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    What Makes Good Pack Meetings?

    What we did this year was assign each den leader a pack meeting. It was their den's responsibility to come up with the program for that month. As one leader put it, it was their job to "entertain" the rest of us for 1 hour. Many of the dens used that as an opportunity to showcase or complete some of their den requirements. For instance, my Webelos put on a puppet show to earn their Showman badge. The Bear Den constructed a bunch of games to meet one of their requirements and the whole pack got to play them. The Tiger den leader scheduled a hike for the pack to meet his hiking requirement. Some dens had a speaker come to speak to the whole pack on a subject that would meet a den requirement. So I wouldn't really call what we are doing at the pack meetings a den activity. It is a pack activity that meets a certain den's badge requirements.
  2. dedkad

    Why Wood Badge?

    KDD, our Roundtables are at the Elks Lodge, so I get my drink after.
  3. dedkad

    Getting Parents and Boys to RECRUIT

    We have our meetings at a school and do our recruiting solely at that school. We try to keep visible at the school and make sure people see the boys in uniform having fun. That helps get boys interested. We send out flyers to all the 1st through 4th grade boys at the beginning of the school year, and we sometimes go and speak at the Back to School night. We are lucky that our school is so supportive of Scouting. Sometimes we get referrals from the local Scout office when people call there looking for information, so make sure you have your Pack info on file with your District.
  4. jc2008, I don't know how soccer, football and baseball in your area work, but where we are at, the kids don't get to choose what days to practice. They are assigned a team and that coach decides what day to practice. If it falls on a den or pack meeting day, tough luck. It is much easier to ask the boys in my den to miss just one practice a month to attend a den meeting, then it is to compete with that sport on a weekly basis over the entire season.
  5. But wouldn't giving them their new neckerchief and slide imply that they have advanced and can no longer work at the old den level? I like the idea of being able to do that because it allows them up on stage with the other boys in their den to get some sort of recognition, but just not sure if that is considered OK.
  6. As Sqyire21 said, the program is easily completed in a matter of a couple of months, so holding monthly den meetings (with a few extra thrown in here and there for field trips and whatnot) is more than sufficient for us to complete the badge requirements. Judge our program all you want, but as one of the largest Packs in the community, I can assure you that it works. Even if you meet weekly, you are still going to have boys who don't complete their requirements because they are just not making the effort or have different priorities. It has not been a problem for us in the past, but for some reason this year it happened to multiple dens. Since we have not experienced this problem before, I was asking for advice on how to acknowledge those who did not finish their badge reqiurements during our Badge and Advancement Ceremony, not asking for a critique on our methods of running the Pack.
  7. dedkad

    Bridge usage for crossover

    When I joined Cub Scouts as a Tiger Den Leader, our Pack had all the dens cross over a bridge to signify their moving up to the next level. We continued that tradition until this year, when I learned that it was supposed to be reserved just for the Webelos crossing over to Boy Scouts. As one of their Craftsman reqiurements, my Webelos built an advancement ladder to be used instead of the bridge. Each boy in our Pack did a leather stamping project and made a leather strip with their name on it that hangs on the rung of the ladder corresponding to their den. At our advancement ceremony this year, the boys will walk across the stage, receive their new neckerchiefs, and move their leather strip up to the next rung on the ladder. I envisioned the Webelos taking their leather strip off the top rung of the ladder and then crossing over the bridge. I had assumed that all boys graduating out of Webelos would cross the bridge regardless of whether or not they were going to join Boy Scouts. Based on comments here, I might have to rethink that. I will probably ask the local Scoutmasters what they've seen in the past and what they are comfortable with, since I intend to have them there at the meeting welcoming my Webelos as they cross the bridge.
  8. dedkad

    Biggest youth problems

    Selfishness and immediate gratification. They want it now and are now willing to work for it. They give up easily and are lazy. Their first thought is not "how can I help others" but rather "what's in it for me." Sadly, they are learning this from their parents. I can't tell you how many times parents have said they would do something, then not follow-through because they don't care how it affects others.
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    In order to get attendance up, you are going to have to start with the parents. If you can't get the parents on board with attending the Pack meetings, then you just won't be able to get the attendance up because the boys aren't going to get to the meeting by themselves. You might try asking some of the parents who do not attend regularly why they don't attend. Are they just too busy? Do the meetings end too late? Do the meetings interfere with dinner time? Are the meetings boring? Do they realize the importance of attending the meetings? Maybe a common theme will arise in their answers and you can make some adjustments. One thing that has helped our attendance this year is having each den assigned a Pack meeting to be in charge of. The boys in that den help plan the activities, do the flag ceremony, and run the meeting. The den leaders use it as a time to complete some of their fun badge requirements or electives for their boys, so you will get around 100% attendance from that particular den for that meeting. And it gets to be a bit of a competition too, with each den trying to top the others. Getting the boys excited about the pack meetings means they will start talking up the meetings to their parents.
  10. dedkad

    Cub Scouts Hate Their Uniforms!

    I've heard some grumblings from the boys in my den, but I found that the one who never wore his uniform and the one who complained more about it than the others just weren't really into Scouting anyway. They just used the shirts as yet another excuse to avoid following the program. They both voluntarily left at the end of the year, and quite honestly, I feel we are better off without them because the uniform wasn't the only thing they complained about. I can understand being a litle more relaxed about wearing a neckerchief on a hot day, but I think wearing the uniform helps identify the boys as part of Scouting and they should be proud to wear them.
  11. I have a boy in my Webelos I den who has missed too many meetings, has zero motivation to make up the requirements at home, and gets no help from parent. It's not just Scouting he is struggling with. He misses days and days of school and never finishes his school projects or homework. Although he is a distraction at the meetings due to his inability to stay focused, he is one of those boys who definitely benefits from Scouting and seeing positive role models around him. The problem is that I'm not sure he will finish his requirements to earn his Webelos badge by the end of this summer when he moves up to 5th grade. The rest of the den will all have earned their Webelos badges and will be working on completing their Arrow of Light requirements as Webelos II starting in the fall. There is no way this boy will earn his Arrow of Light. I'm just wondering if he can continue with us as a Webelos II if he hasn't even earned his Webelos badge.
  12. dedkad

    # Of Den & Pack Meetings

    We are a minimalist Pack, which works well for our families' busy schedules. We have one Pack meeting a month throughout the school year, and the dens typically meet once a month, sometimes twice if they need to get more things done or if there is a field trip. It takes us all year to earn our rank badge. We award rank badges at our June campout instead of at B&G. It's what works for our Pack, and many parents have chosen our Pack over others in the area for that very reason.
  13. dedkad

    Does your pack meet in the summer?

    Our Day Camp is $105 for the whole week. It costs way more than that to run the Day Camp, so it is not a money maker for our Council either. I think it is great that they promote the Day Camp and reward the boys who attend.
  14. dedkad

    Does your pack meet in the summer?

    Personally, I would count any electives they did in the summer as Wolf electives, not Tiger. The more Wolf electives they do, the more arrow points they earn. They get to wear the arrow points on their uniform until they move on to Boy Scouts or get the tan shirt as a Webelos II. The Tiger electives just earn you the yellow disks, which aren't worn on the uniform at any time after being a Tiger. There's nothing wrong with rewarding the boys who put their time in as Tigers and let them start on their Wolf electives, rather than holding them back because new boys will join in the fall.
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    Finally can post?!?

    So what does it take to start a new topic around here? Tried several times in several different forums with no luck. I just keep getting an error message that says I am not authorized to do that.
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    Just trying to figure out if I can post something.