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    Limit for Cub Scout nights of camping

    At least your council has an approved list. Mine does not have an official list. So many packs use the OA's WHERE TO GO Camping book to pick places to camp. That book includes a lot of state parks.
  2. Eagle94-A1

    Limit for Cub Scout nights of camping

    INTERESTING. I love how councils can have 3 day 2 night events per this But packs, cannot.
  3. Eagle94-A1

    Webelos insignia on tan uniform

    Actually it was official from August 1, 1984 to circa 2008 (if memory serves) with the full Cub Scout Diamond (Bobcat, Wolf, Bear, and Webelos patches) and after that with the full diamond or alone until June 1 2015. June 1, 2015 was when the Cub Scout Program was updated, and Webelos are only suppose to wear the tan and green uniform. But as mentioned Vintage uniforms are allowed.
  4. Eagle94-A1

    Voice of the Scout surveys

    They may read them, but they will do what they want. And if the polls do show the majority approve, you can bet you will hear about it. After the circa 2014/15 poll on changes to Eagle Palm requirements, national did indeed post the results. 18% were against removing time requirements and 76% were strongly against removing the time requirements. But in 2016 the went against 94% of those polled and created "instapalms" anyway. Notice how a lot of polls since that first one are not released now?
  5. In my experience there are several factors as to why young adults do not stick around. College is indeed a big one. One issue I faced when I was under 25 was that other adults refused to view me as a fellow adult with the same knowledge, abilities, and skills that they had. As a 21 year old OA chapter advisor, that was a big issue with others on the district committee I sat with. I was either told I don't know what i'm talking about, or ignored all together. I had to use my allies on the committees to get my ideas across fro the benefit of the Scouts. Worse case was the SM who wanted me to alter the troop's OA election results. He actually followed me into the parking lot, cursing me out and saying I had no idea what I was doing in the OA. But the #1 factor I see now affects the 18-20 year olds, and we need to keep them active. The problem is thatr National no longer counts them as adults in regards to YP guidelines. I remember the stink that happened when National tried to implement the policy immediately, and troops started complaining to the councils and HA bases because they would have to cancel trips because they were relying on the 18-20 y.o. ASMs as the 2nd adult. If the young adults do not believe National trusts them as adults, why should they stick around?
  6. Eagle94-A1

    Limit for Cub Scout nights of camping

    Because National is constantly changing rules. Webelos can not camp at camporee, then they can, now they can't again. Tigers can shoot BB Guns, then they cannot, now they can again. And I can go on. In my neck of the woods, council cub events are 3 days, 2 nites except resident camp. If packs do their own, they model what is done at the council level: full weekend overniters.
  7. Eagle94-A1

    Limit for Cub Scout nights of camping

    Actually they did indeed change the policy back to the pre-2010 policy. I vivdly remember the restriction not being listed in BSA literature as my oldest had just become a Webelos and could camp with troops at camporee. Since the policy was removed, circa 2011, district and council camporees have had Webelos camping. Last year when the policy was reinstated council/district decided to ignore the change since the rule change came out AFTER camporee info came out and some Webelos had paid for the event. This year, we are reluctantly complying and not allowing Webelos to camp. And as a result one Troop is no attending district camporee in order to camp with their Webelos in protest of the policy change.
  8. Eagle94-A1

    Limit for Cub Scout nights of camping

    You tell me. BSA decided to reinstate a policy limiting Webelos to visiting camporees. My council promoted Webelos camping with troops at camporees while they were allowed. And i am told some councils are ignoring this rule, and still allow Webelos to camp at camporees because it is an effective recruiting tool. BSA has decide to up the registration fee AFTER Round Up season started. They did this before, and caused membership numbers to drop in my area, and didn't learn from the mistake. AND to make it worse, won't tell us what the price will be at the most 7 days before rechartering with the new cost will go into effect.
  9. Eagle94-A1


    The questions I have are A) will they actually publish the results and B) Will they actually read the responses and act accordingly. 94% was against instapalms, and yet here they are. And an internal membership polls result still have not been released.
  10. Eagle94-A1

    Limit for Cub Scout nights of camping

    I would say this is a new rule, but it was the rule way back when. HOWEVER councils routinely offer 2 night camps for packs. And there is no formal definition of "overnight camp out" And ever since packs have been allowed to camp on their own, mid to late 1990s, most packs do a Friday to Sunday camp out. edited: I see national is differeentiating between "overnighter" and "weekend"
  11. I would make sure the camping is cleared by her doctor, and I stress DOCTOR. When dislocated my shoulder on a camp out and popped it back in, I asked the nurse if I could still camp, and was told yes. Several hours later, I dislocated the shoulder while sleeping on the ground and had to go back to the ER. Shift change, so none of the original folks who saw me were there. Doctor told me no way I could sleep on the ground. Even after surgery and started rehab on the shoulder, I was limited as to what i could do by the doctor.
  12. Eagle94-A1


    Check out the first link. Aged based categories and a youth is pictured, I was always taught a Scout is TRUSTWORTHY, and the folks who wrote the FAQs were either ignorant of BSA's approval of the game, or deliberately lied. Now that it has been shown that it once was approved, they took down the offending page, but have not corrected the FAQ. Owell's 1984 anyone?
  13. Eagle94-A1

    2020 Insurance Fees at Recharter

    We got a letter saying our insurance is going to $3, but that the actual cost is closer to $12.
  14. Unless things have changed 13 and First Class are the minimum requirements to do a HA base.
  15. Not me, but I am glad the BSA's double standard is getting attention.
  16. I do not want to listen to the entire thing again. But the lead lawyer in this interview https://dianerehm.org/shows/2019-08-20/a-moment-of-reckoning-for-the-boy-scouts-of-america-and-a-history-of-sexual-abuse states he wants the BSA 'Disssolved' and stated if a need to something like the BSA is indeed need, then it start from scratch.
  17. Eagle94-A1


    I guess dodgeball is an official fundraiser now. https://www.summitbsa.org/dodging-for-adventure/ https://www.samhoustonbsa.org/dodgeball https://michiganscouting.org/dodgebrawlgr/ Dodgeball has never been an approved activity in Scouting., RRRRRIIIIIIIIGGGGGHHHHHHHTTTTTTTTTTTTTT.
  18. Eagle94-A1


    Glad they took it down. Just wish they would correct the inaccurate statement that "Dodgeball has never been an authorized activity in Scouting. " A Scout is TRUSTWORTHY.
  19. Eagle94-A1

    Webelos insignia on tan uniform

    the Webelos Diamond patch has been discontinued and the diagram you are using is old, pre-2015. Here is a link to the current info https://filestore.scouting.org/filestore/pdf/33066/33066_Cub_Scout_Insignia_WEB.pdf Basically she doesn't wear any rank until she gets her Webelos oval.
  20. Eagle94-A1

    parent rank pins

    Back in the day, we used green ribbon and a straight pin for the Mothers' Pins as they were called. I personally despise the new necklaces as they are designed for Cub Scouts and Scouts, BSA. I am sorry but it is two distinct programs. The two programs need their own ribbons/necklaces. On a uniform note, There is no prohibition on wearing the necklace with the uniform. Although I still think the leather rounder temp patch with the mentor and parents pin is better.
  21. I wish I had your optimism. Unfortunately I have seen pros take over and ignore the boots on the ground. Not only at the local level, but national as well. One example is the "instapalms" that 94% were either against (18%) or strongly against (76%). And to this day, they still have not released the results of the last membership poll they took. I have seen a few pros that have a passion for the movement. Sadly they tend to leave quickly and the ones that remain and move up tend to view it as a job. And they willdo anything to keep their positions.
  22. Eagle94-A1

    Join Scouts, get a free uniform via Goodwill and Council

    Glad they did not do this when I was in HS. I would not have been able to sell an th uniforms. Seriously though, EXCELLENT!
  23. Cubs, no problem with family camping. Sea Scouts, Venturing, and Scouts BSA, I sure hope not.
  24. Eagle94-A1

    Messenger of Peace

    @qwazse, I'd go for International Scouter personally.
  25. Eagle94-A1

    Messenger of Peace

    Actually the International Youth Exchange Patch took the World Crest's place from circa 1990 to 2012 (I got mine 1995 retroactively since the patch wasn't out in 1989). Currently it is the International Spirit Award. http://www.boyscouttrail.com/content/award/international_spirit-2378.asp