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    BSA designates Philmont as a "No Adventure Base"

    I actually have seen what younger siblings on a camp out or visiting at summer camp can do. It is not pretty. That was the primary reason why my family left a troop. Despite the number of problems the family was causing, not only to my family but also to the other Scouts in the troop, other Scouters wanted to work it out. After 19 months of trying to work it out, I had to leave as the situation was getting worse and not better. So I can see where @Jameson76 and others have concerns. I have serious concerns with "family Scouting."
  2. Eagle94-A1

    Uniforms for Committee Members

    Original canvas shorts were based off a brand sold at REI, sorry don't remember which. Wish I would have gotten them there when they had their Memorial Day sale because it would have been cheaper ( plus i could have used my dividends). But that was in 1999, before the original official shorts came out, and I didn't know. Those suckers were so comfy, I literally wore them out. Could wear them and no one realized they were "Scout" shorts. I have heard a lot of complaints about the newer switchbacks, so I have gotten another pair of gray shorts. Thankfully the comfy pants still are good shape.
  3. Eagle94-A1

    Uniforms for Committee Members

    @ParkMan, I hear ya. But sadly the new uniforms are not made as well as the older ones, and for the quality they are not worth the price. I bought a CU shirt brand new, and letters started coming off. Wife had to embroider "Boys Scouts of America." Oldest son bought a pair of pants, and within 3 months they were ripped in the seam. Scout Shop didn't want to take them back because of "normal wear and tear" until I showed them the receipt, discussed how the tear was a seam and not in the pants, and that I wanted to speak to the manager about their "lifetime guarantee." Middle son's Cub Scout pants ripped in the seat after about 2 or three months. Compare that to the older pants. I have 20+ year old pants and shorts that I rotated wearing on a daily basis for 5 summers of staffing, and 2 years working at the Scout Shop. Still in great shape and i even handed down a pair of shorts to my son. And don't forget the 40+ year old shirt I use for camping.
  4. Only 800 miles? Gotta look into my files for the name and specifics, but there was an Argentinian Boy Scout in that era who walked from Buenos Aires to the New York World's Fair. he started off with a patrol, but over the journey 1 died and some left after the death. The remaining Scouts were arrested during one country's political upheaval/civil war, and more left after that. The rest left at some point in Central America. It took him 3 or 4 years. Hiking long distances wasn't unheard of at the time apparently. Gotta find the book!.
  5. Eagle94-A1

    Uniforms for Committee Members

    For some of us, the prices you list are expensive. Thrift stores, yard sales, craigslist, etc is where the wife and I shop.
  6. Eagle94-A1

    merit badge sash q2

    He will be getting a lot of practice sewing then
  7. Eagle94-A1

    Uniforms for Committee Members

    Older uniforms are much better. Ebay is your friend.
  8. Eagle94-A1

    Crossover schedule

    One thing to remember about LDS Packs, they still use the old 3 year cub Scout Program. 8 year olds= Wolves, 9 year olds = Bears, and 10 year olds = Webelos. So the Cubs are not getting burned out like non-LDS packs do with the 4.5-5 year, now 5.5- 6 year program. Plus they earn both the Webelos and AOL ranks in 12 months.
  9. Eagle94-A1

    merit badge sash q2

    I would go ahead an get the large NOW while there are not many MBs on it. Trust me on that. I've seen folks with MB sashes right underneath the armpit as they age.
  10. Eagle94-A1

    When beneficiary destroys Eagle Project

    Yes, but all the rules and regs are based upon OSHA laws. You yourself have stated that elsewhere on this site a few years back when questions on the topic came up. Again OSHA laws. I will gladly do it. But I can tell you right now, GET RID OF 95% OF THEM! (caps for emphasis)
  11. Eagle94-A1

    ASMs assigned to Scout Patrols?

    Been there twice. First time, it was a troop that used age based patrols, i.e. NSP, Middle Patrol, and older Scout/Venture patrol. And yes it turned into Webelos III. on all levels, except the Venture patrol. I hated it. Second time the troop started off like that and moved to mixed aged patrols. Still had ASMs assigned, and depending upon the ASM, it was Webelos 3 den. It steadily got worse. Switched to a a new troop
  12. Eagle94-A1

    Thoughts on "OA Legends" patch

    As I stated previously, I would not wear it, despite it looking cool. However that was 9.yesrs ago. OA no longer is allowed to wear regalia for Arrow of Light and Cross Over ceremonies. I see the day coming fast when the OA will do away with regalia altogether. And I will get one in a heartbeat to wear in order to preserve the traditions of the Order of the Arrow .
  13. Eagle94-A1

    Scouter needs advise

    Can vouch for that as friend of mine's reputation was destroyed over an accusation from a Scout with a history of breaking curfew and being where he isn't suppose to be. She caught him hanging outside the adult female shower house after hours being a peeping Tom. He accused her of propositioning him. She had her membership revoked and a criminal investigation done. He got to stay despite enough evidence to exonerate her and show someone was being a peeping Tom when she said there was.
  14. Eagle94-A1

    Scouter needs advise

    That's what the commissioner corps is for. Professionals won't touch unit problems with a 10 foot pole unless A) Youth Protection, and B ) Money is involved.
  15. Eagle94-A1

    Compare Scouting vs Sports ?

    Maybe, but if you want to advance and move up the ladder, you eventually need a BS/BA, and sometimes a MS/MA. Best example is nursing. You can be a LPN with a years worth of training. But your scope of practice is limited compared to a RN with a 2 year associates degree. But to move up to supervisory positions, a BSN is required. The problem is the way HR departments put in criteria for application selection. If certain things are missing, like a 4 year degree, you may never get your application pass the computer system. Best example I could give is my brother. He was in the sales profession since HS, participating in a Distributive Education program. Top notch salesman, always qualifying some whatever company awards, and was even assigned to help train manager-trainees. Every time he applied for a manager-trainee program, he got rejected because of no bachelors. Eventually he left.
  16. Eagle94-A1

    Scouter needs advise

    Where to begin. 1) In my experience, the Scouts know who will do a better job in a POR than the adults do. That is why if the Scouts elect someone, you need to give them the opportunity to lead. AND you got to be fair and unbiased. I'll give you an example. There was a Scout elected SPL who I didn't think was ready for it. He was 11 years old, Second Class, and had only 6 months as a PL prior to being SPL. He beat out 2 older scouts, one of whom was SPL before. I tried to talk my son into stepping down! It was talking to him, trying to convince him to step down, that I realized he "got it," the concept of servant leadership. He did a great job for an 11 year old SPL. He got the troop started more on youth led for a while. 2) Sometimes the most mischievous of Scouts are the best ones. They are bored, hence why their misbehave. Another example. We had a guy who was a major P.I.T.A. There were times I wanted to strangle him. Somehow he convinced the SM to approve him to work summer camp with his older brother. Discussion among the Scouters ensued, and he got approved. BEST THING TO HAPPEN TO HIM. Being given some responsibility changed him for the better, and it carried over into the troop. He was just bored, and wanted attention. 3) Parents need to BUTT OUT! Their commentary will affect not only the other adults, but also the Scouts. Let's face it, the Scouts will pick up the parent's attitudes. And their recording of what one Scout does may come back to bite them in the butt when the same thing happens to their child. An example of this happening was another bored and mischievous Scout. He got elected PL and did a good job. He got elected SPL, and some parents, and a few Scouters, were ticked off. They did not think he would make a good SPL due to his previous behavior, and they wanted his opponent to win.They undermined him among the other adults, and their attitudes started affecting their Scouts. Long story short, the SPL could not get anything done without an adult either telling him no, he cannot do that or completely taking over. He eventually quit Scouting altogether 2/3 of the way through his term of office. As I mentioned their recording of what the Scout did may come back to bite them in the butt about their Scout. The Scout who lost the election for SPL, and then the election for PL, made it known to the other Scouts that he did NOT want to be in a leadership position. Only folks not to know this was the adults, including ASM dad. It got out that during the patrol election, which was happening during his BOR. He submitted an absentee ballot, but it did not get in before the vote. It was a tie. When his ballot got in, it tipped the PL job to his opponent. dad was ticked off, but tried to play it off.
  17. Eagle94-A1

    Changing Election Policy midterm

    Agree, especially since the troop instituted a policy that you cannot run for immediate reelection, but have to sit out a term or run for a different position. The troop is not not adding to requirements. Star and Life Scouts still need 6 months. It would be as if a Star Scout SPL earning Life 4 months into his 6 month SPL term of office. the last 2 months of SPL count towards Eagle, he just needs 4 more months in another approved POR to finish the requirement. That exact situation happened to my oldest. 2 months of being SPL and 4 months of being a PL is what he is using to meet that Eagle requirement. You're telling me. Heck sometimes 6 months is not enough time. Another reason why I was against the 4 month change. And I am also against term limits. I was a PL for 18 months straight. I had several friends keep getting reelected for 2 years. But it could be worse. I know one troop in which the SM appointed all PORs. (all bold here on out are emphasis) 🤯 SM's rationale was that "the same people keep getting elected over and over. This is gives everyone a chance and is fairer" When I reminded him of what I taught him in training he told me, "Scouting needs to change with the times." Agree and disagree. Agree in that all decisions are made by the PLC. They know what works best with their patrols and troop better than we do. Disagree in that adult interference causes more problems than they solve. Seen it happen in other troops, and lived it in one troop. Trust me it was not pretty, and fought hard against it. Also disagree in that once the PLC makes a decision, it is troop policy. And just like our countries laws, succeeding PLCs can change those policies.
  18. Eagle94-A1

    Changing Election Policy midterm

    Interesting. Other than the one Scout, and his parents, is anyone else complaining? Another question to consider, is the job getting done? I was in a troop that switched from 6 months to 4 months. Part of it was to give more opportunities for leadership. Part of it was lack of performance by the SPL. I was against that decision, but more adults agreed with it. Key question what would the PLC think of the change? Forgot to add, if the PLC does want to change it, it needs to go into effect AFTER the SPL finishes his term of office. The SPL was elected for a year, and his term of office had not ended.
  19. Eagle94-A1

    Compare Scouting vs Sports ?

    In some areas it is the school. Back in the day, as well as in my locale today, Band is a class with a grade that affects GPA. Miss a performance, you lose part of your grade. And while it is not done in my locale that I now about, back in the day at my HS and friends' HSs, sports counted towards your PE grade. They would place folks on the various teams in the same PE class. During the preseason and season, practice and games counted as the class. "PE period" was actually a study hall. Miss practice or a game, you lost part of your grade. Once the season was over with, you then went to a normal PE class.
  20. Eagle94-A1

    Scouter needs advise

    @Owls_are_cool 1) WELCOME TO DA FORUMS! 2) Sorry to read about the situation. I was in an adult run troop that had parents constantly interfering, and ignoring, the trained Scouters. my advice is... ...RUN FOR YOUR LIFE! I spent 19 months dealing with parents you are describing. It made my life miserable. But more importantly, it was affecting my boys. Oldest wanted to Eagle and leave because he was getting fed up. Middle son was becoming extremely cynical with the situation. We had to leae, and it was a good decision. It will be hard to do. But what is in your son's best interest?
  21. Eagle94-A1

    Baloo and IOLS combined

    There are enough differences between the 2 courses that I would not combine them. I would however have the tw courses offered during the same weekend and combine some activities that could. Webelos Leader Outdoor Training and IOLS I have a combined, but WeLOT is now part of BALOO.
  22. Eagle94-A1

    When to step away

    Can understand completely. After 15 years on the same district committee, I needed a break. I have had 9 months R&R. Between that and the new troop, it's been a great relief. So sit back, take a break, and have fun with a unit, or no nonscouting activities. Get the much needed rest you deserve .
  23. They won't, even when they acknowledge that there are problems with the applicant because "you do not penalize the Scout for the errors of the adults."
  24. I remember when it could take up to 3 months for National to approve Eagle.
  25. Eagle94-A1

    What to wear?

    What does your son want you to wear?