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    Venturing Shirt Patch Placement

    problem with that pic is the new venture shirt pockets are pleated down the middle, the patch sews the pleat closed
  2. baggss


    camping isnt a requirement for adults, least not around here. order of the error is more like it.
  3. http://www.scouting.org/scoutsource/HealthandSafety/amredcross.aspx
  4. baggss

    Win All You Can

    My patrol got the idea right from the start ( eagle eyed bunch we are) What was tough was convincing "our side" the real purpose in the game.
  5. baggss

    Getting Your Unit Adult Leaders DROPPED BY Council!

    same with merit badge couselors, no news is bad news, they do not tell you if there is a problem, they'll keep any fees, of course
  6. baggss

    What to expect?

    not that i noticed, ill ask tho
  7. baggss

    What to expect?

    Finished an exhausting but fun first weeked. , cant wait for weekend two c2-784-15 " I used to be an Eagle.....
  8. baggss

    What to expect?

    WB in two weeks......
  9. baggss

    What to expect?

    What can I expect going to WB as a crew advisor?
  10. Most Rustic scout camps in michigan have been closed in favor of those more appealing and more marketable to the masses. Platform tents are looked upon with disgust. Dining halls have replaced patrol cooking. No high adventure Costs keep going up Whats happining to the camps?
  11. If he is 1st class and 14, join a venture crew, he can still work on rank. and for the most part, crews just go with the flow. @venture24
  12. baggss

    Scouting & Twitter

    follow any other active scout groups in your area, State DNR, trail hiking association, scouting magazine, whatever interests your scouts @venturing24
  13. baggss

    Resillience Or Taking It On The Chin

    To paraphrase Mel Brooks "It's good to be the SM, CC, Senior Committee member, etc. son" When all their requirements for advancement are signed off their SM conference and BOR happen immediatly, others, 1-2 months later. Its always good to be related to the powers that be, and the youth know it.
  14. baggss

    Where Do Knots Come From, Daddy?

    Training chair? isn't that what they strap new volunteers into until they go away?
  15. baggss

    How Do We Make Uniforming A Viable Method?

    how about something like the campco safari vest as an option, useful long after they age out
  16. Get rid of the inbred training offered by districts.. trained by trainers trained by instructers who sat in a class ect. get " guest" trainers from sucessfull troops outside district.
  17. As a youth, getting back from camp (nightmare) As an adult, my sons webelos/troop campout
  18. baggss

    Botched Call Out at Summer Camp

    "Botched" seems to be synonymous with a quite a few OA lodge endeavours.
  19. baggss

    What do Girl Scouts do?

    "dear local council, we are a venture crew and we" <virtual door slams shut> we've never got a reply
  20. Whats a thank you letter? is it like a "Thanks for not *effing it up, lets do better next time." letter? or is it the "thank you for volunteering, next time just send money" letter
  21. I Propose that ALL BSA Volunteers take the first two weeks of july off.. everyone...