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  1. First off, thanks for trying your best to volunteer for the Scouts.  Sorry if this sounds harsh, but it seems like the time and energy you're spending on starting a new unit could be more productively spent on supporting an existing unit in your area.  In the situation you're in, you have structural obstacles to overcome, requirements for two-deep leadership, all the fundraising and admin stuff that goes with a new unit, etc.  Only a few boys in a unit is going to be a challenge for them too, especially if one or two don't show up regularly, etc.  Those families are expecting a good Scouting experience now.  Why make yourselves wait?  Wouldn't it be better for everyone if you had a heart-to-heart conversation with those boys and their families, then try to find a troop together that does things the boys wants to do?  If they joined an existing unit, they'd have a chance at a good experience right away. As a new volunteer, the unit (including all the other Scouts) could benefit from your enthusiasm for the outdoors.  Seems like that's a win, win, win.

  2. Comparing Boy's Life Magazine (an official BSA publication) to Girl's Life Magazine (a mainstream style magazine written for tween girls - and not the GSUSA) isn't exactly a fair comparison beyond title similarities.  Still, it's an interesting conversation described by the Huffington Post.  (another media outlet with its own specific point of view).  Check it out here: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/side-by-side-magazine-covers-cause-outrage-among-parents_us_57cee729e4b02c637c57e63f?



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