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    Dealing with Helicopter Parents

    Or cooking. You have to camp and cook a fair amount of weekends to earn these badges. I see plenty of troops signing off without actually doing the work
  2. Back Pack

    What would B-P think?

    I think he’d very much hate the infusion of girls in to Boy Scouts. Reading his book that was a key issue for him.
  3. The aims and methods of Boy Scouts were developed with male relationships in mind. So they have embedded in them the relationship between a boy and a man, the latter being the role model. I don’t want to discuss my body with a woman. I don’t want to discuss how I feel about certain things with a woman. I want to talk about it with another guy just like girls don’t want to discuss some things with men. Also I find the female scout leaders to be more uptight and by the book generally. The men tend to be easier going. I don’t mind female leaders but generally they don’t have the background as a youth in scouting or outdoorsmanship that the men I know have. I’ve seen a few female Bear Gryls types and they are good but most are just book smart on the subject. I’m in scouting to hang with the guys and not my sister or mom. The last thing me and my friends want is too many girls around.
  4. Back Pack

    Does your Troop have dues?

    We have to pay our annual dues as a troop when we recharter in December. We would collect dues in patrols during the year and give once a month to the treasurer. As SPL I had to make sure our PLs and scribes were collecting dues once a month. By November we had collected the annual dues due for recharter.
  5. I borrowed a gecko my friend had. I bet if these guys ask their friends someone has a pet they’re willing to lend.
  6. Back Pack

    Would you wear unique council patches?

    I wear this one from my last year in scouts when I went to philmont with my dad. It’s got our crew number on it and the year. I doubt I’ll ever take it off. On a similar issue my dad wears a lodge flap from his father from the 1970s. It’s a way for him to honor his dad. And yes he’s an Arrowmen from the same lodge.
  7. In Boy Scouts one of the major pillars of the program is adult association. Since it was BOY scouts prior to this summer it’s implied that it was men designed to be the role models and mentors. No offense but I don’t look to women in my troop to be my mentors. None have the outdoor skills or Boy Scout experience. Frankly the questions I have are more male oriented. I wouldn’t go to a lady for these answers any more than I would go to a man for advice that is not male oriented.
  8. I think he’s referring to the personal attack just above that you didn’t delete. A bit one sided if you ask me.
  9. Back Pack

    NYLT Quartermaster

    Wouldn’t it be to teach the role as described in the youth QM position description?
  10. Weren’t there polls done? I remember reading in a few places that Boy Scouts did a few polls of members.
  11. Back Pack

    Spring break trip to New Orleans

    Irish Bayou is fun for air hot rides. If you can swing it take the tobasco tournat the factory in New Iberia. The Audabon Zoo is cool.
  12. Would you mind if I quote this for my research paper? This sums up one side of my argument far better than I could have. I’ll give credit of course.
  13. Back Pack

    Will BSA need to advertise for volunteers too?

    My two scoutmasters were way different. One was not a scout but let us lead. That was good but we didn’t learn anything new unless we found it ourselves. The second was highly skilled and made sure we were taught well. He’d do what the first guy did and let us learn on our own but he’d give us new stuff to learn too. Stuff we’d never have thought to look for.
  14. Back Pack

    Will BSA need to advertise for volunteers too?

    My troop has many adult leaders but they are not equal. Some are great. Some aren’t worth asking any question you have because they wouldn’t know the answer.
  15. Back Pack

    Scouts + School = ?

    Brian I did something similar in my school. We got six guys together and had one of the guy’s dads drill us. He used to be in the old guard in the army. We were so sharp you could have cut yourself on us. We did it just like the old guard, few commands and very clear. Even those guys who wanted to make fun of us couldn’t. When we were done everyone applauded. My dad said it was like an 80s movie, whatever that means.
  16. I grew up listening to the whole argument about the membership policy. From what I’ve read and heard scouting has asked leaders their opinion and gone against them three times. I think the whole benefit of doubt argument went out the window a long time ago. Why would you trust anyone who has borrowed your car three times and returned it all three times with damage to it? Would you trust them a fourth time?
  17. Back Pack

    Flag Subscription Fundraiser

    Looks like this. Price is above. http://www.welcometokilgore.com/images/sized/uploads/kilgore-rotary-flag-program-2-280x210.jpg
  18. So if I read this right, if you get Eagle after 8/1/17 you get all palms you've "earned" without any additional steps? So besides a wholesale bling giveaway which now makes plans meaningless, what for plams do? https://blog.scoutingmagazine.org/2017/07/10/changes-to-eagle-palms/?utm_content=buffereac13&utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook.com&utm_campaign=buffer
  19. Back Pack

    What do you mean by "men" and "manly"?

    So all mountain men, explorers and trappers were like that?
  20. Back Pack

    Flag Subscription Fundraiser

    We do it. It started when I was SPL. We would sell annual subscriptions for $30 which got a flag placed in your front yard on an 8ft pole with a 3x5ft flag. We worked out a sponsor to get the flags cheap. Home Depot gave us a deal on the metal poles, fittings and pvc for holding the flags. The first year cost gave us little profit but subsequent years were nearly all profit. We grew from 30’flags in 2011 to over 200 by the time I graduated. It’s a great fund raiser.
  21. Back Pack

    This is beginning to bug me

    I’ve just started to use @. I noticed it worked for a while then not.
  22. Back Pack

    When does your PLC meet?

    Our PLC meets monthly on the last Monday of the month. We plan out the next month and make troop meeting plan assignments and other stuff. We do a thorns and roses about the recent camp out. Some times we have them during camp outs. We post the notes online for everyone to read.
  23. Back Pack

    Dealing with Helicopter Parents

    I had a friend in Scouts who was autistic and he could do anything the other scouts could if he had a list. I’d encourage parents to allow their kids to fail and learn and stop trying to save them.
  24. Back Pack

    Dealing with Helicopter Parents

    I have high adhd. My parents gave me check lists and taught me how to make my own. It helped a great deal and I was independent pretty darn fast. I was PL at 12 and SPL by 15. All I needed was to learn.
  25. Back Pack

    What do you mean by "men" and "manly"?

    I suspect he was referring to what those actors represent. Old west trappers and outdoorsmen who lived off land and didn’t everything for themselves. Is this what I have to look forward to when I reach ol age. A bunch of guys being overly literal and critical of each other?