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  1. I have a boy in my Webelos I den who has missed too many meetings, has zero motivation to make up the requirements at home, and gets no help from parent. It's not just Scouting he is struggling with. He misses days and days of school and never finishes his school projects or homework. Although he is a distraction at the meetings due to his inability to stay focused, he is one of those boys who definitely benefits from Scouting and seeing positive role models around him. The problem is that I'm not sure he will finish his requirements to earn his Webelos badge by the end of this summer when he moves up to 5th grade. The rest of the den will all have earned their Webelos badges and will be working on completing their Arrow of Light requirements as Webelos II starting in the fall. There is no way this boy will earn his Arrow of Light. I'm just wondering if he can continue with us as a Webelos II if he hasn't even earned his Webelos badge.
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    # Of Den & Pack Meetings

    We are a minimalist Pack, which works well for our families' busy schedules. We have one Pack meeting a month throughout the school year, and the dens typically meet once a month, sometimes twice if they need to get more things done or if there is a field trip. It takes us all year to earn our rank badge. We award rank badges at our June campout instead of at B&G. It's what works for our Pack, and many parents have chosen our Pack over others in the area for that very reason.
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    Does your pack meet in the summer?

    Our Day Camp is $105 for the whole week. It costs way more than that to run the Day Camp, so it is not a money maker for our Council either. I think it is great that they promote the Day Camp and reward the boys who attend.
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    Does your pack meet in the summer?

    Personally, I would count any electives they did in the summer as Wolf electives, not Tiger. The more Wolf electives they do, the more arrow points they earn. They get to wear the arrow points on their uniform until they move on to Boy Scouts or get the tan shirt as a Webelos II. The Tiger electives just earn you the yellow disks, which aren't worn on the uniform at any time after being a Tiger. There's nothing wrong with rewarding the boys who put their time in as Tigers and let them start on their Wolf electives, rather than holding them back because new boys will join in the fall.
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    Finally can post?!?

    So what does it take to start a new topic around here? Tried several times in several different forums with no luck. I just keep getting an error message that says I am not authorized to do that.
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    Just trying to figure out if I can post something.