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  1. I took a little liberty with the picture frame requirement. Instead of having the boys make the frames from scratch, I bought picture frames for $1 each at Michael's and had the boys use a wood-burning tool to burn designs of their choice into the wood. They really liked that. Got the wood-burning tool for about $8 at Michael's using their 40% off coupon. Do you have a Michael's near you? You can print out 40% off coupons from your computer any time you want. You don't need to wait for Sunday's paper. Just do a search for Michaels coupon on google. Don't choose the link to Michael's, look for other sites that offer their coupons instead. I also counted Pinewood Derby cars as one of the wood projects. For one of the non-wood projects, I had the boys make birds nest necklaces that they could give to their teacher or mom for Christmas. The cost of materials is super cheap. I even found some "ribbon" in the local fabric store for $1/yard that looks just like silver necklace chain. They came out beautiful. I wear my necklace all the time. And for another non-wood project, I had them make gift boxes out of Christmas cards to put the necklaces they made into it. Here's a link to the birds nest necklace: http://www.lisas-craft-blog.com/2012/01/tutorial-wire-wrapped-birds-nest.html
  2. You could Google some of the project ideas listed in the Webelos handbook and get step-by-step instructions to build those things.
  3. My Webelos are spending this fall shopping around for a Scout troop to join. The two top-contenders both offer active programs and look like they would be fun for the boys. Building relationships with the boys starting when they are 1st year Webelos, if not sooner, and having several joint activities over a period of time would have a bigger impact on the boys than a single "wow" event. Ultimately the boys are going to go where they feel comfortable, and they feel comfortable with people they know and like.
  4. StOut, you are right. There does appear to be several broad definitions of the term. Unfortunately, the one that gets the most press is the one where someone breaks into a computer security system just to mess things up, costing businesses and taxpayers millions. Kind of like people who do graffiti. Leave their mark and damn those who are left to clean up the mess. But then, graffiti advocates are trying to soften that definition too, but calling them "artists" now.
  5. dedkad

    Gift for outgoing Cubmaster

    Great idea about the beer! Maybe a backpack filled with beer to make it more scouting-oriented.
  6. I'm more concerned that they are marketing a program to youth using the term "hacker" in it.
  7. As much as a lot of us would like to be able to do, you can't turn back the clock. We have evolved into a high-tech industrial urban society and boys nowadays are more likely to need technical skills to "survive" in today's world than outdoor survival skills. I like giving them an opportunity to learn both.
  8. dedkad

    Sometimes you just want to drink....

    Yes, apparently light-hearted discussions aren't allowed in this Forum.
  9. dedkad

    Is BALOO required for pack campout ?

    I have had other packs approach me to attend a campout with them because I am BALOO-trained and their person wasn't available to come. Maybe someone from another pack would be willing to help you out.
  10. The astronomy belt loop was one of the ones we did during our spring campout because the local astronomy club happened to be having a stargazing event that evening at the campground. I thought I was pretty clever and had them go find things like rocks and pinecones to make their solar system model, but having them learn the various astronomical terms was when things went south.
  11. Great advice everyone. Thank you!
  12. dedkad

    Sometimes you just want to drink....

    Not sure why I even care what impressions you may have gathered, but let me set you straight. You have a misconception of our Elks Lodge. It's not some seedy bar where people go to drink and get drunk. It is a family-friendly place with a great pool and outdoor play area that is packed with kids throughout the day. Many of the Cub Scout families are members and hang out there regularly. I agree that in your situation, you should not be taking other people's kids to a bar. That is your situation, not mine.
  13. dedkad

    Sometimes you just want to drink....

    It helps that our CO is the Elks Lodge and we sometimes hold our Pack meetings there. Meeting over, take off uniform, go drink in bar.
  14. I'd take a craft over recording a week's worth of meals any day.
  15. dedkad

    patrol fundraiser

    BD, if the camp isn't paying for itself then it should close? Guess maybe we shouldn't allow any boys to participate in Scouting either since their measly $35 national dues doesn't come close to covering the costs to provide the Scouting program for that boy. Guess maybe we should shut down all the local Scout stores too because they don't mark-up the items enough to cover the cost to run the store. The Council needs to look at their budget as a whole when deciding what amenities are worth subsidizing because some of these amenities provide a huge benefit to the Scouting community and are worth trying to save. And nobody is complaining about cost of summer camp. Our week-long Cub Scout Day Camp is only $105 for early bird registration and $135 otherwise. The Day Camp leaders requested to add on a surcharge this year to help with the camp deficit. That request was rejected by Council. However, I have to admit I was grumbling a little when my Pack had to pay $300 for our one night stay at the camp for our end-of-year campout. BD, you have mentioned many times about your troop's low income status. Is raising the cost to attend always an option for you and your boys? Probably not. We can't continue to squeeze blood out of the same turnip over and over again when there is nothing left to give. And that's where the fundraisers come in, which was what my original post was about. BSA needs to allow more creative fundraising to help save the programs that are beneficial to the Scouts.
  16. dedkad

    patrol fundraiser

    BSA really handcuffs us on the fundraisers. There are so many great fundraising opportunities out there that violate the BSA rules. A local little league raised $7000 selling cash calendars (kind of like a raffle where you buy in for the whole month and a prize is given away every day). Unfortunately, raffles and games of chance (like maybe a cow patty contest) are not allowed by BSA. With all the changing of attitudes going on in the BSA, why can't they loosen up their fundraising rules? Our Council is talking about closing down our local Boy Scout camp because expenses are exceeding donations. Eliminate the fundraising restrictions! Desperate times call for desperate measures.
  17. We've had boys drop out of our pack for various reasons. The most common reason is that it just isn't a priority for them. It's not that they don't enjoy their time as scouts, it's just that they are too busy and often have to make choices on where to spend their time. We've lost scouts to 4H and those pesky year-round club sports teams (why can't they just have soccer in the fall like they used to!). Others drop out because they don't like the homework, or their friends are no longer in scouts. Those types of reasons aren't going to be very helpful to you because there is probably nothing you can do to get those boys to come back. However, every once in awhile you might get some feedback that a den is dysfunctional. Maybe the den leader isn't doing what they need to do, the meetings are boring, or there are troublemakers in the den that make it not fun for the other boys. That's the kind of honest feedback you want to hear if there is any chance of fixing a problem. If I was a parent on the fence about coming back, I don't think an email would do it for me. I think a personal phone call is best to make someone feel welcome and wanted. However, if they have no intention of coming back and you want honest feedback, they might feel more comfortable giving you that info in an email. It just really depends on the person, I guess. Personally, I don't do well being put on the spot verbally, but others might be fine with it. I think a combination of phone call and email would be best. An email would be a great way to get them thinking about it before you make the call. And if they still say "no" after the call, then another follow-up email might be a good way to get the feedback you are looking for as to why they don't want to come back.
  18. dedkad

    Neckerchiefs- - Over or Under?

    I believe I read on here recently that a tucked-in shirt is not a requirement.
  19. KDD, you should have learned what your Council requires for overnight camping when you went to the BALOO training.
  20. When my son first joined our pack, everyone, regardless of whether they were in the Tiger Den or Webelos Den, were wearing Den 1 patches. I asked about it, and was told that they were Tiger Den 1, Wolf Den 1, etc. After I became Committee Chair, I learned from the District officers that is not the way things are supposed to be done. Each den is supposed to have a different den number. So now every new Tiger den gets its own unique den #. We plan on recycling den #'s once the boys age out. We still have boys in different dens all wearing Den 1 patches because we didn't ask existing boys to swap out to a new den #, but eventually the new (and correct) tradition will be all that remains and each den will have its own den # and that same den # will remain on the boy's uniform throughout his Cub Scout career.
  21. I will be taking my Webelos on their first, and probably only, camping trip without a parent along, and I'm wondering how to work out the sleeping arrangements. I will have up to 7 boys going, and there is not enough room at the site for each boy to have his own tent. If I left it strictly up to the boys, I would have 5 boys who all get along and would all want to share a tent and 2 that are left out. I don't think it is a good idea to bunk the 2 left-out boys together because they both have very different behavior issues that won't mesh well together in a confined space. How do you work out sleeping arrangements on a campout without hurting people's feelings and without making some of the boys miserable?
  22. So I guess the bigger question might be: Why do you care about the terminology, Woodward? Just get those boys out camping, whether it be with family or with den!
  23. dedkad

    My update

    Glad it worked out for you and the boys in your pack.
  24. Our Council allows anyone to camp at their Boy Scout camps for a fee, even the general public, as long as there isn't some big Scout event going on, like Day Camp.
  25. That is how the terminology is used in our Council too.