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  1. Received the Silver Beaver Award at our Council Awards Reception the other night. The ceremony was ok but I really wish Council would have just mailed the thing to me. The thing that made the evening worthwhile was getting to spend time with some really great friends and my wonderful family. And I guess this is a good end to my scouting career.

    1. packsaddle


      Congratulations! Enjoy the good feeling.

    2. qwazse


      Congratulations ... and don't stop scouting. Just scout differently!

    3. chrisg478


      Qwazse - I am not leaving scouting entirely. Scouting differently sounds really great. I just need some time to figure out what that means for me.

      I have served at the Unit, District and Council levels and I really have no desire to repeat or go back to any of those jobs. I've had to slam those doors shut and lock them to keep from getting sucked back in.

      I think for now I will continue volunteering at our local camp (my home away from home) and see what doors open up there.

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