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  1. There's lots of information here: http://blog.scoutingmagazine.org/2014/01/01/better-activities-simplified-advancement-coming-to-cub-scouting-in-2015/ It doesn't take effect until the 2015-16 program year, so August or September of 2015. Not sure how the LDS programs will be run, but for the rest, it looks like they are completely separating out the Webelos I and Webelos II programs. You will be able to earn AOL without earning Webelos. The link doesn't give a lot of details, but it sure looks like earning AOL won't be the big deal that it is now, which is disappointing.
  2. dedkad

    Lockheed-Martin cuts ties to Boy Scouts

    I like this comment someone posted to the news article: "Perhaps Lockheed should stop selling their planes to Israel, Turkey, Jordan, Saudi, Oman, Indonesia, Singapore, UAE, etc. because of there religious bias. Let's at least be consistent."
  3. dedkad

    Need fun things to do or make

    Not sure where you live and what the weather is like this time of year for you, but if I had only one meeting left and didn't have any requirements to do, I would use that meeting to do a cool field trip, a hike, or play some fun games. My Webs just did a night hike and they loved it. This time of year is perfect for night hikes because it gets dark so early. If you are stuck indoors, you could do a paper airplane contest or an egg drop contest. Someone mentioned duct tape wallets. You could also do duct tape water bottle holders for the boy who needs to do craftsman, then go on a hike and use the water bottle holders.
  4. dedkad

    Too harsh???

    With all the extra time I'm sure you have on your hands, you could always become a Webelos den leader. Then you can spy on the other troops under the guise of troop visits for the Webelos boys. I've learned a lot about how the different troops operate in our area by attending these visits and asking lots of questions.
  5. My Webelos II den wanted to play Capture the Flag at our next den meeting, but we are missing one boy, so there will only be 5 boys there. Too few for a game of Capture the Flag. What other outdoor activity games would be fun for five 5th graders? We have access to a grassy playing field, blacktop, and playground equipment. And I should probably note that one of the boys is on the Spectrum, so games with grey areas like Red Light Green Light don't go over too well.
  6. dedkad

    Modern v Old School

    I'd go for the modern gear, but still have a few campouts where you break out the primitive gear for fun.
  7. dedkad

    Arrow of Light and Bridging

    An 11-year old 6th grader? I don't think he's even allowed to be in Cub Scouts anymore, regardless of whether or not he's done a cross-over ceremony.
  8. Club sports are getting more popular around here. Because it is so time-consuming, boys who normally would be participating in multiple sports or dabble in other non-curricular activities can no longer do that. Kids' football leagues also seem to be taking off again, which could account for the loss of soccer players, since it is the same season.
  9. dedkad

    Bank Account

    GeorgiaMom says: "The entire charter system is designed to shift legal responsibility to the CO's and the units. The BSA goes to great lengths to make sure they are not responsible for anything. So, when things go wrong, who gets left holding the bag? Sometimes, the individual volunteer. I doubt many BSA volunteers realize that." Please provide an actual example of when a BSA volunteer was found liable.
  10. We are registering our treasurer too to make sure there isn't any embezzlement history.
  11. dedkad

    Uniform Inspections - How do you do it?

    If and when we do uniform inspections, which isn't very often BTW, I would have all boys wearing a Cub Scout uniform stand up. Then I would start going down the list of required things one by one and ask all the boys to sit down who didn't meet that particular requirement. I would keep going until only 1 or 2 boys were left standing and those boys would get a prize. Even those boys weren't usually in full perfect uniform, but I figured they tried the best out of all of the others, so they deserved a prize.
  12. Knots have a long history in scouting. I understand that. Learning how to tie some good knots is a useful skill to learn and retain. I get that too. But it seems like many people on this board measure the worth of a scout by his ability to tie knots. Things like, "If I went to an Eagle Court of Honor and took out some rope, the boys would break out into a sweat because they can't tie a knot." Scouts have to earn lots of Merit Badges to earn Eagle. I doubt they retain 100% of what they learned on all those Merit Badges. Why is it so important that they retain 100% knowledge of knots? Scouts have many characteristics that define them as being a good scout, like being a good citizen, helping others, etc. Why does tying knots seem to be the skill/characteristic that outweighs all and makes them a lesser scout if they didn't retain that info?
  13. dedkad

    Christmas Parade Float

    Our boys ride bikes in our parade, but I always figured if we ever had a float with some walkers, the walkers could each carry a sign depicting one of Cub Scout's 12 Core Values.
  14. dedkad

    Bank Account

    Our District has its own tax number that they let the packs use on their bank accounts.
  15. dedkad

    Did Boys Scouts Damage a Vietnam Memorial?

    Not defending the Scouts actions in any way, but sometimes when you design and place this type of art, you have to think about the type of interaction the public will have with such a piece. The design looks kind of like something you would see at a playground, and the placement in the middle of turf provides easy access to those who want to touch and climb it. Sounds like the replacement version will be stronger, and hopefully they will plant some plants around it that sends the message to "keep away".
  16. dedkad


    We were also doing Fitness at the same time, and I had something similar in mind. My idea was soundly rejected by the boys.
  17. dedkad


    Showman was the first badge my boys worked on as Webelos. In the spirit of Boy Scouts I gave them the sole responsibility of coming up with their own puppet ideas and play. I did have a few ideas for the play, but mine were all rejected, so I left it up to them. Without my direction, it took 5 meetings to finally put on the play, which is much longer than I had anticipated. It took 2 meetings for them just to decide what they wanted to do, 1 meeting to make the puppets and paint the scenery, 1 meeting to practice the play, and the pack meeting to present it. The boys made giant stick puppets, which were very easy to make, and we painted a sheet purchased at a thrift shop and draped it over a board between two saw horses for our scenery. Their play was Zombie Minecraft Three Little Pigs. They did a great job and their play got lots of laughs at the pack meeting, but it was definitely a time-consuming project. I would do it again, though, because the boys really enjoyed it.
  18. dedkad

    Christmas Parade Float

    Our City's holiday parade doesn't allow any entrants to pass out candy or trinkets. Probably for this exact reason.
  19. dedkad

    Christmas Parade Float

    I've seen fake campfire flames on other floats and when done right, they are obvious from the viewer's perspective. Don't know how they did it, just saying it's possible.
  20. dedkad

    Girl Cubs?

    Has she looked into 4H? It's not just about animals. Our 4H is even offering rocketry.
  21. dedkad

    AOL Colors

    Do you put all the colors on there for every boy, even if they didn't start with Tiger?
  22. dedkad

    needs some advice- dealing with another leader

    Our Council just held a one-day zombie-themed day camp. They had a huge turnout with something like 400 boys in attendance. Zombies are big at this age!
  23. dedkad

    needs some advice- dealing with another leader

    We used cheeseball puffs when my Webs built their catapults this year. They were each given 10 cheeseballs to try to launch in their buddy's mouth. Still gets messy, but you can't eat them if they get stepped on because they disintegrate. Also won't make a gummy mess on the ground or shoe if you can't find them to pick them up. Too light to use outside with any wind, though.
  24. I am a Webelos DL. In the past, our denners haven't really had a whole lot of responsibility. This year, in preparation for Boy Scouts, I want to try one or two meetings where the whole meeting is boy-led, so the denner will be running the meeting, kind of like a PL. My denner has not had any example to go by as far as running a den meeting and dealing with the other boys other than my own example, which differs greatly from when a peer is leading a meeting. Are there any short videos like the Quick Start training BSA offers leaders online that could give my denner a few quick tips on how to run a good meeting?
  25. dedkad

    How many committee members?

    Yup, I was thinking the same thing. Don't let politics get in the way of running a great program for your kids. We register the minimum number of committee members to help save on costs. Our treasurer is one of our committee members, so they can be background-checked. The other 2 committee members are usually assistant den leaders by function, but they are committee members by name on the paperwork. "Voting" hasn't been an issue for our pack. We even invite just regular ol' parents to come to the committee meetings and their input is given equal weight with all others. The parent whose input is valued is more likely to get involved next year. Consensus is the way to go, and if it can't be reached, then the ones who are most impacted by the decisions are usually given favor.