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  1. Camporee is coming up and my son, who's 11, was chosen to do the shopping for his patrol. The patrol sat down and wrote out their menu for the weekend. The closest they came to fruit or vegies was orange juice and blueberry muffins. I know they'll survive the weekend without those valuable nutrients, but what really had me concerned was that "soda" was also written on the list. I questioned the patrol leader, and he said "that's what the boys wanted." I'm glad the boys are making decisions on their own, but how do you encourage them to make some healthier decisions when it comes to food and drink choices?
  2. dedkad

    2 questions about WEBELOS

    As qwazse said, couldn't he move to the next lower den? I had a boy join my Webelos den in 5th grade for the first time as a Cub Scout. I told him up front that our den was only going to be together until February when the rest of the boys earned their AOL and bridged over. He said that was OK. He came to our meetings until January, then moved down to the den below us. He will stay with them until he turns 11 this summer and can move on to Boy Scouts. Everyone is happy. Do you not have a den below you that he can move into?
  3. dedkad

    Sleeping in Cars

    Depending on the car, sleeping in a tent might be more comfortable. I would give up my spot in my car to the boys before I'd do it myself.
  4. One of the troops my son looked into joining was an Elks troop. I don't know if it was because the Elks is a service organization, but that troop would do a service project every other month. My son ended up joining a troop chartered by a church. You'd think the church troop would also be service-oriented, but he's been attending meetings for 4 months now, and they haven't done a single service project, unless you count Scout Sunday where I think they ushered at the church. I was just wondering what the norm is for service projects for troops. JTE says they should be doing at least 4 a year.
  5. dedkad

    New Den leader

    Good question to ask on this thread, but I don't know the answer. I would think that theft might be an offense that would keep you from being a den leader because den leaders are often entrusted with money.
  6. dedkad

    Scouting on the way out??

    Scouting just needs to remain relevant and youthful in order to compete. I appreciate the knowledge of the old Scouters, but if some of them came up to me when I was young, I think I'd be turned off. When I was in Young Life in high school, the leader seemed old to me, but he was probably only in his mid to late 20's. However, he was also assistant football coach at my high school and had his finger on the pulse of the culture at the school. He made it a point to not only recruit those who could really benefit from the program, but also those you would consider the "cool" kids. And he made it fun. That's what kept the kids coming back every week. I think our recruitment could benefit from a strategy like that.
  7. dedkad

    Just wondering....

    I do, and try my best to at least avoid ingesting anything knowingly produced in China, or putting lotions from there on my skin. I won't buy utensils from China either.
  8. I think if a few non-Scouts wanted to attend on an individual basis, that would be OK. Having a whole other group come could possibly create an "us" and "them" attitude and would be counter-productive.
  9. In our pack, the meetings centered on calendar activities - what are we going to do this year, who is in charge of each event, what worked last year, what would we change. The meetings still tended to bounce around a little, but after a short distraction, we would always come back to the calendar.
  10. dedkad

    Pressurized Fuel Training

    Things were so bad here in California this summer that one of the National Forest areas not only banned campfires in the backcountry, but also any type of stove. Hope the backpackers liked trail mix.
  11. dedkad

    Just named Cubmaster!

    The Roundtables are a great source for information and networking.
  12. Not the kind of thing I wanted to read 4 days before sending my son out on his first backpacking trip with his troop.
  13. Do the contractors need to get prior approval from Council to be a MBC in order to sign off on the requirements?
  14. Wonder if the Scouts would go for this. Sure would get a laugh. Might be better for Venturers. ~~http://www.realfarmacy.com/10-survival-tips-using-tampons/
  15. dedkad

    UK scouts want to try American Football

    Great job putting something together for your scouts!
  16. dedkad

    Tickets done!

  17. If you continue as den leader, you will have plenty of years to earn that den leader knot. If you are that concerned about it, you could recruit someone to be Cubmaster and assure them that you will do all the behind the scenes work and they just need to show up to the meetings with your agenda in hand. But if you did that, then you wouldn't be able to earn the Cubmaster knot, so I guess choices will need to be made.
  18. dedkad

    BSA introduces Virtual Reality Scouting

    Yeah, I clicked on Bryan's link just so I could post an angry comment, then I realized... duh!
  19. And a new chapter in GTSS is born.
  20. dedkad

    preventing scouts from crossing over

    My Webelos made tuna can burners for hobo stoves using cardboard and wax. I assume that is still OK.
  21. dedkad

    preventing scouts from crossing over

    I don't agree at all with your interpretation of the "Do Your Best" policy. "Do Your Best" doesn't mean we skip a requirement completely but still give out awards anyway because our den leader didn't get around to scheduling our go-see on time and the pack insists that we do rank badges at B&G. The intent of Do Your Best is to actually give it a try, but to understand that some scouts may lack the physical, mental, geographic, or other ability to complete the requirement exactly as written. I had boys who were physically incapable of doing pull-ups. They tried several times and did their best trying, but just could not do it because they are large for their age. We switched the requirement for those boys to a timed hang instead. They successfully completed the revised requirement. That's "Do Your Best" in my opinion. Say you live in an area that doesn't have a newspaper office, radio station, or TV station. You think of some other requirement that might fit closely with that requirement, such as listening to a news broadcast on TV, going to the library and reviewing old newspapers, do your own pretend den newscast, or publish your own pack newsletter, or something ...anything. You don't just make excuses and skip it completely. You try! You can't Do Your Best if you don't even try.
  22. dedkad

    preventing scouts from crossing over

    Maybe your B&G shouldn't be so much about earning rank badges. Use it as an opportunity to celebrate Scouting and the achievements they have done so far instead. Or just make it a super special party. They have plenty of time to earn their badges. I don't think you should award badges to boys who haven't completed all of the requirements and no one should feel like they failed because of it. If you think the format of your B&G will make the Tigers feel like failures, then modify your B&G format instead of modifying the rules that boys actually need to complete the requirements before they earn something.