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  1. Tell him to leave all of his law enforcement equipment at home or be prepared to field lots of questions about it. When we had a California Fish & Game person come to our pack meeting in full uniform, the boys were more interested in the gun, taser, billy club, and whatever else he was wearing. Cool stuff for sure and I got a big kick out of it, but the warden seemed to be disappointed that it was all the boys could focus on.
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    Tiger Cub Den Program

  3. dedkad

    Is BALOO required for pack campout ?

    I wouldn't cancel. Worse comes to worst, just consider it family camping, not a pack event, and hope no one gets hurt, since you probably won't get an approved Tour Plan without a BALOO or OWL trained person.
  4. My first thought is that your pack is depending too much on District activities to build your pack program. District activities should be a supplement to your own well-rounded active pack program. If boys from your pack are able to participate in the District events, then great. If not, they should still have plenty of fun things to do with your pack throughout the year. Have your boys build Cubmobiles in the spring when they have more time to build and practice, then let them race the cars in the fall at the District event. New fall recruits don't have to participate in the District event, but they will certainly look forward to building their cars in the spring. Take the focus off of things you have no control over and work on the things you do have control over, and you will be happier. That being said, I know after 5 years of being a DL, I was burnt out and ready for a change. Luckily, I only had one child going through Cub Scouts, so I didn't have to repeat the program with a younger sibling.
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    Concern over ASM in another troop

    I hereby go on record that I don't think we should slander innocent people, I said we shouldn't worry about slandering "innocent" people. Everyone is considered "innocent" until convicted in a court of law, but it doesn't take too much sense to know when someone is guilty of unacceptable behavior. In O'Scouter's case, we weren't talking about a single instance of questionable behavior, but rather a plethora of concerns that when taken together would most certainly warrant a need to be brought to the SM's attention in order to protect the boys.
  6. My Webelos made their own stick puppets and scenery and wrote their own play for a puppet show to put on at one of the pack meetings. It was a huge hit with the pack and the Webelos loved doing it. Cub Scouts are not too old to enjoy a good puppet show. The sillier the better. You could even incorporate your puppet into your monthly Cubmaster Minute. The boys might actually listen to what you have to say if it is being told or acted out by a puppet.
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    Concern over ASM in another troop

    I think you did the right thing by contacting the other troop. Hopefully we are past those dark days of sweeping things like child molestation and other offenses under the rug due to the fear of slandering some "innocent' person's name. As BD said, "The boys safety is all of our responsibilities."
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    It's Not Just Trailers Being Copped

    So I didn't see anywhere in the link where it said the Scouts are representing their fundraising as a troop fundraiser. If one, two, or seven Scouts want to go around collecting aluminum cans, scrap metal, or working odd jobs to help pay for their individual participation in Scout activities, then how does that automatically become a Troop fundraising activity that would face IRS scrutiny?
  9. I've been surprised how long the batteries in my LED lanterns last. I think you will be perfectly happy with LED. Not having to deal with broken glass or mantles is a huge plus. As a backup, I always bring with me a Luci lantern, which is a blow-up solar-powered lantern. They are only about $10 and they are great for backpacking too because they are so lightweight and compact.
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    You could be a good den leader

    You wear a costume to work on every Halloween...
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    Council money saving idea

    You must be in my Council.
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    Would you do readyman for the 3rd time?

    Yes, I would most definitely do Readyman for a 3rd time. I bet if you put the boys on the spot who already did it twice and gave them a scenario and asked how to treat it, at least 1/2 of them would get it wrong or incomplete. Besides, if their previous exposure to Readyman was during camps, the boys are already excited and inattentive, plus many Council-run camps are notorious for signing off on requirements without accountability. With a little thought, you can make Readyman fun, so it won't be a repeat. I like the idea that others suggested about having those who already learned the stuff teach the others who haven't. One of our favorite Readyman meetings was when I printed out a bunch of gross pictures of cuts, burns, nose bleeds, snake bites, bugs, frost bite, and road rash. The boys would take turns being the victim and the medic. I would tape an injury picture on the victim. Then the medic would come in and identify what the injury was just by looking at it and simple statements from the victim like "I burned myself on the grill." In that case, the medic had to determine if it was a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd degree burn, then treat it properly with the first-aid kit I had on hand plus other items that I threw in to confuse them. They really enjoyed that meeting. We also played Readyman basketball over many meetings where I would ask boys first-aid questions and if they got it right, they could take a step closer to the basket. When I was finished with my questions, they would all make 5 attempts to shoot a basket from where they stood. I did this at every meeting and kept track of the points and presented the winner with a prize at the end of our "basketball" season. We also had an EMT come in and talk to the boys, and he brought the fire truck with him. There are lots of ways to present the material so it seems new to the boys. It doesn't hurt to reinforce what the boys have learned, and it's a big confidence booster for the boys when they are presented with information, and they can say to themselves "I knew that!"
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    One of my scouts...

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    New camp each year or same camp each year

    My son's troop alternates each year between two different camps. One on a lake and one on the ocean. From how much I've heard the boys and leaders raving about the ocean camp, I'm sure they would probably go there every year if finances weren't an issue. It is awfully expensive compared to the lake camp.
  15. Nothing better than having a captive audience of adults for 24 hours or more to recruit your future leaders.
  16. Welcome to the new Boy Scout Common Core standards.
  17. dedkad

    Charter Organization Not Helping

    As far as what their Pack's needs are for a CO, I think Jo is perfectly qualified to have that discussion with her church. However, I think it should be pointed out that Jo needs to get the District Executive or his designee involved in this process. It is the DE's job to approach the church to explain the rest of the picture and the legalities of being a CO.
  18. So I was following the various threads on the IRS stance on ISA's, and was wondering about the possibility of having some kind of a point system to earn "awards" for selling "x" amount of items or working "x" amount of hours at a fundraiser. Our Council has offered gift card incentives for selling popcorn, and the Girl Scouts offer incentives for selling cookies, like even an iPad, and that seems to have passed muster so far. As an example, the point incentive system would work as follows: The boys sell an item where the net profit is $4 per item. They earn 2 points for every item sold, and when they reach 50 points, they can choose from a reward such as a $50 camp credit or $50 dues credit. Their reward would equal half of what they netted, and the other half would go to the troop as a whole. A similar point system could be applied for number of hours worked at a fundraiser.
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    1st time teaching a merit badge- Help!

    But it seems like Family Life is kind of a unique MB, and I'm not really sure what they are supposed to be learning from me. A lot of the requirements are to be done with the family, which makes sense because every family is different and has different values. Some families are religious and base their foundation on that. Some aren't. Some are big families, some aren't. Some believe in spanking their children. Some don't. Every parent has lots of opinions on the way children should be raised and how families should operate. There is nothing right or wrong about most of those ways, and I didn't see it as being my place to tell them how to run their family. I envisioned it being more of a discussion with the boys about their thoughts on family, and I would chime in when needed, rather than me actually teaching them something. What have others done with this MB?
  20. dedkad

    1st time teaching a merit badge- Help!

    I am also a brand new Family Life MB counselor. Actually, I'm brand new to the whole MB counselor thing. I've been called by two pairs of boys already. Am I supposed to meet with the boys before they even get started, even if there isn't anything to talk about yet? I figured they could start working on their 90 days of chores before we scheduled a meeting. Are we supposed to meet in person if they are proposing project ideas, or are phone calls sufficient? I certainly plan on meeting with them in person to discuss the things we are supposed to discuss, just not sure if a face-to-face is necessary to get them going on some of the requirements. Since they are from a different troop, a face-to-face meeting requires some extra coordination.
  21. Agree with KDD. The belt loops my boys earned as Webelos went straight into a drawer. They were a waste of money. Earn the loops on paper but don't worry so much about the bling.
  22. dedkad

    Eagle and weed

    Matt indicated in one of his posts that the legal system is now requiring that the boy take regular urine tests. I think that might put some parents' minds to ease knowing that this boy is being monitored.
  23. dedkad

    Advancement Post Day Camp

  24. I got "tricked" by the recruitment flyer. Brought my son to the recruitment meeting to join Cub Scouts, not knowing it would involve effort on my part. They get my son all excited about Cub Scouts, then tell me afterwards that if my son wants to do Cub Scouts, I would have to be his Tiger Den Leader and would need to recruit more boys to boot, since only 2 Tigers showed up for recruitment. Ended up being my son's leader all the way through Webelos, and loved every minute.
  25. dedkad

    Venture Crews at summer camp

    Church camps all over the U.S. run co-ed camps. It's definitely possible to make it work.