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  1. Your speculation about whether recording was permitted is a red herring.  It doesn't appear to be a surreptitiously recorded video; i'm guessing she was sitting there recording with her phone.   If the leaders had an issue with it, they would have asked her to stop.   I see videos of pinewood derbies and  pack awards posted all the time.  

    This is interesting and I have to agree with Blancmange on this. If a politician visits a scout meeting in the function of being a politician, what privacy expectation is there? It seems that this is a public figure making a public appearance. Why would there be a limit to what can be photographed at this event?

  2. Funny. Because this survey I took is different than the one one that came with a video from the CA-based councils. In fact there was no video linked or mentioned. Also the questions were VERY different and quite specific, offering more options. I have seen so far four different surveys all with different questions and very differently worded. So why would BSA do that? The one reason that sticks out is to engineer an answer they want.


    Same experience here.

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  3. Ah, politics. You're statement is untrue. Have you ever heard one person say anything remotely like, "That Trump, I hope he politicizes his speech to the Boy Scouts and says a lot of inappropriate things!"  But one takes the bad with the good. I understand you don't like the man. I don't either. But at least try to be rational.

    Actually, in my very red state I do hear Trump supporters say that they did want this. There are a few who waver some and my statement is aimed at them but most couldn't care less about what Trump says or does. Some of them are quite proud of some the most outrageous things that are being said. In fact when I ask some of them what it would take for them to change their minds they are quite open that "nothing the man could do" would change their minds about him. They are angry and in their own words, "we just want to see this whole *&^*&^&^ place destroyed and we think things are going just fine". Then they remind me that they won and I'm a loser and some such...

    I'm sorry that you view me as irrational.

  4. Was or is anybody talking about Scaramucci talking to any boy scout groups? I mean, what's the relevance here? Or did it just make you feel good about yourself to say it?

    When I introduced the statement it was in the other thread about the speech to the Jamboree. The discussion had ventured into who else might be invited to speak to the Jamboree or other scout groups. And then I read what Scaramucci had said about others...as the new Communications Director. His statements were, to my mind, not appropriate for scouts to hear nor did they convey any manner of scout spirit. So I added it to the discussion at the time. Later, a moderator moved my post to a new thread and here we are.

    No, there's not much of anything being said by Scaramucci that makes me feel good. Nor from several other persons in the White House.

    I hope that answers your questions.

  5. Picking and choosing based on what someone might say is censorship.  Especially with a 100+ year standing tradition glaringly obvious as to the rationale behind the choosing.


    If that's YOUR definition of censorship then BSA has been doing this for, as you say, 100 years by excluding everyone else. Yes, it could be viewed as breaking a tradition. But censorship, according to dictionaries and pretty much anyone but you applies when certain speech is prohibited, as is applied in this forum. The moderators will moderate any expression that crosses what appears to be a fuzzy line of decorum. There are some expressions that simply won't be allowed.

    There are certain individuals who, if they prove to be troublesome by insisting on posting that kind of speech, can be suspended or even banned from the forum. THAT is censorship. But just because the Elks Club decides to invite one speaker as opposed to another for their banquet (I'm not an Elk, I have not idea if they have banquets or not) doesn't mean they're censoring all of the other possible speakers (which I suppose includes most everyone else on the planet).

    When I am not selected by the 'letters' section of a magazine I am not being censored. I just didn't 'make the cut'. I am still free to proclaim to the world whatever it was I was trying to proclaim. I just won't be doing it in the 'letters'.

    Censorship is when China prohibits web access that possibly supports political opposition. It's when the leaders of Myanmar put someone under arrest for speaking in opposition, it's when Russia, on threat of imprisonment, suppresses opposition speech.

    But it isn't my local paper's refusal to publish my op-ed article. That is their editorial decision. I am still free to pay to have that article published as an 'ad' or even by printing it myself if I want and to sell it or give it away for free for the public to read.

    And it isn't BSA's decision to choose whatever speaker they want: THAT is called freedom of choice...by a private club.

    You are confused about what censorship is.

  6. no backing for me.... in fact as I think about heading up to the mountains to do some, i've been considering doing some warm up hikes more local.... but it just doesn't appeal all that much to me even in the winter here.... sure there are some nice places, but...


    even just daily living, I keep reminding myself that I don't belong in Florida.... the topography is all wrong for me...the climate all wrong.... the architectural style of the homes is all wrong.... I don't care for the beach..... how did I get here???


    Yeah, I've had a long standing personal rule against tent camping in the summer here.... up until recently anyway.  Had a few conversation before and after son's first summer camp experience summer before last.  He really didn't like that the troop goes so far away....and as I think about it more I agree.  I really think that is one of those adult driven but scout decided things....(the adults plant the seed that it's too hot and that we should go to the mountains...)  I tend to want to agree, except there would be benefit in staying more local...and truthfully it is doable if you don't catch a bad week of severe heat.  Lots of time it's almost bearable out in the evenings, bring a fan and a good bug net, it could work....


    Man, I can feel your pain. When I was a boy, my father took me camping in the Everglades. We tented on a 'roost' in the middle of a mangrove swamp and there was no mosquito net, no fans, no electricity. I sweated my you-know-what off for weeks one time, on the shore of one of those blackwater lakes surrounded by swamp. Those experiences made for great memories. I hope I never do it again, lol. I'm more suited for Colorado or Montana or someplace like that.

    BUT, the fishing was great, we caught and ate so much fish and I still love it. You have to WORK to catch like that in other places, lol.

  7. I agree with hiker67 on this. BSA is, as they argued successfully to SCOTUS, a private club. As such they should be free to select anyone they feel like. That, at least, would make it clear that whomever the speaker was, the speaker would more likely communicate a message that was more in line with Scout Law and Oath. And while I wouldn't limit it to someone who is IN scouting, I would support an attempt to select persons who had been scouts or scouters in the past if not present, but I think there are plenty of others who may not be or have been associated with scouting who also represent the high ideals of the Law and Oath.

  8. You know, after I read his speech to the Jamboree I thought that what he said was uncalled for and inappropriate for the occasion. I obviously have an already low opinion of the man. But when I heard his 'slasher' speech yesterday, in which he advocated the commission of crimes of bodily injury by OFFICERS OF THE LAW...he went to unfathomable depths way beyond even my already low expectations. I hope that the BSA can somehow distance itself from this person and keep him away from our youth. Any lesson to be learned by his negative example can be learned other ways without the taint of this profoundly bad example.

  9. I'm good with that approach. I was thinking more along the lines of a local official at a troop meeting, not a larger, more public venue.


    But with respect to national news from internet or television, there's a point where I know I have to watch it to find out what people say. If possible, I'll try to view it with some humor (horrified fascination).

  10. So if a government official (whatever party, topic, venue) acts inappropriately in front of your scouts, just stand by and watch?

    In the presence of scouts? No, that calls for an interruption of whatever is happening and maybe a private conversation to either change things or see the official to the curb (or if that's not possible, leave with the boys)...with a followup discussion with the scouts about what's right, wrong, helpful, hurtful, courteous, discourteous, and why.

    What would you do? I'm open to better ideas.

  11. I've heard it before in certain 'circles' and I won't mention where that was or why I was there...lol.

    But before now the worst I can remember from the White House came from Johnson who seemed to have feet of clay in many ways. But HE never could match THAT, at least nothing I ever read coming from Johnson could match it. Maybe Earl Butz?


    I guess the best we can hope for (I hate to think about the worst) is to be able to watch this spectacle with horrified fascination. Trump supporters should just keep in mind: you wanted this.

  12. One thing is for sure, after that rant by the new COMMUNICATIONS DIRECTOR, the 'mooch' is the last person anyone should want to speak in front of the boys...it's like Larry Flynt is now directing communications in the White House....No, sorry, Flynt isn't nearly profane enough to match 'the mooch'.

  13. Sentinel, did that for a whole week about 15 years ago. A 'foreign exchange' counselor and I backpacked through constant rain for the whole time and during the entire time we never even got a decent view of the mountains. So we finished up after that week and checked into a hotel to dry out and shower and wouldn't you know it....it cleared up right away.

    But we had a friend (who used to be on these forums but not anymore) pick us up for a short road trip before the counselor had to return to Europe. We still had a great time, though I felt bad that they didn't get to SEE much more than the trail and our campsites. The road trip was good though.

    Gear advice. If you're using really old backpacks (no longer waterproof), pack plenty of trash bags to use for rain protection (but after a couple of days, everything is going to be soaked no matter what...just enjoy it).

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