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  1. It’s a bad thing. Changing rules for any one segment is a bad thing. Rules are rules. As soon as you start changing them you discriminate against someone. I’ve got friends who missed Eagle by a few days or one MB requirement. They learned from that and have become better people as a result. If we change any rules to make it easier for the first girl to make Eagle what does that say about gender equality or equality in general.
  2. Back Pack

    Ireland seeks Eagle now before she ages out

    Odd but in the mobile version the post does not appear to be struck out but in the desktop version it does.
  3. Back Pack

    Troopwebhost vs Scoutbook

    All current troop software platforms will offer a link in to Scoutbook. This was confirmed last week by the major vendors. It will be similar to the data import you can use today in troopmaster to import training.
  4. Back Pack

    Sailing fatalities in TX

    The problem is that there are no signs near the boat ramps saying the power lines are there. The one sign that is there has a warning as one of many bullet points on the sign all in small text. There should be a big red warning sign noting the wires and the lines themselves should have update warning bouys on the ground under the wires and on the wires themselves.
  5. Back Pack

    Who discussed BSA branding at Hong Kong conference?

    Regardless of the cost why would a company with dramatic customer losses think they’re in a position to give advice about successfully managing their brand.
  6. Back Pack

    Let's talk about the Eagle Scout journey

    I’m not sure why this is even a question. I can navigate school without my parents. I navigated applying for colleges without my parents. I got jobs without my parents. I did my homework since middle school without my parents. Why should I need my parents to help me make Eagle? I can read and write. I have a brain. I can keep my own schedule, use a phone and make conversation. I can prioritize my life. If I fail then I fail. If I succeed then I succeed. Why should my parents be involved at all beyond nagging me like parents do? As a young adult I really don’t get this mentality of parents wanting to step in. I really don’t. When do you stop stepping in?
  7. I’m home for Christmas and getting a chance to spend time with four generations of scouts in my family. We’ve been talking about how guys are a lot. Funny thing is stuff my great, great uncle says he did are the same things I do. So much for male development changing. Some things change and the fundamentals don’t seem to. Different tech and vocabulary but same topics.
  8. Back Pack

    Integration and Ceremonies

    I read that and the “our own” comment and wondered the same thing. What does our mean? We’re a melting pot or should be. We going to dress as fast food workers and paint the inductees with whataburger sauce? Can’t use Viking stuff because that’s appropriation too. So we have to pick something so generic it doesn’t insult or appropriate anything from anyone. Good luck.
  9. Back Pack

    Ireland seeks Eagle now before she ages out

    Yes it does. Have guys gotten their Eagle because they were In Eagle mills? Yes. That’s way different than breaking, not bending, the rules for this girl. It makes my accomplishment worthless because I worked 7 long years, lead a troop through four years as SPL and Jasm and [edit] they GAVE it to her because of her gender. That makes the award meaningless because they just given it away. If you work 80 hours a week for your money and I work 2 hours a week for the same pay is that fair? Do you not feel cheated? Cmon.
  10. I had to google but I think he meant you guys were old enough to remember the little rascals. I think that’s the show. Thanks google.
  11. Back Pack

    Ireland seeks Eagle now before she ages out

    I have friends that missed Eagle by a few weeks or months. Should they whine a s complain to national to get special treatment to get their Eagle? These were guys I was in tigers with. Some had good excuses for not making it with things well beyond their control. If they make this girl and Eagle I will send my badge in. It won’t be worth anything if they let her in. It will be a patch that can now be bought with the right attorney and parents willing to crusade for their kids. The rank is becoming worthless.
  12. Back Pack

    Integration and Ceremonies

    The culture fits in fine. It’s how non natives would get called out for cultural appropriation that seems to be the problem. It’s sad because that’s one of the last thing that keeps guys in OA. Take away the ceremony and it just another group doing more lame stuff. I’d rather spend my weekends camping with my buddies on my own then.
  13. Back Pack

    NYLT strip?

    Thanks. What’s confusing me is that tlt is ilst. The. We have nylt and nayle. My district has something called oak leaf but it’s essentially ilst done with a larger group and pretty unfocused. I was wondering what was taught in each to differentiate between them. Nylt where I am is essentially conflict resolution and team building. Ilst by my troop teaches process and procedures for the troop roles. Nayle was mostly team building, servant leadership taught against self sacrifice. I’m just curious what these other courses teach.
  14. Back Pack

    NYLT strip?

    So what’s different about that training than tlt or nylt.
  15. My best friend’s dad took him hunting, fishing and camping since he was 2. Seriously. When he entered cub scouts we never saw his dad except to pick him up. I think the idea of parents helping based on what their parents did outside of scouts is off. My dad complained all the time about parents who did all this stuff outside of scouts according to their social media posts but had not time to volunteer for scouts.
  16. Yes but if all the other clowns in other circuses are going to a second rate clown school they are cheapening the name of clowns everywhere. Or take American tourists. How many of us cringe and try to change the perceptions of Americans who travel if we only have the attitude of taking care of our own. I agree we should focus on our own circus but we also cannot allow other circuses to degrade the name and reputation of circuses overall.
  17. My dad always says the best adult scouters he knows aren’t Eagle Scouts. Most were guys who didn’t make Eagle and have been driven ever since by that failure.
  18. I’d argue the value of the Eagle rank has been right or wrong perceived as having gotten easier over time. I always hear how much harder it was in the past. Adding girls to the process won’t chnage that mindset just as churning out decent and strong eagles in 2017 doesn’t change the perception of a 1966 Eagle thinking we had it easier. It’s that perception that needs changing but I don’t see any movement to do that.
  19. Back Pack

    NYLT strip?

    This would not work in my troop. We do a good troop leader training that fills the first training course role. Next is nylt at 13. It is more conflict resolution than leadership training. Nayle was more voa level imho. It doesn’t sound like nylt is the same in all areas. A good spl should be able to get a great deal out of nylt. Our tlt was awesome for pl training. But I guess some troops may not have that program.
  20. I wouldn’t want her to make Eagle for the simple reason that nearly all requirements require you to be Boy Scout when you do them. If the rules start being bent and waived to get girls or anyone else Eagle all you’re doing is cheapening what all Eagles have accomplished. You might as well fold the tent now because no guy I know will want to be part of that poor excuse of a program.
  21. Back Pack

    Who moderates the moderators

    If it’s like gaming boards it’s guys who get to know the board owner and share their views. They try to be fair but usually end up showing favoritism in some way or form. Some are good and some not. It’s like anything else I suspect. On those boards people just ignore them.
  22. Back Pack

    Scouts and Fixed Blades; New viewpoint

    That’s my point. You can’t write a law that says no knives on school property because the school is already violating their own law by supplying metal knives in the cafeteria. So by some folk’s definition of zero tolerance the law is de facto already broken. If I have a 2” emergency blade in my safety kit how and use a knife at lunch, a I guilty twice? Should their be a difference in bringing a two inch blade versus using a 4” knife to cut my Salisbury steak? If yes, then we’ve already built discretion in to the law (bringing a knife versus being supplied a knife) which refutes NJ’s argument that zero tolerance can’t have discretion since it already has some forms of discretion in them. I’m just saying take it a bit furether.
  23. Back Pack

    Scouter Magazine

    I read BL and thought it similar to recent issues. I read Scouting while at home in break. Wasn’t like past issues I had read. Really dry and boring. I figured that’s just what old scouters like. That’s a joke. I do wonder what the future of BL is. Will they rename it or simply start a girls version.
  24. You guys do know what goes on after lights out at camp, right? You’re not expecting teenage boys and girls not to sneak out and meet up, right? Kids don’t see a conflict between being good scouts and meeting up with the opposite sex when they get a chance. If you think boy will stay in their camp and girls will stay in theirs I think you may not know teenagers like you think.
  25. Back Pack

    Scouts and Fixed Blades; New viewpoint

    I thought legislation could be drawn up to do anything. It just takes time and good knowledge of the law.