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  1. It’s a big reason we do our own because no one wanted to sit through 2-3 hours of scouts and adults being called out. Instead we do ours before camporee and then hang out on Saturday night and do our own special camp fire.
  2. Ours is three hours long and boring so we do our own.
  3. He’s the spl so he’s the guy who runs the troop. Most spls have been in OA so it wasn’t an issue when I was in the troop. He needed to know so he could plan the logistics of the tap out with our ceremony team.
  4. We wait for tap out. Only the OA rep, the spl and scoutmaster knows the result.
  5. Our troop let’s each candidate stand up and be recognized so guys know who they’re voting for. We also announce their service hours and camping night. Our SM introduced this idea and the plc kept it because it really helped make it less of a popularity contest.
  6. This is a big issue in my city because we have huge troops. The big troops have figured out how to manage this. They set their date months in advance and have a fall back date. They have food as an enticement and they hold the election at the start of the meeting so that guys could vote and go. They also keep the OA announcements to five minutes then ballots are distributed. Votes are not counted until the end of the meeting so that guys who come late can still vote. My Lodge says the 50%+1 rule is in effect to have a quorum.
  7. I would include your scoutmaster in this process if you don’t have an Eagle advisor. If I remember from reading the guide to advancement when I was doing this I think there’s a lot of leeway in terms of when you get certain things done and signed. I got mind signed when I got my proposal done but a friend got his signed days before he started.
  8. Concerns with coed rules, leadership, liability

    I did misread it that way. I thought it was the same mom in both instances.
  9. Fat Tuesday Dinners

    My dad went to school down there so we use a few different ones. The one we had was from Gambinos. We had a coupon so it was $35 for a large creamcheese filled cake.
  10. Adult Adventure Weekend at the Summit

    Depends on how many adults go and what age. No college guys want to hang out with a bunch of older men when I can go to an outfitter on the new river gorge and have a day with my friends and then go hike the Appalachian trail.
  11. Concerns with coed rules, leadership, liability

    A mom attended a bor and was worrying about fast tracking and enablement?
  12. I don’t disagree but I was near 18 and I wasn’t taking and chances. If I didnt have that form I would have been held up in my bor. I might not have made Eagle or I would have had a ton of other paperwork to do to get past this guy.
  13. Learning to drive efficiently.

    My old scoutmaster taught us in the plc to communicate using bullet points and declarative sentences. He said it helped make things clearer. I’ve never forgotten that advice.
  14. For insurance. I had a similar issue on my project and I was advised to get the form completed and signed and it was a good thing too. During my ebor there was a district person who was not involved with my project wanting to hold up my bor and even credit for my project. I showed him my signed application and he dropped his issue with my project. The form is for funds and in kind contributions.
  15. Fat Tuesday Dinners

    Venturing crew had 12” buckwheat pancakes, Vermont maple syrup, Florida orange juice, chicken fried steak and king cake.
  16. Learning to drive efficiently.

    There’s womansplaining too. It’s what happens every time my mom points out how my dad is doing something wrong.
  17. Concerns with coed rules, leadership, liability

    But the program has changed from what the boys have today. Summer camp will change. Merit badge colleges will change. By adding girls you are changing things from what they are today. I see no definition of family scouting so until there is one everyone is just giving their interpretation.
  18. Actually you did because fudging something means being dishonest. So the answer is to break the rules? That’s bad advice for someone trying to be an Eagle Scout. The answer is to be honest and contact your Eagle coach and district rep and jump through whatever hoops they require. He messed up and the honest thing to do is own up to his mistake and take the consequences. Not lie or be dishonest by back dating an application after the fact.
  19. How is fudging it Scout like? That’s pretty bad advice. A scout should follow the rules and the process.
  20. Concerns with coed rules, leadership, liability

    Why are we grilling other people on their views? I thought it wasn’t allowed in the forum.
  21. Talk to your Eagle coach and your district or council rep. It may not be too late to get the application approved. I wouldn’t go forward with out it.
  22. Concerns with coed rules, leadership, liability

    How much of that coordination is up to the boys. The reason I ask is that when I was SPL I had a hard enough time getting my 70 scouts and families to get together as a troop. I cpuldnt imagine getting a whole second troop, pack and crew to coordinate. Sounds like adults are involved to a certain extent laying out the schedule and then the boys fill in around it?
  23. Concerns with coed rules, leadership, liability

    What about gear. I really think sometimes people don’t think through what this means. My troop had a hard enough time managing all our stuff and barely had space for what we had. And my unit leaders already gave a ton of time to us I cannot imagine them taking more time for a second unit. That’s a lot to ask.
  24. Scouting is doomed

    What takes the fun out of things is not adults stepping in to keep us safe. It’s adults stepping and running things for us. When I was a scout if an adult stepped in we’d just find another activity to do. We knew we needed adults with us in many cases but they didn’t always step in to ruin the fun.
  25. Age requirement guidelines

    Sorry but sounds like lazy adult leadership. Cubs require two deep adult leadership at all times.