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  1. 1. WELCOME TO DA FORUMS! 2. Sadly Hitler and the NAZIs took over the Scout associations in Germany and turned them into the Hitler Youth. Hitler Youth uniforms and equipment were essentially Scout uniforms with the 'Be Prepared" and other Scout identifiers taken off. I saw online one rare knife from the period that had the Scout association info written over, but still noticable, by the HY info The NAZI takeover of the German Scout Association was so big a deal, that BP himself intervened to try and prevent the takeover from happening.
  2. What scares me is this comment: Over the past few weeks, Scouts and Scouters from coast to coast and around the world have logged thousands of views on our page and countless hours participating in our virtual content. If that many people from across the country actually thought it was a good idea to take a hands on, physical class and do it virtually, then BSA's traditional program is very much in jeopardy. In another thread, I commented I hate to say it, but I don't think the folks remaining at national care about the traditional program. They are just concerned about the immediate money, worrying about next year at that time. I worked for pros like that. They didn't care about having a quality program that people wanted to join. Scouts were numbers. I am willing to bet that if they thought it would not be a liability issues, they would allow it, since it is apparently what people want. I am glad, very glad actually, that national put a stop to this. But think think how this Scout Exec, someone who has been involved with the program for a number of years, had no problems with allowing this. And now that he is a SE, there is every possibility of him moving up to national.
  3. I hate to say it, but I don't think the folks remaining at national care about the traditional program. They are just concerned about the immediate money, worrying about next year at that time. I worked for pros like that. They didn't care about having a quality program that people wanted to join. Scouts were numbers.
  4. I don't know. I see more and more "Eagle factories" than "Hiking and Camping" troops. I am also seeing more and more parents who want high speed, low drag. And once they Eagle, they move on to the next activity for the college resume.
  5. Local council cancelled traditional summer camp, for "virtual" summer camp. We have folks attending out of council camps who are concerned over a variety of issues: CDC guidelines, State guidelines, and refund policies. Refunds is the big one as one council has not issued refunds, but instead is issuing "credits" instead. We have 3 Scouts I know for a fact will not be going to camp as they have immunocompromised parents. No way they are risking health.
  6. Once Pandora's box is open, you can't close it. And too many times in the past when the people complain, National changes it's policies. Don't believe me? Look at Eagle Palms. 94% of those polled were against changing the requirements, yet they changed them anyway. Look at the 2015 Cub Scout Program. People complained, and guess what, in December 2016, WITHOUT ANY ADVANCE NOTICE, NOR TELLING THE FOLKS WHO WORKED ON THAT PROGRAM COMMITTEE FOR 4-6 YEARS, (emphasis) they changed it. Look at OA eligibility, election procedures, and Brotherhood changes over the years. what once was a great honor society that inspired people is now viewed as just another club, and nothing special about it. Look at the YP changes they made regarding patrol day activities and 18-20 near old ASMs . THANKFULLY they delayed implementation until October 1, 2018 instead of the immediate February 2018 as originally posted. But that had more to do with councils and HA bases getting complaints about groups having to cancel since they were using 18-20 year olds as their 2nd adult. And I can go on and on. So Yes, backyard camping is probably here to stay. Parents will pressure units and national to allow ti since it is allowed for this emergency.
  7. The GTSS has this to say. Adult Supervision Two registered adult leaders 21 years of age or over are required at all Scouting activities, including meetings. There must be a registered female adult leader 21 years of age or over in every unit serving females. A registered female adult leader 21 years of age or over must be present for any activity involving female youth. Notwithstanding the minimum leader requirements, age- and program-appropriate supervision must always be provided. (Youth Protection and Barriers to Abuse FAQs) All adults accompanying a Scouting unit who are present at the activity for 72 total hours or more must be registered as leaders. The 72 hours need not be consecutive. No where in that passage does it state "registered adult unit leaders, " only "registered adult leaders."
  8. Definately had a different mindset as you and SSScout pointed out. They wanted us to have a little hardship. They wanted us to think for ourselves and solve out own problems. THEY LET US FAIL AND LEARN FROM OUR MISTAKES! (Emphasis, not shouting.) The problem as I see it is adults today do not want their children to encounter difficulties. If there is a problem, they will solve it, not the Scouts. You see this with helicopter and lawn mower parents. Sad thing is BSA caves into the mentality. Folks complained about the June 2015 Cub Scout program being too difficult, despite the fact that if you went to the RTs leading up to the new program and did some proper planning before the implementation of it it worked great. No, National changes all the requirements in December 2016, MID SCOUTING YEAR, because of the complaints. My sons' pack decided to keep using the 2015 requirements in the books until May 2017 sicne they actually planned everything out. But the absolute best example of National caving into the no hardships mentality is the COVID-19 advancement for Scout through First Class. Most of these Scouts are in the 10-11 year old range, with lots of time ahead of them to do the requirements properly.
  9. I see he is THRIFTY. Ditto my adults being Vietnam Vets, and some still active in the reserves. Standard joke in my troop regarding surplus gear is "Government surplus, if it's designed for combat, it may survive Boy Scouts."
  10. Scouting Magazine has not been useful for a while. Advertising expensive gear (anyone see the walking stick article and the prices), irrelevant articles (anyone remember the Scout Age family camping issue), Diverging from the methods ( Anyone remember the article saying it is OK to temporarily do away with the Patrol Method). And Boys' Life is the same way. My boys stopped reading it, because it was not useful for them. Comparing what was in it when I was a youth, and what's in it now is like night and day.
  11. You would be very surprised with what the youth can come up with. In my limited international experience, BSA is the anomaly with organized, individual classes for summer camp. In Europe and Canada, the patrols and troop as a whole decide what activities to do. At the 2 camps I worked at in the UK, Kingsdown International Scout Campsite and Youlbury International Scout Campsite (the world's oldest, continuously used Scout camp I might add), troops could pick from a host of activities the camp offered, a la carte style, or do their own thing. And the troops and Scouters I came into contact did the same thing as the UK Scouts. These folks came from France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Switzerland, Croatia, Russia, Ireland, and Finland.
  12. We have several Scouters in our district who registered as MBCs and they are active. I have looked into this, and have not found and literature stating that MBCs do not count. If you have it, I would appreciate a copy of it.
  13. "Reserve Scouter" is still a registered Position of Responsibility (POR). So yes, Reserve Scouters do count as a 2nd adult, if they are over 21. Also Merit Badge Counselors are registered PORs as well. So they too count as a 2nd registered Scouter, unless they are 18-20. But a parent, who has not registered in any capacity with the BSA, does not count as a second adult.
  14. Late 1980s/early 1990s did away with the cargo pockets, but added elastic. People wanted the cargo pockets back. Instead of placing them where they were in the 1980s, the decided to put them on the front sometime circa 1998/99. I remember getting a pair of pants without cargo pockets in 1996-1997 when I worked for supply part time. When I went back to work for them full time in 2000, I had to get the new pants with cargo pockets on the front.
  15. One nice thing about that style pants, because of the elastic, you can go up a size, and with the larger sizes go up 2, in the waist. Those were the ones I sold when I worked National Supply, and I always told parents to try a size larger, and hem the pants high so they can be let down as they grow.
  16. I have seen this first hand in the troop I left. When adults socially distanced themselves from the Scouts by 30 to 100 yards, They are active, involved, and doing what they are supposed to be doing. But as soon as some adults appear, they became lifeless automotons because they know that the adults will be telling them what to do and how to do it. And with some other adult, they will just walk away because the adult will take over completely and do stuff for the Scouts. Trust me, I know how important YP is, I have had too many incidents over the years. But I do believe the current YP rules are excessive. No more patrol day activities, no more 18-20 year old ASMs counting as a second adult, no more parents as a second adult. I'm glad I am not a 18-20 year old ASM now. My troop growing up would not have been able to go to summer camp, and I would need 2 adults over 21 watching when I taught Lifesaving and other MBs.
  17. Well I got s copy of the Scouting U email to various training chairs which stated: · We have been asked specifically about Wood Badge, NYLT, IOLS and BALOO. As stated above these courses should not be revised by a local council to be run in an online environment. Each of these have experiential learning in the outdoors that cannot be duplicated online. In my email, it was highlighted in yellow.
  18. Well it's not posted on the summer camp page yet, but my council is cancelling 2020 summer camp and moving to virtual summer camp. Even if summer camp does open up and the updated research does show that COVID-19 was here earlier than January (first US COVID-19 death is now determined to be February 6 after a post mortem was conducted) and not as lethal as initially believed, we have at least 2 families that will not be sending Scouts to camp due to immuno-compromised family members. That's 1/3 of the troop not going right there. Don't know what the plan B for the troop will be. I know my family is considering a backpacking trek. You know you got a keeper when the wife likes to camp. Now we got to determine who uses what pack since youngest son stole hers.
  19. First and Foremost. THANK YOU! Sadly I have found councils and national listen a little better when they are publicly exposed. Not always, but some times. Secondly Does he have any experience on the unit level, whether as a Scout or volunteer? BALOO and ItOLS are just that "Orientation" and "Introduction" courses. Mastery of skills is not the goal like it use to be, but getting adults comfortable in the outdoors is the goal. I have ran into adults who have taken these courses, and i would not trust my sons with them because even with taking these courses, they are not truly competent in the outdoors. I would hate to see what would happen if a negligence lawsuit was ever brought up against someone who took this course I thought "Feedback is a gift." Welcome to the Dark Side. No matter how frustrating it WILL get at times, remember why you are here: FOR THE SCOUTS.
  20. Glad someone is intervening. Sad thing is, it looked as if a bunch of folks were happy to see it online and wanted to do it like that.. That scares me because BALOO and ItOLS are just that: introduction/orientation courses. I've seen Scouters who have taken those courses still have challenges on various skills. I want my Scouts to take care of themselves, not us old fogeys.
  21. As I stated, it was in the original Late March/early April COVID-19 FAQ. When this training was first posted on the Boy Scout Volunteers Facebook Group, many people provided links and screen captures of the prohibition. Further your council was addressed in some of those posts that National did not allow. But as you noted, the Updated 4-13-2020 COVID-19 FAQ no longer lists that prohibition. Further the original post on the Boy Scout Volunteers Facebook Group, as well as all the commentary, links and screen captures of the prohibition have been removed. In fact in the quick online search I have done, no prohibition can now be found. So I guess the National Training Committee now approves of online outdoor training. An aside, why do I feel National BSA is turning into 1984's Ministry of Truth. First ignoring the Eagle Palm survey they did. Then stating dodgeball has never been an approved activity, when it was a recommended game in Scoutmaster and troop planning resources from as early as 1929 up until the prohibition was enacted, (and yes National was asked repeatedly to remove the incorrect FAQ response, even after showing the it was indeed an approved game USING A SCREEN CAPTURE FROM SCOUTING.ORG WEBSITE, [emphasis). Now the online outdoor training.
  22. INTERESTING. The updated COVID-19 FAQ removed the prohibition on online BALOO and IOLS, but kept the prohibition on online WFA. I wonder why they kept the physical WFA class, bunt allow online outdoor training classes? I also found it interesting that the post on Boy Scout Volunteers Facebok page also is not longer able to be found. EDITED: looks like I am going to have to print out BSA publications again.
  23. With all due respect, either the person responding has not read the posts on Facebook that link to national's prohibition to online outdoor training, is ignoring the posts with the link, or is not following the first point of the Scout law. Give me a day to find the document.
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