

    If something is dying out like districts why do we think bringing them back or recessitating them is a good thing. Maybe there is a better way and maybe it’s pods or maybe it isn’t. Things die for a reason and when they die all over at the same time that might be a sign that they don’t work anymore.
  12. Coolest Scout Troop Location?

    There’s a troop north of me that meets in an airplane hanger at a regional airport. They have their own pilots room with all sorts of stuff. It’s like a club house.
  13. If you want to talk about how hard it is just ask any male on campus. We are assumed guilty in everything. People snark at you because of your race or religion. These are the same people wearing T-shirt’s or pins with all sorts of inclusive messages. They just don’t apply if you’re a male or white or catholic or Jewish or a frat member. Sad irony.
  14. New YPT Launch

    My crew is actively out recruiting and many of the girls we talk to that are interested in scouting are holding off joining until they can go in to Boy scouts.
  15. New YPT Launch

    I just wonder if the lack of Venturing stuff means that it’s going away and the tech guys got the memo early.
  16. James E. West Fellowship

    There’s a knot for giving money? What message does that send to scouts.
  17. New YPT Launch

    I wonder if the IT department is ahead of the policy people.
  18. James E. West Fellowship

    But when all the other knots are for achievements you cheapen the whole process by giving a knot for giving money. Sure give a plaque or something. But why give a knot. That’s my point.
  19. James E. West Fellowship

    Knots are supposed to be achievements not purchases. Sends the wrong message. Want to donate $1000 then donate and get your plaque. A knot for this is a participation trophy that you buy.
  20. James E. West Fellowship

    I don’t like bling I don’t earn. Why would someone wear bling they pay for? That’s like participation trophies. What fun.
  21. James E. West Fellowship

    What you describe is a charity fundraiser. What describes is a charitable gift. Those are two distinctly different things. Giving to pbs and getting a towel is not the same as just sending them $100 without getting anything.
  22. Can Scouts use campers?

    Camper nights would be treated like cabin nights for OA though. Would adults be in their camper too?
  23. 501(C)3 non profit status

    In our church the youth groups leave the common areas a shambles. When I was spl we got blamed a lot before I took over. We started taking before and after pictures of the meeting rooms and common areas just to show how clean we leave it. We sent them to the office manager to show her how well we were doing. Not one word of thanks. The youth groups were never told to be better either. This lasted the whole year. Half way through my term I also sent the reports to the head pastor. The committee chair didn’t like it but my sm supported me. The head pastor came to my last coh as spl to thank the troop and me for doing what we do. It didn’t change how the office staff treated us but we knew at least he appreciated our efforts. To this day the spls still send him the monthly pictures.
  24. 501(C)3 non profit status

    Don’t some units use a friends of status? I’ve been told that using that status allows them to register and file as a nonprofit. Don’t know if that’s true.
  25. 501(C)3 non profit status

    My old sm looked in to this with out plc. In our council only the council could to Amazon smile.