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    Scouts and Fixed Blades; New viewpoint

    That would depend on how the statue is defined. We’re learning this in constitutional interpretations class now. Lawmakers could narrowly Or broadly define the infraction and the methods of dealing with it. If they leave in language for judgment it would seem you can have both. No?
  2. Back Pack

    TampaTurtle: Unneeded parents on hikes

    This is a survey as opposed to actual census data. It samples up to 60,000 people so any sampling will be skewed depending on the make up of the random sample. https://www.bls.gov/cps/documentation.htm
  3. If I am in Japan I will bow. If I am in France I’ll do the kissy thing. If I am in Sweden (and they’re girls) I’ll pretend I’m French and do the kissy thing. If I’m in the USA I’m shaking your hand whoever you are. That’s what we do.
  4. Shouldn’t the boys be reaching out to the counselors and not mom or dad?
  5. In some cultures wearing a certain color is offensive, having women with men is offensive, eating with the wrong hand is offensive, eating during daylight is offensive, doing anything on a particular day is offensive, etc. Picking which customs we will and won’t honor is a slippery slope isn’t it? Shouldn’t we be using accepted American customs? Otherwise we will find ourselves with some local units barring and not talking to women. They won’t be chauvinists, they’ll be practicing their culture.
  6. Back Pack

    Philmont 2019

    Wow and you’re in Alaska? I’d give anything to do a trek there.
  7. Back Pack

    TampaTurtle: Unneeded parents on hikes

    Talk to the dad then. My dad went on nearly all the camp outs I was on. He had to as Sm. But he stayed away from me and my patrol. I rode in different cars sometimes. It was an unspoken rule that we left each other alone. The only time I stayed home was when I was sick or one time we got in an argument before camp. If he’s just an ASM maybe the dad can stay home a few months.
  8. As a college student and recent grad I can tell my friends and I shook hands and didn’t mind the pat on the shoulder. We know all adults aren’t pedophiles and you usually get a vibe when someone’s doing creepy touches. In all my scouting there was only one person who did that and we let our Sm know. Any kids who don’t want to shake hands or such are just being disrespectful. A scout is courteous so even if you don’t want to shake hands you do so out of courtesy. Would you forgive a scout for being unkind because he didn’t feel like being kind? No so it’s dumb to say it’s okay for them to not shake. As far a special ceremonies these make scouting special. When you take them away the guys get ticked off and disappointed. Keep the special ceremonies.
  9. Back Pack

    Philmont 2019 Rollcall

    Our scoutmaster explained it like this: - Philmont you put our name in for either a 7 or 12 day trek and for the number of crews. Consideration is given to past attendance, payment if monies due and good standing. - Seabase is different. You pick multiple treks on multiple dates. So if you want tall ships in June and just pick that you have only a few chances. But if you pick tall ships for any time that summer you have more chances. Northern Tier and Summit don’t seem to be in such high demand. We always got in when wanted.
  10. Back Pack

    Philmont 2019 Rollcall

    Isn’t 2019 the world Jambo year? Maybe that’s why philmont had to extend.
  11. Back Pack

    Man Saves Rabbit from California Fires

    People need to leave wildlife alone. They know what they’re doing. She probably has babies underground some where.
  12. When I was SPL I had just taken over from a poor leader. Troop meetings were boring and we literally did nothing. My goal was to never have a meeting inside or to sit around doing nothing. We did orienteering in the park for hidden pizzas. We did a zombie night hike in a local park with ASMs as zombies. We did zip lining, eprep classes, ranger training, archery competitions and a whole bunch of other things. I basically planned about 20 meetings one Saturday and brought them to my PLC. That covered most of my term. My point is that if the guys plan good meetings no one should have to be dragged to a meeting.
  13. The tech wash mentioned above does a good job of cleaning the down bag. I did mine in the tub with about five gallons of warm water. I rung out the bag gently and let the excess water out. Then put it in the washer for a spin cycle only. Then in to the dryer with 6 tennis balls. Amazing how fluffy it gets and the smell of the tech wash goes away leaving a clean smelling and brand new bag. Did this on e a year and I still have my bag my dad gave me when I crossed over from Webelos.
  14. Back Pack

    Messed Up Patrol Method

    Why have a youth program if you’re going to second guess what the kids want? I wouldn’t be a member and I’m pretty sure none of my friends would either. We’re in scouts to run things like the books say. I wouldn’t want to be in an adult controlled troop. That’s not Boy Scouts. My church is active in our unit but they don’t control us like that. It’s very faith based too. You can have both without controlling the boys like that. I think the very definition of micromanagement is to control things you don’t trust others to run despite them having the power to do so.
  15. The tennis ball trick works best with six balls or two cans. My bag went from flat to puff ball on tumble with no heat. You must put the bag through several spin cycles to get all the water out though.
  16. Back Pack

    Messed Up Patrol Method

    If any CO micromanaged a unit like that they’d have no guys in the troop. If my unit elected someone and the church said sorry you’d see guys leave the troop for another one next day. That’s just stupid if they do that.
  17. Back Pack

    Messed Up Patrol Method

    Are you saying a charter org can tell the boys who to elect and how to elect their leaders?
  18. Back Pack

    Curious How You'd All Handle...

    My pack always let the scouts sign up first. Then brothers could sign up.
  19. If we start catering to snoring adults will next be new tents for those with mold allergies, golf cart rentals for obese scouters, all gluten-free camps? We had an ASM who snored so bad he scared wildlife. He went on a diet and lost 80 lbs. he stopped snoring climbed Baldy with us. The last thing I want to hear at summer camp in the mountains is some guy’s cpap machine.
  20. Back Pack

    What is quality control in Scouting

    We used stop, start, continue which we were taught in nylt. Same concept.
  21. Back Pack

    Mobile interface

    Does in iPhone/iPad and Safari.
  22. Back Pack

    TampaTurtle: Unneeded parents on hikes

    If my troop had parents and siblings dropping in I would stop going to stuff. I’m in scouts for many things but mostly to get away from family and be on my own. I see my family all the time. Scouts was the one place I didn’t see them. And my dad was scoutmaster. I hardly saw him at all. I never knew how hard he tried to give me space until reading this thread. Thanks dad!
  23. Back Pack

    Mobile interface

    So @Stosh it appears it’s case sensitive and cannot be bracketed.
  24. Back Pack

    Mobile interface

    Maybe it’s because im younger, but the whole mobile interface is great. Easier to tag people (@stosh) and do a ton of other stuff. I don’t use a desktop so this is my primary mode of chatting. Like it. Thumbs up.