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  1. 41 minutes ago, yknot said:

    There is no reason to be irked. We promote that we are a character building organization. Scouts and scouters are supposed to be a cut above the rest. Most of them are. Sadly some are not. When that happens, it's a relevant headline in the same way it is to point out that someone accused of arson was a firefighter. It's tragic and ironic.

    True.  It just seems like the media is trying to sensationalize things.  

  2. I sliced my thumb open last year at our district camporee.  I broke knife code and was cutting towards myself and oops.   I panicked as I could see white and it was bleeding pretty good so I went to our table and sat down trying to get it to stop bleeding.  My son runs over and says "Ooh ooh I can help! I have earned the First Aid merit badge!".   I am trying to rifle around the first aid kit to see what we have and I told him to please go away so I could collect myself.   I was debating if I needed to ride down the road to get a couple stitches.  Started to get a little woozy (like I said I panicked, nervous about needing stitches.  I am a wimp! :laugh:)  but got my self under control and found some butterfly bandages and managed to get the blood slowed down. Put some ointment on it and bandaged my hand and went back to work.   Got a nice little scar from it.   

    Funny part is, that date is apparently not very kind to me and my hands and sharp objects.  It came up in my Facebook memories that several years before that I sliced my thumb open on a can lid and then last month when it was the anniversary of camporee it came up about my mishap.  So for dinner that night I said lets go out to eat as I don't want to cook and chance cutting my hand again. 

  3. Journalists are so lazy these days.  Twice they misidentified this shooters association with Boy Scouts.  Once calling it a squad and then a team.   :rolleyes:

    It irks me that papers seize the chance to sensationalize something.  I read an article this article the other day and the headline is annoying.   You read the article and it says this: Bellomo - who was well known among the small Minnesota as a volunteer firefighter, award-winning taxidermist and a leader of a Boy Scout troop

    But they choose to use his title as a BS leader to put in the headline as click bait.  https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7678117/Boy-Scout-leader-34-leads-police-dangerous-20-minute-chase-Valentines-Day-massacre.html


  4. 2 hours ago, fred8033 said:

    I'll be very sad if it's the end of meritbadge.org.  I very much enjoyed using the Wiki interface to look for scouting information.  

    This is my thoughts exactly.   It was very quick to be able to locate something.   But if all of the MB info is on usscouts.org, I am off to bookmark that website on my computers. :)

  5. We had a parent meeting on Monday night. Several people were not real happy about it.  Heck I am not very keen on it myself but I am in it up to my eyeballs so we will keep the path but I may try to motivate my son on advancements and merit badges to try and get to Eagle quicker as I fear more increases at the national and council level each year.  Right now as it stands the best we could probably do is about 18 months.   I hate to say that but its a possibility.    If he choses to remain in scouting afterwards, I wont discourage it.

    My husband had major open heart surgery back in May and we are still trying to recover financially from that so this increase hits me more than it would have last year.  

    I proposed that we have a car wash sometime soon to try and cover the cost differences.  We made over $300 at our one in June to help with summer camp travel costs.   Just not sure when we will be able to have one before we break for the year on 12/16.  Camping next weekend and then Thanksgiving and a swimming merit badge test on 12/7.  Maybe 11/23 but that will be our only chance.  We live in Florida so the weather may still be warm enough for a carwash.

    We have a couple families who are on the fence.   Their scouts progress has been stagnant(not for lack of trying from the adult leadership!) and this cost increase maybe the final nudge for them to go ahead and leave. 

    Not sure how the pack took the news as I am not in the pack anymore.  

  6. We are not a big troop so we would probably be ordering about 50 shirts unless we do the one for each day of camp.  

    On a side note.  How come scouting events don't do t-shirts anymore?   Seems like when my brother was a scout, he got a shirt at every turn.   Since I have been a scouter,  over 6 years now, I can count on one hand how many events offered a shirt.  One of them was my wood badge course shirt.   I would so buy the t-shirts if offered at events.  Maybe its just the council I am in.  Oh well. 


  7. I probably should have put this in the Uniform section but figured it may get more visibility here. 

    Other than Class B.com has anyone ordered multiple day t-shirts for summer camp?   Our troop is thinking of doing a different shirt each day so we can have some better visibility from afar and have some cohesiveness during flag ceremonies and meals.

    I want to say I saw on Facebook last spring where units were getting shirts for about $5.00 each. 

    Please show me your class B t-shirts so we can get some ideas.   Several boys wanted a tie dye shirt for at least one day.  :D

    Here is our current troop t-shirt.  We quickly discovered that many other troops have the same shirt.  LOL!

    Sorry its not too clear.



  8. 29 minutes ago, mrkstvns said:

    I don't know how I overlooked a great badge like Circus Skills!

    Somehow, I can't imagine BSA telling kids it's okay to practice their skills as a trapeze artist.

    I am in a overseas Scouts Facebook group and I see pictures of Scouts skinning and cooking rabbits. Personally I think that is really cool.  Sadly I don't think it would fly here in the USA.   PETA would have a fit.  :laugh:

  9. How about Circus Skills?    

    How to earn your badge:

    1. Select two skills from the table below:

      The two skills must be from different lists.

      Aerial Balance Manipulative Ground
      trapeze trick-cycling cigar boxes handstands
      roman rings stilts club swinging tumbling
      aerial ladder ladder devilsticks acrobatics
      aerial rope tightrope diablo  
      wire walking wire walking    
        roller bolo    
      Clowning Juggling Spinning        
      make up with three objects or more yo-yo  
      costume   poi spinning  
          rhythmic gymnastics  
          (twirling ribbon)  
          spinning plates  
    2. Carry on putting effort into your two selected skills and show some achievement.

      Someone with experience should guide you throughout.

    3. Demonstrate your two selected skills in front of an audience.
    4. Find out things about circus life and talk about these with an adult.
    5. Watch at least two circus or street performance events.

      Talk about what you saw.


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  10. 19 minutes ago, mrkstvns said:

    You would hope that would be the case.

    Some camps that are inhospitable to an activity go ahead and find workarounds. I classify these as "El Lame-O" merit badge programs...

    For example, Camp Hale in Oklahoma lets kids earn a "Winter Sports" merit badge during summer camp.  Never mind that Oklahoma isn't exactly ski country even in the midst of the coldest winter....

    How do they do it?  Well, they put plastic sheets on a hill and pretend its snow.  Here's a photo:


    Well I guess you could complete this based on these requirements.  Granted D & I maybe challenging depending on how far they took to planning the merit badge area... 

    Downhill (Alpine) Skiing Option

    a. Show how to use and maintain your own release bindings and explain the use of two others. Explain the international DIN standard and what it means to skiers.
    b. Explain the American Teaching System and a basic snow-skiing progression.
    c. Discuss the five types of Alpine skis. Demonstrate two ways to carry skis and poles safely and easily.
    d. Demonstrate how to ride one kind of lift and explain how to ride two others.
    e. On a gentle slope, demonstrate some of the beginning maneuvers learned in skiing. Include the straight run, gliding wedge, wedge stop, sidestep, and herringbone maneuvers.
    f. On slightly steeper terrain, show linked wedge turns.
    g. On a moderate slope, demonstrate five to 10 christies.
    h. Make a controlled run down an intermediate slope and demonstrate the following:
    1. Short-, medium-, and long-radius parallel turns
    2. A sideslip and safety (hockey) stop to each side
    3. Traverse across a slope
    i. Demonstrate the ability to ski in varied conditions, including changes in pitch, snow conditions, and moguls. Maintain your balance and ability to turn.
    j. Name the major ski organizations in the United States and explain their functions.

  11. I think the difficulty for some badges is based on where you live.   For us, the Snow Sports badge it would be rather hard to achieve here in Florida so a pretty good trip is in order to complete it.  Also finding a counselor is hard here for it.

    On the other hand, the water related & fishing badges are easy peasy to find someone here for them.  :laugh:

  12. 14 hours ago, scoutldr said:

    My Council has announced the following, in addition to the national fee of $60 per youth:  $12 insurance, $12 Boys Life and $30 Council Program fee, so $102 per youth member.  Add to that the cost of unit dues, uniforms, and summer camp and other outings, you are looking at around $500 per youth per year.  All adults also have to pay the program fee and insurance fee in addition to national registration.  Scouting is now officially out of reach for a significant number of families with multiple registered members.

    I think its baloney that they force you to get Boys Life.   Why not just call it a $24 insurance fee?    Really Boys Life is probably a waste of money.  How much money goes into that for each issue?  How many staff?   Just go digital or send a few to each unit (depending on unit size) for them to share.  My local library has copies of them.  

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  13. Whelp

    Effective January 1, 2020 the membership fee at registration-recharter in the North Florida Council is:

    • $72 per youth member in Cub Scouts, Scouts BSA, Venturing and Sea Scouts
      • $60 goes to the National Council
      • $12 stays with the North Florida Council
    • $48 per youth member registered in Exploring
      • $36 goes to the National Council
      • $12 stays with the North Florida Council
    • $48 per registered Adult Member
      • $36 goes to the National Council
      • $12 stays with the North Florida Council

    This is worrisome:

    Q:         Some Scout Councils across the Country charge a “Program Fee” in addition to the membership fee . Is that allowed?
    A:         Starting August 1, 2020, Local Scout Councils can choose to charge a local program fee, up to but no more than the national membership fee – up to $60 for youth members in Cub Scouts, Scouts BSA, Venturing and Sea Scouts; up to $36 for youth members in Exploring and up to $36 for adult members. The local program fee can include local insurance costs (i.e., accident, property, etc.), as well as cost to administer unique local programming efforts. 

                    Please note-  The North Florida Council, BSA does not currently charge a Program Fee.

    Q:         The North Florida Council collects $12 at recharter to cover insurance. Does this change mean that fee is no longer necessary?
    A:         No, the liability insurance that we need to carry for all Scouting activities at the national level is different from local North Florida Council fees that are collected to address local needs, which can include such as local property and accident insurance, as well as unique local programming costs.

    So I fully expect to get hit with even more fees in 2020 for the 2021 year.  :mad:


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  14. 23 minutes ago, 5thGenTexan said:

    I will accept 17% all day long, but I think it will be more than that.  My DE says an increase up to $48 and I don't like it but will probably go along with it.  The suggestions it might be $100 or more will cause me to bail.  This is my third year as a leader and I am CM this year planning on WB in Jan, so I am just a parent.  There are 4 of us in my family and $400 a year to National is not going to be possible.  I know the original letter from National said that to cover the increase we could just sell more popcorn and that line of thinking makes me say unkind things.

    This is the part that just kills me.    We can't sell that much popcorn around here.  Its way too over priced.  So  the BSA assumes that we can just wave a magic wand and make it all better.  

    BSA needs to come up with something else that is cheaper and that people wont mind paying for.    We really should just seize the GSA and their cookies.  ;)

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  15. As for the original question/costume.     I would not damage a good shirt that someone else can wear.  Maybe hit up the Goodwill's or other thrift shops and see if you can find a cheap alternative.   Maybe a Dickie shirt.  

  16. I was the kid from Up one year for Halloween.  I wore the uniform shirt (It was our Tiger year so I didn't have knots yet or any other adornments)  and my shorts.  I made my own merit badge sash and copied the badges they had from the movie.   We had some left over balloons here at work and I gathered those up and attached them to my back pack.   It was awesome.   Wish I had a better picture.  I am over on the right. 


  17. 19 hours ago, MattR said:

    Nobody will, especially because nobody has heard about this. Of course, few people have heard of scout me in.

    Just to totally change this thread, how is advertising money spent in the BSA? I never see any ads from the BSA on anything. Does each council have to pay for ads or does national?

    I actually saw a commercial for Scout me in on  YouTube the other day.   I was stunned as I have not seen a commercial before from the BSA.



  18. Yes, I am in the NFC.  

    We were there the last week of June up in Campsite 19.  Since it was out in the middle of no where is why we believe the bathrooms there were so nice.  But the one down near the handicraft shelter and dining hall wasn't that bad considering it was a high volume usage. 

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