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  1. JasonG172

    Troop Smartphone Policy

    I would love to leave my cell phone home for a weekend!
  2. JasonG172

    Win All You Can

    ^ This X100 and many life long friends!
  3. JasonG172

    Win All You Can

    WoodBadge sure gets a bad rep! Staffing my first time around starting next Thursday
  4. JasonG172

    New Jac-Shirt

    would love to get my hands on a Green one
  5. JasonG172

    Tour Plan?

    Mentioned this to my SE and he was not aware of any of this. Provided links and his statement was "I guess tour plans are going away" DUH!!!! is there no one you could call and ask?
  6. JasonG172

    BSA Folds Again

    Why should they have to? Our former Prez didn't have to.
  7. Might have to watch this one. I still wish they'd bring back "Are you Tougher than a Boy Scout " I enjoyed that show
  8. JasonG172

    BSA Folds Again

    I saw that this weekend....An apology bribe. Ridiculous
  9. JasonG172

    Scandal at Pinewood Derby

    Transitions (after "rank" I know it isn't rank) does not occur until they move up a grade or age change regardless of B&G. They are still a Tiger, Wolf or Bear.
  10. JasonG172

    Scandal at Pinewood Derby

    I have to agree with David on this one. Now I don't understand the voting part, at ours ALL parents vote and all Leaders vote maybe next time consider ALL parties voting. This is nothing new or any concern, we have new people all the time show up to Pinewood Derby and some have won.
  11. JasonG172


    Tip on the canvas switch back. Always wash the legs with this pants so that the fading is constant. Also they shrink quiet a bit so when they hem them up hem them inside so you can let them out as he grows
  12. JasonG172

    A long time ago in a galaxy far far away....

    That's Awesome. You know a part of the Webelos "Building a better world" activities is connecting to a another brother scout somewhere else. Skype sounds like a good option here IF there wasn't a timing issue
  13. JasonG172

    Ready to walk away from scouting

    I have to agree, and the only way I would stick around is IF I knew leadership was close to turning over.
  14. JasonG172

    Choosing Troops

  15. JasonG172

    Eagle BOR and A Non-Rechartered Unit

    Need to get your DC involved and help between Council and Eagle
  16. JasonG172

    WB Trained Eagle

    Thank You for your time and service!
  17. JasonG172

    Choosing Troops

    That is correct, ask away. Start another topic though. Would it blow your mind even more if I also said I was a DC?
  18. JasonG172

    Choosing Troops

    Its that troop with 30-40 boys, 3 or 4 patrols and wins majority of Camporee and no that does not always indicate boy led.
  19. JasonG172

    Choosing Troops

    Well I was in the same boat a year ago, my son chose to go to the unit he felt he would enjoy the most so we make that 20 min drive to the better troop. I am the committee chairman to the local troop, I am trying to get them better. Not going to sacrifice my sons scouting adventure while I work to improve the troop.
  20. JasonG172

    Square Knots...Are you game? (Just for fun)

    No you are right, 2 rows. I see 3 rows and Its doesn't bother me that much but when I see 3 and 4 rows then there is a problem.
  21. JasonG172

    re-joining OA in a new lodge?

    Same here
  22. Packing poo isn't always the case, just depends on where the trek is. Mountainous areas where there isn't 6" of topsoil dictates that, I am not packing my poo either.
  23. BTW I loved taking the LNT trainer course and one day hope to take the Master Educator Course hosted by either NOLS or LNT themselves.
  24. I am just referring to "service hours" not the award