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  1. Why not go back to candy bars. I remember selling a ton of those things. Started out at .50 cents when i left the were $2 with a $1 coupon. Just think how many could be sold. Also you could sell more as people would not think that to expensive. The issue with popcorn is the cost. i Know for a fact that my girl scout sells a ton of cookies because they cost $3.50. If scouts actually want to raise money to help scouts go to camp. Than they need to sell products that sell quick and lots of it. I made enough money selling that candy to afford my camp and yearly fees plus help other scouts.

  2. I was a boy scout during the 80's. went on to the U.S. Army now I am a EMT working on becoming a Paramedic. One of my sons is currently in boy scouts another about to go into cub scouts. I hope that they do not sour my kids to scouting like i got from bad scout masters.

  3. I was a scout during the 1980's. The scout master I had must have been an idiot. He gave us a choice of those or our merit badge. Also in my troop you had to show that you knew all the requirements to get the badge or loop. I also remember how much of a pain those things were to get through the loops on the pants. I do not know if any other scout masters were confused on what they were issue for. but that would explain why they disappeared.


    I remember having to light a fire with two matches, proper hand ax handling, and some of the first aid you had to do. What turned me off to scouting is transferring and being forced to attend a catholic church to stay in scouts. Also a new scout master that would not give out merit badges even though you finished them. I turned away from it and never looked back till my son was of age.

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