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  1. I am an advocate for letting them pick what they want.

    When my son was an AOL I kept telling him,  "Just wait till you get to Boy Scouts, you can choose what you want to earn!".   Well we got the list of courses offered and he and I sat down and looked at them and the requirements for each badge offered.  We made a couple lists with 1st 2nd and 3rd choices for the schedule allowed (all of the 1st year scouts were going to do the TNT program in the mornings).  The Advancement chair also said that the first year boys need to take First Aid and Swimming.  I think the advancement chair didn't like me asking questions on why he HAS to take First Aid and Swimming why cant he choose to do what he wants?  She said with attitude that's just how we do it here.  He didn't get a single class he asked for. He was upset.  I also think she gave my son none of his choices out of spite. WTH? He was given First Aid (ok no biggie), Orienteering and Camping.   Orienteering is IMO not a 1st year scout MB.  And to my knowledge, none of the 9B options were offered at camp for the camping MB so I am not sure if it was worth it.

    Well needless to say just after summer camp I replaced her as the advancement chair.  She claimed she had been waiting 5 years since her son had aged out for someone to come along and replace her. I said I would take over for her and when I kept asking to help on advancement stuff all I got was attitude. :mad: So I finally told the Committee that she either lets me do it or she can wait another couple years for someone other sucker to come along, I have no problem just going over and sitting with the other parents after volunteering for the last several years in the pack.  She was very ugly about it.  She pretty much brought in all of the advancement stuff and threw it on the table and walked out.  It was all very odd...

    This year, I made sure the boys got what classes they asked for except for one boy who wasn't old enough for shotgun and another who had put down wood carving but didn't have his totin' chip yet so we had to go to alternative classes.   They still had a lot of fun.

    Needless to say my son had a much better time this year at camp.  :)

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  2. I agree.  No one ever asked the district for any advice or materials.  So it was pretty quiet on that front.  Granted you can just google search for the syllabus.  Its how I got all of the manuals I used for any trainings.    But I would have thought that it would have been reported to us so we could show that people were training during the year.    Thankfully I got away from training.  It was a bad year to head it up with the whole new YPT coming out and other changes from National coming down the line.  I was ready to pull my hair out and quit it all.   

    The sardines game sounds fun!  Our charter org. isn't very big so hiding spaces are not abundant.  :( 

    We have already given them the criteria for the Honor Patrol rocker patch and have hopes that it will spark some teamwork and scouting spirit.   So the ILST should help give them the rest of the tools needed to getting them on the youth led path.  

  3. 21 minutes ago, qwazse said:

    One game for church lock-ins: sardines. :ph34r:

    Unfortunate about the older scouts. But, make sure the 2nd years especially have a lot of fun, but carry responsibility. It is well within their reach to read sections of the course, then instructions for games and excercises, etc ...

    The older scouts: back off things like EDGE or lecturing about the being examples, etc ... Instead, challenge them with a roll of twine and say, "Build a cool camp gadget. Try and impress ..."

    Inquiring minds want to know.  How do you play sardines? 

  4. Awesome thanks everyone.  We will be having the ILST during a lock in at our church.   Funny part is I was the district training chair for over a year.   Never taught one or got wind of anyone having one during that year which was kind of odd.   We did plenty of BALOO and IOLS courses but no  ILST.   

    Most of the boys in our troop are pretty young.  Just 1st and 2nd year scouts so we are trying to get them to take the reins and start making their own fun.   Sadly the couple older scouts we have are Life Scouts and have actually said they don't want anything to do with the younger scouts and are unwilling to help guide them.  Should make their Eagle process a lot of fun.   I can't comfortably acknowledge that they have been an active member in the troop for 6 months nor give them my recommendation (requirement 2).   And getting volunteer help for their projects should be interesting since they don't want to deal with the other boys in the troop.   So I guess they are all planning on working on each others projects themselves.  LOL. 

    So we are looking beyond them and just going to get the younger boys on the right path and move on and plan and get the younger boys trained and working the EDGE method.   Build from the ground up.


  5. Our troop is about to have an ILST.  We have not yet done one to my knowledge(all new leadership).  We need to reestablish the patrol method and make it a fully youth led troop again.

    I have the syllabus and am about to start going thru it.  Since our older scouts are next to non existent and are probably going to be absent, it will be an adult led course. :eek: 

    Checking with my fellow scouters to see if you have any tips or tricks to running one and making it successful.



  6. On ‎2‎/‎6‎/‎2018 at 3:20 PM, Rock Doc said:

    This might just work! Adding details like this can make a relatively simple action quite impressive and highly memorable - and what soon-to-be Boy Scout isn't going to love fire raging at the sound of his name!

    Our pack used to do the flaming arrow across the lake also.  Granted the lake was way to big to really get a real arrow all the way across.  The person on the other side would wait a couple seconds and then light a huge bonfire while the boys canoed across the lake.  Very cool effect each year.   Since the property we were using was sold we have since moved to our local council camp.   There is a zip line already rigged up in the amphitheater for cross over ceremony's.   However, the line failed us last year and the flare type thing they were using just sat up on the line burning for a good 5 min(as you can see in the photo).  Thankfully we had a back up plan of lighting it discreetly from behind.  Still kind of a bummer that it didn't work out the way it was planned.   My son crosses over in 2 weeks.  I hope it works for his den's ceremony.




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  7. Sigh.  Count me as being in the stuck on module 2 club.   I was really hoping to finish it before my council training team meeting tonight.  I would love to see a quick reference guide for the camping regulations.  Hopefully National will get up to speed soon as apparently there are already girls attending meetings and signing up.  

    On a side note, is there any change to the BALOO trainings in regards to the girls joining yet? 

  8. If it were me I would run for the hills.  This pack sounds very disorganized and like it doesn't follow the program guidelines. 


    What den is your son in?  Knife safety shouldn't be broached till Bears. 


    Is there another pack in your area for you and your son to join?   If so, then maybe see if your current pack is willing to get their ducks in a row and have a training day and a planning meeting. 


    YP can be taught off line.  I have taught it several times.  We have downloaded the video, watch the scenarios and each person is given a quiz.   We have a parent orientation at the beginning of each year and every parent, whether they are a volunteer or not is to watch it.   I then submit the training sheet to council so if they ever become a leader its already on record.  


    Most of your basic leader trainings are online and can be completed fairly quickly.   You need to establish a key 3 and make a committee from there.   Really have to wonder if your unit is even re-chartered at this point.

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  9. I am wondering if this some kind of scam or something.  I am not an employee of the council.  I am a very active volunteer.


    Seems like I would have seen an email about this from the council letting people know they need to take this training.  I wonder if it stems from the whole transgender issue?   I did a quick google of lawroom.com and it appears to be a HR/sexual harassment/discrimination training place. 


    Here is the email.  I have omitted my personal information. 


    Date:          03-01-17
    Company:      Boy Scouts of America
    Subject:      Course Assignment

    The protection of personal identifiable information (PII) and confidential company information is of paramount importance to the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) and all users of its technology system. It is also should be a matter of significant concern to local councils. As such, BSA is proving this training at no cost to local councils. BSA employees are required to take the training annually and system access is denied to users who fail to complete the training.

    Please ensure that this training course is completed by 03/15/2017. This course normally takes users 15-25 minutes to complete.

    If you have any questions concerning this assignment, please contact BSA's Member Care Contact Center. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

    COURSE                                                  DUE DATE
    Checkpoint: Data Security & Privacy                    03-15-17

    Training is self-paced. You can start and leave the course as
    often as you'd like. When you return, the course will open to
    the last page visited.

    Questions about the assignment, contact:
      -> BSA Help Desk  at 855-707-2644

    To access a course now for , click:


    To log in without the link:
      -> go to http://el.lawroom.com/login.asp
      -> enter your login-ID:  Your Boy Scouts Login Id
      -> enter your password:  BSAtraining

    If you have any problems with the site, please contact: admin@lawroom.com
    Training powered by LawRoom - copyright 2017

  10. We had an 18 year old girl in my patrol this past year.  She was the area VP for Venturing.  All of her family is in Scouting so I doubt there was any resistance there.   She did fantastic.  She had a full plate: Going to college, venturing responsibilities and her mothers passing was like 2 weeks before WB started.  She definitely has her head on right.  I believe she is about to finish her tickets.  

  11. This redundant waste of time is no where to be found in my training module.   It only shows up in the "expired" section of my trainings.   I can print out an expired certificate till the cows come home but can't see where to re-take the course.   I checked each section.  Nope nada.  


    I don't really need to re-take it but that expired tag bugs me and I am a training nerd so I like things current.


    Maybe they have done away with it since its outdated and really pointless.  Its basic health class stuff anyways.    I may have to override my training OCD and let it go.  :unsure:



  12. All excellent ideas.  Thank you so much. :)  


    Fehler:  We will be in the school cafeteria.  So pretty decent ceiling height.  I found a stomp rocket on Pinterest that you can aim at a 45 degree angle and another idea for tarp with holes cut in it for a points system.  Its made with a pvc frame so it can be easily transported and stored for future use. 


    Still looking at a 60% chance of rain so far.    Hopefully this storm that is brewing down in the Caribbean will stay much further south and the weather will clear up some. 

  13. Our school sign up night is next Wednesday night.  If the weather permits we will have the council's mobile climbing wall come out:  https://www.nfcscouting.org/mobile-climbing-wall


    But since we live in Florida and it pretty much rains every afternoon here and the various tropical storms that could be heading our way its looking like a 60% chance of rain right now for next week.  :unsure:  Granted that could change a lot in the next week.  


    Last year I had planned on doing the Alka Seltzer rockets outside but it poured.  So we were at a loss on what to do with the boys while the parents filled out applications and asked questions.   We ended up making paper airplanes and have a distance contest. 


    So my question is: What are some fun indoor activities you can plan for the boys? 


    I am thinking some minute to win it type games but I would like to know what has worked well for your pack when the weather doesn't cooperate. 




  14. A true southerner will like KK.   I like KK way better than DD as I feel that DD is a drier more cake like doughnut.   KK when they are hot and fresh will do down like butter.  When we lived up north all we could get was DD.  My mom hated it. 


    I try to stay away from doughnuts as I feel like such crap after I eat some(well that and that I am overweight).  But that being said my husband bought 2 dozen for 3 people in my house.  Geez.   Those are going to go bad before they all get ate.   I may have to down one or two of them(when I have time to feel crappy).  I asked him why he bought so much.  "It was the coupon for this month in the calendar."   I told him that he needs to take them elsewhere so they can get eaten.  Also KK doesn't tend to freeze as well as DD IMO...

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  15. I would definitely make sure the scout participated in any kind of fundraisers the troop holds.  And see if he can do extra jobs like others have mentioned. 


    Is there a reason your unit only does one fundraiser a year?  Why not have a car wash or a spaghetti dinner?  Those one off fundraisers could be enough for whatever he may need and then some surplus for anything the troop needs or even a fun trip one weekend.


    Is there a Scout Reach division in your council/district?  Are there scholarships available thru the council for things like a uniform and some fees associated with scouting?  


    I hesitate to let people in our pack know that there are scholarships available as they may not really need it and will apply for it and take it away from someone who does.   We also had a parent 3 years ago who claimed they were dirt poor (I don't doubt they were lower income but from what I could tell they had no problem going and spending the day down in St. Augustine riding the pirate boats several times at a pretty penny http://www.blackravenadventures.com/price/tickets).  I told her that scholarships were available and that she had to contact the council as we do not handle any of it.   Well they sporadically attended that 1st year.  Then the treasurer tells me at the 1st den meeting the next year that they never paid any dues at all the previous year (yes I know that should have been mentioned sometime in the previous year).  We pull the parent out of the meeting and ask for dues.  She blustered all up and said she paid last year.  Um no you didn't.  We have no record of it at all.  She claimed she had cancelled checks.   We told her she needed to bring them up to us as proof of payment.   Never saw her or her child again.  She knew what she was doing all along and it finally caught up with her.   I still see them at my sons school. I am so tempted to ask if she found another pack to fleece.  But I know that wouldn't be very nice.  But man we paid for awards all year long and gave her son a uniform shirt and patches for it.  That stuff wasn't cheap. 


    So naturally now we are on guard when someone claims they can't pay their way. I hate that we are like that but the whole fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me thing holds true. 

  16. As a female, I don't see a problem with it.  I thought they were sufficiently covered.  Were the shorts too short?  Not really, you can go to Walmart on any given day and see much more skin from a lot of people who really shouldn't be showing that amount of skin.   :blink:


    I am willing to bet that these Mom's who complained, never ever volunteer for anything in the pack or council.  They are probably the ones who are sitting in the back on their phones...



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  17. I hate that you are faced with this situation. 


    Like the others have said, I would push for further explanation from the council.   It seems rather odd that he gets to stay but you are the one asked to leave when he is the one who had the outburst and was arrested.   As a parent, I would have something to say to the pack leadership about that if I had witnessed it.  I would ask the council/unit leadership why couldn't they let him go and have you step up to be the full time leader?   If you were an assistant anyways I don't see where the transition would have been hard for anyone so that excuse just doesn't hold water with me. 


    Back in November our assistant Cubmaster was arrested along with his wife on domestic violence charges.  We spoke with our district executive and agreed to ask him to step down. We also agreed we wanted what was best for the scout.   Even if it meant someone else picking him up (I know that is frowned upon by some people) but we didn't want him to miss out for something that was beyond his control. The Mom has faithfully been bringing him each week now that dad can't come.   They have made up apparently and we do see him every once at something special like pinewood derby(he always helped tremendously at PWD time as woodworking is his hobby).  I think the charges were dropped against both but the damaged had already been done. 


    Hopefully you and your son can find another pack to join(go to beascout.org to find another pack!).  You don't want to be in a unit that acts like that and backs an unfit leader. 



  18. It's serious.  The remaining leadership needs to get with the Charter Org. rep and appoint a new chair and Cubmaster as soon as possible.   At this point in the year, packs should be planning for the upcoming year.   Without the proper leaders in place the pack will not be able to function properly.  Sure you maybe able to limp along but when it comes down to making decisions and resolving issues you need to have that committee chair in place.


    Can I ask why they left?  Did they crossover?



  19. I think parents today maybe are not seeing the value in scouting.  Ideally we are instilling values in them that will serve them to be better men.  It may not be something immediate you can see but the seed is planted there and with proper commitment it will grow and flourish. 


    Parents balk at any kind of work that needs to be done at home.  Why is that?  How is it any different if your child plays a sport and you have to go to practices before the game.  Its the same thing if you ask me. 


    There are always those people who seek fame and fortune/making a quick buck over hard work.  My son had a school chess tournament last night and there were kids who were upset they didn't win anything.  I am not talking about trophies (certainly there were some of those) but kids upset and crying they didn't win something as simple as a fun size bag of skittles from a random drawing.  Wow really?  I told my husband that I better not see our son cry over something like that.  He did get a trophy (6th place out of about 70 kids :)  ).  I honestly wasn't expecting anything after 3rd place but the top 10 kids got a trophy.  That means there were 60 or so kids that walked out of there empty handed.   That's life if you ask me. 

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