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  1. Kiddo #1 has two of four signatures so far on his Eagle Project Proposal. He plans to build a split rail fence at the local nature center to encourage people to stay on the trail in an area where some people have been wandering into the woods.

    His goal is to have it done by early November. Very proudt that he presented to the parent committee, next he needs the scoutmaster and the district sign offs. 

  2. Family update -- Son #1 earned Life, Son #2 earned 1st Class, Son #3 joined Scouting, and husband is Scoutmaster. Wish us luck!

    1. RememberSchiff


      Congratulations and Scout on!  :D

  3. Son #1 was inducted into the OA this weekend! 

  4. Son #1 was elected patrol leader at camp!  He was reluctant but agreed.

  5. #1 son earned STAR rank this weekend!

  6. Son #1 is sewing on his own merit badge for the first time.  Then he will do is new position patch. 

  7. Oldest son is now a First Class Scout!!

  8. My husband is at Wood Badge - now he's a good old Bear married to a good old Fox!

  9. We are running a brat stand all day today with Cubs and parents.  Wish me luck! 

  10. My husband and 2 older boys are home from camp!  Whew, another year in the books!  Very proud of the boys -- my oldest did Wilderness Survival! 

  11. Boys are on a hike today.  If son #1 completes a few more things, he will earn First Class before summer camp (#3, he's 13).  Son #2 completed the Swimming merit badge.  We are encouraging them to log for Personal Fitness over summer vacation. 

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    2. Thunderbird


      The Scouts in my son's troop don't have difficulty doing fitness activities, they have difficulty tracking their fitness activities.  I don't know why.  Is the tracking too much like school?

    3. ItsBrian


      Introduce technology to them. Have them track it on their phones, then on paper. There are many apps you could use or even Google sheets app and fill it in.

    4. Thunderbird


      Brian, I will suggest that to some of the parents.  Maybe an app (something like Habitica) will help them.  Some of them do not have phones yet, but they could borrow a parent's phone for a minute or so every day.  Thank you for the idea!

  12. Son #1 cleaned the garage this weekend as a part of his Family Life merit badge work.  Earlier, we put gravel on a path in the yard as the family project. He's almost done with this badge!  Just need a family meeting.  Son #2 got the hang of diving and going under water well enough to complete the Swimming merit badge -- woo woo!

  13. My sons are choosing their summer camp merit badges.  Son #1 -- Camping, Forestry, Wilderness Survival.  Son #2 -- Astronomy, Nature and one TBD.  I like their choices. Hope they get good counselors.

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    2. ItsBrian


      Astronomy is a really difficult badge to complete at summer camp FYI.

    3. WisconsinMomma


      ItsBrian, he might have to start/finish at home.  There is a MBC in our area who is very into astronomy who may be helpful.  Son #2 chose Cooking for his third summer camp merit badge.  That one may  not be great for camp either, except for the camp cooking portions?  

    4. ItsBrian


      I completed it with a friend my second year at camp, and I didn’t receive a partial. Meanwhile. 2 scouts last year received partials. Make sure your scout completes the requirement where it’s like “plan a meal for your Troop for a weekend camping trip” or something like that prior to camp. No other reason why he should get a partial if he completes the pre reqs.

  14. We road tripped to the Burpee Museum in Rockford, IL for their Archaeology merit badge class.  The museum has Jane, a juvenille T-Rex and an interesting display of Triceratops-type skulls.  They also have a paleontology lab, a lot of fossils and the museum runs trips to Montana and Utah.  

  15. Son #1 finished the Swimming merit badge!  Son #2 is almost done but needs to work on diving. 

  16. Adding a wetsuit and prescription goggles helped my oldest with his swimming so much.  He did great at his last swim lesson. Thanks to Amazon.com for their selection, pricing and quick delivery.  I was able to outfit him for under $50 - a good deal and convenient to find the items we needed. 

  17. My sons took on new roles in their troop -- 11 y.o. is Assistant Patrol Leader and 13 y.o is Scribe. :)

  18. Miss you Stosh, don't be a stranger! 

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