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    NeverAnEagle, everything I have read says the bridge is reserved for Cub Scout to Boy Scout transition. All other ceremonies are rank advancements, not bridging.
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    I think what the Readyman badge teaches for Webelos is really important, but it's a lot of information for the boys to learn. Unlike other badges I've done where we go through the requirements and I check them off as over and done with, I have really been working on retention on this one because this knowledge is very important. Today we had a fun meeting where the boys were presented with some simulated first-aid cases and had to treat them properly. I printed out a bunch of gross pictures of cuts, burns, nose bleeds, snake bites, bugs, frost bite, and road rash. The boys would take turns being the victim and I would tape the appropriate injury on them. Then the "medic" would come in and identify what the injury was just by looking at it and simple statements from the victim like "I burned myself on the grill." Then they had to treat it properly with the first-aid kit I had on hand plus other items that I through in to confuse them.. Although they still have a long way to go to be proficient in all the treatments for various injuries, they definitely had a good time learning about something that can sometimes be a dry topic.
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    So did the rule change, recently.. Too many of you have it in your heads that it's 10 1/2. updated : AKDenleader is having problems sleeping too I guess. I posted something similar on my other thread related to this joining issue.. They answered that the book has it stated differently. " Hmmm... so is the scouting.org website wrong, or is this so new a change that the books haven't caught up to the change on the website? Sounds like a clarification by my DE is in order. Thanks for the clarification KDD. After reading a lot of these threads recently, I was starting to freak that my 11 year old 5th grader wouldn't be able to earn his AOL because he was too old and needs to move up to Boy Scouts immediately. I even called our District office to ask. They didn't know off the top of their heads, which made me even more nervous. I am relieved. It would have been a shame to lose what he has been working on for over a year as a Web I and Web II.
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    My son turned 11 in October and is in the 5th grade, but he is still in Cub Scouts. For him, there is no benefit to earning AOL as it relates to joining Boy Scouts other than it is a pretty cool honor to earn. Oh wait, there is one benefit for him, he can wear his AOL badge on his Boy Scout uniform. He's been in Cub Scouts since Tiger, and AOL has always been his goal for Cub Scouts. Almost every other boy in his den will also be 11 by the time they earn their AOL. As schools continue to push back the age for starting school to being 5 in September, you are going to see a lot more 11 year old 5th graders. Seems like the age requirement for Boy Scouts isn't keeping up with the times. Do troops really want a bunch of 5h graders joining their troop in September, or is it better to wait until mid-year when they've had a chance to grow and mature even more?
  5. Thanks for the dose of reality everyone. I wasn't planning on turning everything over to the boys. I was still going to prepare the agenda myself, assign each boy ahead of time a Readyman lesson to teach the other boys, then leave it up to the denner and the boys to get through the agenda and lessons on their own and play a game of their choice after. Baby steps for sure, but makes them feel important. I like the recommendations about confidence building. I certainly don't want to set them up to fail. My biggest concern is behavior control and strategies my denner can use to keep the boys in line. The boys listen to me because I am an adult. New strategies need to be implemented to get them to listen to their peers.
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    Train Wreck!

    When I took my Webs to a Boy Scout event, I was immediately told by the SM that the parents were welcome to stay as long as they kept their hands in their pockets. We were clearly informed that it was a boy-led program, what exactly that meant, and what the pros and cons are, such as some things just take longer to do when it's boy-led, and there will be some chaos, but it's all for the common good. It was really hard for the other parents and me to do, but since the "hands in the pockets" requirement was clearly noted at the beginning of the meeting, we understood and were able to act, or rather not act, accordingly. In your case, however, what you told the visiting folks about the program being boy-led wasn't followed through with your own actions because you said "I would have loved to have had the time to address the adults, but I was too busy assisting my Scout with his activity." I would recommend that for your next Webs visit, you choose an activity that your scout can run completely by himself and take the parents outside to talk about what your troop has to offer. I've taken my boys to several troop meetings, and all the SM's love to brag about how their program is boy-led, but I observe exactly what happened at your meeting with the adult leaders stepping in when they really shouldn't be. You need to walk the walk and not just talk the talk in order to set the example for the parents. With just one, soon to be two, scouts in your troop, and both being very young, your expectations of boy-led may be a little premature. Since they don't have an older scout to teach them the ropes, they will depend on you for many things. Does that make the troop adult-led? Kind of. Can you still implement some boy-led philosophies into the program? Most definitely. Keep the boy-led thing as your goal, but be realistic and honest with your expectations at this phase of your program.
  7. Tampa - Trails End Dime Bags! I can't stop laughing!
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    Just getting an EMT to speak would have been much easier, for sure. I spent hours prepping for this, but the enthusiasm the boys showed during the lesson made it worth it. It wouldn't hurt to have the EMT lecture, then do a follow-up at the next meeting with the fake victims to see what they learned.
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    Popcorn sales extended until December 12 ?

    I hope our Council does that. Our sales were way down this year because about 70% of the boys didn't even bother to try and sell any. We would definitely be twisting some arms if given another opportunity.
  10. Years from now someone will be posting this same question about marijuana use as more and more states legalize it.
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    Craftsman- at home project, come up with new one?

    First off, I would not supply them with any other craft materials to complete this requirement. If they want to do something else that meets the requirement, then they have to purchase their own materials. Tell them they can complete the project you assigned or they can pick one of the many suggestions provided in the Webelos handbook in the Craftsman section and do that. Otherwise, they will need to get permission from you to do something else.
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    I was sent an email when a troop leader accidentally hit reply all when responding to my email requesting den chiefs. His reply was "Cub parents are icky." Apparently the two troop leaders had an inside running joke also, which I didn't find too funny. But back to your main topic: Glad your son appreciates what you are doing for him. It does make it all worthwhile.
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    Repeating Kindergarten

    "Boys who are older than 10, or who have completed the fifth grade, can no longer join Cub Scouting." So this raises a question for me. We have several boys in our Webelos II den who are in the 5th grade but have already turned 11 because they have late summer or early fall birthdays. They plan on bridging in February with the rest of the den when they all earn AOL. When the recharter rolls around this month will they be able to continue with the pack for the first few months of the year even though they are 11 years old?
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    Burned out with Pack Camping

    5 pack campouts a year? No wonder you are burned out. There are so many other fun weekend outdoor pack activities you could do without the hassle of planning a campout. Use those weekends to do other activities like service projects, bike riding, hiking, game day, etc. Our pack does one campout a year. Two would probably be ideal, but one is what we've always done. It's just a one-nighter. Dinner is a potluck dinner with hot dogs provided by the pack as main dish. It's not too hard to find a couple people to man the BBQ for hot dogs, or the kids can roast their own on sticks over the campfire. I wouldn't even bother with a pack kitchen. We use this website for people to sign up for the potluck and other needed items like charcoal, wood, soap, etc. https://www.bringit.bz/ Everyone is responsible for their own breakfast. Our only planned activity is our advancement ceremony and skits around the campfire. The rest of the time the boys are free to do what they like to do best, which is run around and come up with their own games, which usually consist of zombies and glow sticks. Super easy, everyone has a great time, and nobody feels dumped on.
  15. If the boys are happy and the parents are happy, then why would you, as a new DC, want to come in and make trouble where none exists?
  16. I think the most viewed Scout video ever is the one with the Utah Scout leaders toppling over the goblins.
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    Cub Scout & WEBELOS NOVA Award Conversation

    I think the operative word here is "pack". Sqyire is teaching the requirements to boys in grades 1 through 5. Anyone who had a high school math and science class knows more than these boys, and I'm sure with a little internet research would be more than capable of teaching this age group the requirements for the NOVA award. It's par for the course for every Cub Scout requirement. Does every den leader bring in a nutritionist to go over the food pyramid? Do they bring in a doctor to cover the first-aid requirements? A P.E. teacher to talk about the exercise requirements? A pro-basketball player to go over the basketball belt loop requirements? Although it would be nice to be able to do that for every requirement, the practical answer is no. The NOVA award is really no different.
  18. dedkad

    Cub Scout & WEBELOS NOVA Award Conversation

    We had a DL talk about the NOVA award at one of our Roundtables, and that was a topic that she brought forward to RT on her own. That and a blurb on the Council website about what STEM means is the extent of what our Council has done for the NOVA.
  19. dedkad

    No Dog for Dog Care

    And how can a MB counselor sign off an a card when he hasn't been shown that the boy's dog does these things? Ridiculous, but probably common.
  20. Just got our final sales totals in. We sold $4200 this year, which is down from $5000 to $7000 in previous years. It's not so much the overall number that disappoints me, but rather that we had some dens with only a 20% participation rate.
  21. Maybe the deficit stems from their share of salaries distributed to them by Council? Someone has to pay the salaries of the Council and District employees. I imagine it is probably distributed based on size of each District.
  22. dedkad

    Go Cards!

    I had tickets to the 1987 World Series if the Giants had won the NL playoffs. Cardinals took the series in 7 games. I've hated the Cardinals ever since, but I won't hold it against you.
  23. dedkad

    Custom Chuckboxes

    I'm a lazy backpack cook too, but I prefer the term efficient. I'll buy the cup of noodles in the Styrofoam containers. Eat that for dinner, rinse out and save the container, then use it for oatmeal the next morning, then crush the container to make space. I don't even bring a pot. Just a cup to boil water. For some people it seems that cooking outdoors is part of the experience. For me it just gets in the way of enjoying what's around me. The cup of noodles would never work for longer than a 2-night trip, though, because they take up too much space. Then I might have to break down and bring instant mac-and-cheese packets and soil my cup.
  24. dedkad

    Is this typical boy scouts?

    I took my Webelos to visit two different troops in the past couple of months. The first troop was mostly on the young side, like 15 and under. I felt like I was at one of my Webelos meetings. Although they sat in their seats, the boys kept interrupting the speaker and joking around. That particular meeting wasn't really boy-led. There was a young man (several years out of Scouting) talking about the first aid merit badge. Then they went outside where a different man demonstrated his ham radio. The second troop we visited had a wider range of ages from 11 years old to almost 18. There was also a lot of joking going on during that meeting, along with some verbal confrontations between a difficult boy and the SPL. That meeting wasn't really boy-led either. The SM and the CC were showing the boys the equipment they have in their backpacks, in preparation for an upcoming backpacking trip the troop was doing. Although both meetings were a little dry, the boys all seemed to be enjoying themselves. When talking to the SM's to plan our visits, I found out they don't always do fun activities at every meeting. At least with these two troops, they might do a fun meeting maybe once a month, and an outdoor weekend adventure once a month. The rest of the meetings are planning meetings and merit badge meetings.
  25. dedkad

    A new low for a DE

    Tell me about it. As a Webelos DL, I have had to go way beyond the extra mile just to get the SM's to return my call about visiting their troops. My suggestions for having some kind of joint activity fall on deaf ears. Just because we share the same unit number doesn't necessarily mean my boys are going to move on to their troop. They are going to go with a troop where they feel a connection, and that connection is more than just a number on a patch. On the topic of recruitment, 10 boys is pretty good! Did he really think just taking their money and getting their name on the roster was going to be enough? He had to have a better plan than that....I hope.