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  1. My understanding is similiar to dc's.


    I taught a camping/overnighter course at our U of S last year and this is how I seperated things and much more experienced scouters than I agreed. It still may not be the "legal" terms but they work.


    Day trips: contained in one day no sleeping at the site

    Overnighter: A specific program that is run by a third party for the scouts. e.g. sleep over at NASA. 1:1 parent and child, extra attendance rules may be imposed by the site, like age limits and attendance limits. All programming planning is done by the third party. Hardest problems I've had are alchohol. e.g. campout at the baseball stadium and dad's drinking beer. Rules say no, I agree with those rules but the dad's aren't happy with me.

    Campout: Sleeping at a location either indoor or outdoor, all programming and planning is done by the pack. Campouts are open to entire families of scouters assuming the BSA rules are followed. e.g. No sleeping in tents with children not your own


  2. We sell popcorn. Sometimes I feel like we're the "Selling Stuff Scouts" instead of Cub Scouts. We make just enough to run the program. Thankfully' date=' our Council is changing vendors, (from Trail's End to Camp Master). Rumor has it there will be more low end items, which would help our kids. Many of them live in low income areas and have a hard time selling $25-50 items. If there were extra money, I'm pretty sure we could find good ways to spend it :D, but it still probably wouldn't be on belt loops. :)[/quote']



    Understood, the other things we have done has been to sell hot dogs and such at local events. The boys get assigned 30 minute shifts and enjoy the event while making money for the pack. In our area, the packs in the better off areas help out the packs in lower end financially areas. Maybe get local businesses to sponsor the pack? just some thoughts.

  3. Our popcorn season started today. Everyone gets all stressed and competitive about it. It amazes me see how people spend the money from popcorn. I don't get why some focus on buying the boys toys and other crap as incentives. I guess I see having the money the boys earn go towards scouting adventures like overnighters and camps.


    What do you spend your money on?

  4. I'm not a fan of the belt loops. The elective programs have TONS of fun activities. Some of them are a little dated' date=' but it would make more sense to me to update the boy books rather than add an extra program. Yes, I know the belt loops have been around awhile.[/color']


    Then there are the economic issues. With electives, the boys do 10 activities and earn a $1.00 patch. Some activities are harder/more time consuming than others. With the belt loops, the boys do three (generally simple) activities and earn a $2.00 belt loop. With 40 boys in the pack, that would add up pretty quickly. Plus the belt loops can be earned more than once. How many times can you really learn the rules, identify the chess pieces and play a game? Recognition is important, but I don't know that we need to give the boys an award for every single thing they do in life.


    Electives are also things that can be done by the boys at home. They don't all need to be done in den meetings.This flexibility is nice. When my own boys say they're bored, I tell them to go find their scout books and look at the electives. They can usually find a couple of things to do to keep us busy for most of an afternoon, sometimes 2 afternoons.


    10-20 arrow points? Is 20 even possible? Are there 200 elective activities? I know some things can be done more than once and the Bears have the option of using some of the unused achievements, but 200 activities beyond the rank badge would take a ton of time. Earning just 5 or 6 arrow points takes quite a bit of work. I would emphasize having fun with the activities and not stress about how many arrow points.




    Our pack does the belt loops required for Webelos advancement and we pay for the ones earned at district/council/day camp events, but otherwise we don't use the program. We had one family leave over this, but otherwise no one else has complained.


    I think some of the parents are pleased by not having to buy the belts to put the loops on.



    Do you guys sell popcorn? Because I know that we are usually struggling to figure out how to properly spend our commissions. Belt loops and patches never seem to be an issue for us.

  5. Don't tell that to my son. By the end of his Wolf year he had his rank badge, full belt of loops and 9 arrow points. He loves them and most of my den ended up the year with at least 4 arrow points, My wife just sews the arrow points on during the den meeting and everyone is happy. We don't do the instant recognition beads because they just fall off and they would rather wear the hanging patches on that pocket.


    And regarding patch vests, I like them because the boys love actually wearing all the patches we give them.

  6. We are going on a family trip to numerous national parks and I am trying to find info about what badges we can work on together. I've emailed her leader and get no reply because she likes to control everything. I can't find anything online. Can someone point me in the direction of senior badges that we can work on?

  7. We had an adult just like this and eventually she left and took her son with her. She joined two other units before her reputation spread enough to keep her out of scouting. I brought this example up once in a forum discussion on the subject of whether a unit should warn the other unit leaders about these peoples behavior. In my case' date=' I did not warn the next SM, but he did call. What I've grown to learn over time is these folks generally don't change. You did well mashmaster keeping the DE and COR in the loop. Barry[/quote']


    Thanks, I hope for her boys that she learns to change her behavior but I realize it won't change.

  8. OK' date=' they shot at the watermelons and pinatas and they absolutely loved it today. The DE had to come video it. They thought it was the best.[/quote']


    I am so jealous. Yesterday was our first day of camp and it POURED rain ;__; We were stuck inside the whole time (we still did rotations but of course it wasn't the same.) Hope y'all's camp goes well for the rest of the days too!


    Thanks, please send the rain our way please. We need the rain in Texas. I hope it dries out for you.

  9. Yeah. This kind of thing will blow over in time' date=' although a few weeks can seem like a very, very long time. Hopefully, the whole accusation business will get laid to rest quickly as well. A Council person may be on the phone with you asking some hard questions, but if it's all unfounded and untrue it should be apparent to him.[/quote']


    Thanks, I spoke to the CM today and he is being totally reasonable. I feel for him.

  10. Somtimes the best thing you can do for yourself and the unit is to leave. It's hard, but you might consider asking the woman who left what pack they joined and go check it out.

    You can please some of the people some of the time, but you can't please all of the people all of the time, and there are some people who you won't be able to please ever.


    I'm not leaving, Everything other than her runs smoothly and the pack continues to grow and is very active If she decides to pull her son it would be punishing them which is very unfortunate. I've told her we still welcome her and her son in our pack, just not her as a committee member.

  11. Yes I'm the CC. The person who is the wife of the CM has written and resigned to me and the CM. I accepted her resignation(called her bluff) with the COR included and thanked her for her services. Of course after I informed the pack leadership of course I got a snide remark from her about me telling them. After I sent mail that she was leaving, I received two seperate emails about how they felt bullied by her. Those have been sent to the COR in case we ever need them.


    I can't/won't comment on the accusations being made but they are serious and I immediately raised them up to DE who has raised it with council.


    It kills me that there are people in the world like this.


  12. Curious to know what everyone's summer camp does to accommodate (if anything) for the younger siblings of the cub scouts attending day/twilight camp. Since we had absolutely no volunteers for our 'tot lot' - I will end up being there during camp tending to the 4 siblings tagging along with their older brothers. I have some crafts and activities lined up' date=' just wanted to know what others do for the 3-5 year olds.[/quote']


    We have a tot lot that is managed by the local Girl Scout troop. The Seniors are all high school aged, we YPT train them and they get service hours for it. We have the tots do the stations but each station scales for the age. Also put in extra break times for them with fisher price toys.

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  13. I'm a unit leader and I have to deal with one of those parents that has to do everything their way... Including making accusations of leaders that I have to raise up to our DE. They are only happy if stuff is done exactly their way with anything. Of course they are on the committee and related to the CM.


    Does anyone have a good method for dealing with this? It isn't good for the pack and makes people not want to volunteer, including me.

  14. I had a skit where the boys put their old neckerchiefs into a paper bag and I "magically" turned them into the new neckerchief. (I gave the old ones back to the parents when the boys were busy elsewhere because we didn't pay for neckerchiefs' date=' but this would be a handy way for you to collect all of them.)[/quote']


    Love it, we are totally stealing that next year!

  15. Thanks for the feedback, I ran the idea past the camp leaders and they liked the idea even the district exec. The plan isn't to have one pinata but 5 pinata's attached to a target for 5 lanes and 5 lanes with Watermelons low and water ballons pinned to the target.


    I'll let you know how it goes. I got most of these ideas from the scout day camp archery guide that I found on the net, and adjusted it slightly.


    Has anyone ran a camp where you had boys test for the Pro archery levels? I don't know how I would logistically get the boys that have a shot at passing it take it. Some of these boys can barely nock an arrow.

  16. As a committee chair I feel for the guy. I am our committee chair and I have to basically do everything other than run the pack meetings and treasurer duties. THankfully I have a great treasurer otherwise I might go insane. I have an outdoor activity coordinator but that usually entails me giving him the previous plan that I did and he changes the dates. I've been looking for an assistant for a year without success, in two years when my son moves up to Boy Scouts, I plan to move as well. having a plan to pass along the knowledge is a great thing but everyone just tells me that I do a great job and gives me a Starbucks card every once in a while. I'd rather have an assistant....

  17. I'm the archery range master for our day camp and I have a question for the board. They visit my range multiple times during the week and for the last time I wanted to make it fun. I was going to pin pinatas on the targets for the boys to shoot at. I'm staying away from humanoid shapes, but is it ok to have a cow shaped pinata? I'm trying to make it fun and not have parents getting upset for much ado about nothing.

  18. I took my troop on a backpacking trip in the Grand Canyon over Spring Break and had a blast--your cubs will love it.


    I guess the big question is: which rim are you on? We were on the South Rim and visited a geology museum/visitor center. Also, near the center is a "geology walkway" along the rim with some great vistas. It includes information on how old each type of rock is and viewing stations to show where each type of rock is found in the canyon. It's been awhile since I worked with cubs, but I'm betting they have a geology beltloop.

    We are on the South Rim. Yeah, probably the Geology loop and pin.
  19. Thanks for the ideas. Of course he already has a bunch of these belt loops but his nephew only has a few. So he'll earn more. The adventure is something that they are really looking forward to and me too :-)


    I'll check out the Jr Ranger program that sounds like a lot of fun for them.


    Regarding brag vests, what patches do you put on them? So far we have just been putting either BSA patches or patches from scout places they have gone with their pack/den. I know there is no rule about it, just wondering what the common convention is for them.

  20. Interesting note on the guide. They have vertical wall or tower climbing as Webelos or above but, our council day camp has that for all ranks. Interesting how the District Exec doesn't follow the guideline. IMHO, these are safe for the younger ranks if operated properly with the correct equipment.


    My son has the cub scout branded swiss army knife and it works well for him so far. It is basic and doesn't have many tools. It did take him a while to be able to open and close it but he finally got the hang of it. Gave me more grey hair teaching him though.


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