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  1. MrBob

    Good Morning

    s'okay... at least he's not in Australia - the picture'd be upside down then!!
  2. MrBob

    Volunteer Leaders

    Then they should politely bow-out of the job. Why do it if you're going to half-ass it?
  3. MrBob

    Myscouting Data Breach

    The probably blew something up trying to hook ScoutBook into the system.
  4. MrBob

    2016 Boy Scout Requirements

    When I earned FC in... 1984? it was required. I remember my dad (who volunteered in my school's health room part time) played the part of the "grievously injured victim" for most of the "demonstrate" requirements when met with my MBC.
  5. MrBob

    2016 Boy Scout Requirements

    No, but its a far cry from "Hello, Webelo... here's your Scout badge. Summer Camp is in two weeks; shall we schedule your FC BOR tonight?". I don't see anything untoward about an eleven-year-old having some PERSONAL understanding of how troop leadership, advancement, and merit badges are supposed to work. Maybe then we can stem the endless tide of parents asking the same things over and over. This will force the boys to, at the very least, fake understanding the program well enough to convince another Scout.
  6. MrBob

    Advice Needed

    I'd love to hear the rest of that story!
  7. MrBob

    Cub Scout Day Camp Vs Resident Camp

    I helped staff Cub day camp for my district a couple of summers in a row. Our council took 18% off the top, wanted full approval of all expenses, and any cash left over went to them, too. Felt like a scene outta Goodfellas: Staff: "We need this money to put on a quality program." Council: "@(& you, pay me." Staff: "But we have to rent four pavillions at the county part..." Council: "*(@# you, pay me." "BSA Insurance" ... yeah "insurance", that's not a mob racket... not at all.
  8. MrBob

    Advice Needed

    Start charging the parents for attending, and make sure the dollar amount charged exceeds the actual cost of them being there - may as well turn it into a troop fundraiser.
  9. MrBob

    New Cub Scout Shooting Sports Rules

    Next iteration of the G2SS will probably say that Cubs aren't allowed to go outside anymore...
  10. As far as I can tell, Inkling's DRM is always-online - so how do you access the electronic MB book if you're out in the brush w/o cell coverage? Or does it have an offline-cache option?
  11. MrBob

    What's That Smell

    Units are not authorized, under any circumstances, to use a cannon or any other large-bore artillery device -- G2SS, pg53
  12. MrBob

    Michigan Canoeing

    http://thebestcanoecompanyever.com/images/Lower_Wisconsin_DNR_Pub.pdf For anyone interested in the 90-mile stretch of the Wisconsin River, from Sauk City down to Wyalusing State park.
  13. Check the week after July 4th - might be able to get even those inexpensive doo-dads at 1/2 price!!
  14. MrBob

    County Commissioner Sues Bsa

    And now we know why it costs $24/year.
  15. @@Stosh - wow... what kind of "inappropriate" are we talking about? Must have been something dreadful to cause multiple troops to walk-out!
  16. MrBob

    Who Approves Merit Badges? The Scout, the Blue Card, and the Unit Leader ... Before he begins working with a merit badge counselor, however, he is to have a discussion with his unit leader. Nebulous... for this week of summer camp, the 2nd troop's SM is "his unit leader". Also, nowhere in the G2A does it say that the member of a Board of Review have to be from the Scout's own Troop Committee. Particulars for Tenderfoot Through Life Ranks (or Palms) 1. The board is made up of three to six unit committee members—no more and no less. Potentially awkward situation... I'd say it warrants a phone conversation between the two SMs.
  17. @OP - That's an awesome idea! I'm trying to find someone willing to be an MBC for Metalworking that will do the Blacksmithing component. Everyone does the sheet-metal version, which is ok... but I think the Scouts would get more of a kick out of hammering a chunk of glowing metal vs. pop-riveting a tin can.
  18. The first 13 pages of that syllabus can be used for starting a cooking fire for the evening meal. I fell asleep reading after that point.
  19. FISCAL POLICIES AND PROCEDURES FOR BSA UNITS Can my unit credit amounts from fundraising to an individual toward their expenses? No. The IRS has stated that crediting fundraising amounts constitutes private benefit. However, the unit could use the funds (all or a percentage) raised to reduce or eliminate dues and various registration fees, purchase uniforms and Scouting books, and purchase camping equipment. The unit could also use its funds to provide assistance to individual Scouts in cases of financial hardship. I realize this thread is half-a-year old already, but the above statement pretty much shoots the "ISA funded from Unit fundraisers" right between the eyes. If you're not fundraising "for the good of the WHOLE troop", you're not only violating BSA policy, you're poking the IRS-bear with a sharp stick. Of course, like a lot of Troops, we've been doing exactly that for ... well, forever! My announcement (as Treasurer) at our next committee meeting that "this must change right now" is going to be a shock to many. I'm a big dumb guy, and I do a lot of big dumb things, but intentionally firing a shot across the Internal Revenue Service isn't a bedpost notch I wanna carve.
  20. MrBob

    Serious Problems In My Troop

    @@Boyled - have you ever watched a horror movie (or a horror movie parody)? You know when the kids go into the house to check things out, and the creepy raspy voice whispers, "Get... out...", but they stick around anyways? And they all wind up dead or horribly mutilated? The voice is telling you the right thing to do.