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  1. "Our money grubbing DE told us this year that all donations need to be turned into the district"


    that's a new one, unless your unit is disbanding. I don't blame you one bit for your discussion

    Yes, it's hard to sell stuff during a depression. We favor everyone picking up odd jobs every week, from lawn mowing & window washing to baby-sitting and walking the dog. A free carwash sometimes works, too





  2. found this on Google from heart of Ohio Council


    Thank you for having Michael Beck share his popcorn selling techniques at the kickoff meeting. Despite skepticism from some of our den leaders,

    I followed his advice in the entirety. We set up three four‐hour shifts. and I trained the boys ahead of time on Michaels technique. The

    boys were awesome and sold ALL the popcorn I ordered in just two shifts. I think Michaels script was the key, as they got turned down cold

    when they veered off message and simply asked if people wanted to buy popcorn. But when they did their speech, people just could not

    walk by without giving something.

    The boys worked really hard and stuck to their scripts. Not only did we make more than four times what we earned last year, but also I think

    the boys have a real sense of accomplishment and pride in their hard work. I could see a big difference in their courage and assertiveness by the

    end of the shifts. I cant brag enough about how hard they worked.

    I look forward to expanding our schedule next year with the help of Michaels techniques. That was a great way to use our time at the kickoff

    meeting. Thanks again for sharing the ideas.


    Samantha Ospelt

    Cub Scout Pack 334, Avon Lake

  3. I would also say NO.

    An aside, the Star service is under the aegis of the Scoutmaster, while the mb is under the merit badge counselor. As these are supposedly two different people, the service should be two different projects.

    Otherwise, any Scout that earns the mb while second class can logically argue that his past service can apply to his Star efforts when he gets to that point.


    "---- Hiking for both first class rank and the Hiking merit badge." You can do this if you file a hike plan, and have seen your counselor before hand. This is in print



  4. if you're going to sell pre-popped popcorn, then sell it fresh by setting up a commercial sized popper at your table/booth. Make the usual condiments available (cheese, butter). Add iced soda pop and you're good to go. Offer regular, large & family bucket

    and put out the donations jar

  5. I wonder if several poverty area troops could pool resources to hold an out of the area fundraiser. For example a 10k fun run with half the proceeds to Komen race for the cure (or similar) and the rest to the troops.

    Another would be to rent a shut-down restaurant or diner for three days on a busy hwy for an all you can eat chili lunch.

    Scrap paper drives rarely bring in enough money due to their sporadic nature. But, if you can train your community that the first saturday of every month troops ### will be holding their monthly paper drive, you will get better returns for the effort

  6. if parents are unavailable because of work, I wonder if the grandparents are avaiable? Some may be still active enough to handle half a week of camp (trade off mid-week). Some may be well-connected enough to be able to borrow the church bus to take the Scouts to camp

  7. on the casual basis of getting reimbursed as mentioned -- probably not, but that is just my opinion.

    On the other hand, if you keep all the receipts & invoices for the project so far, and have your son sign a notarized 90 day note, then maybe

  8. A beer after playing a game of football, a long run, or a strenuous round of golf can be good for the body, scientists say.


    In a rare piece of good news for those who like a pint, Spanish researchers say beer can help someone who is dehydrated retain liquid better than water.


    Prof Manuel Garzon, of Granada University, also claimed the bubbles in beer help to quench the thirst and that its carbohydrate content can help to replace lost calories.


    Prof Garzon asked a group of students to do strenuous exercise in temperatures of around 40C (104F). Half were given a pint of beer, while the others received the same volume of water.


    Prof Garzon, who announced the results at a press conference in Granada beneath a banner declaring "Beer, Sport, Health", said the hydration effect in those who drank beer was "slightly better".


    Juan Antonio Corbalan, a cardiologist who worked formerly with Real Madrid football players and Spain's national basketball team, said beer had the perfect profile for re-hydration after sport.


    He added that he had long recommended barley drinks to professional sportsmen after exercise.


    Previous studies have shown most alcoholic drinks have a diuretic effect meaning they increase the amount of liquid lost by the body through urination.


    Dr James Betts, an expert on nutrition and metabolism at Bath University, said a moderate amount of beer might be just as good as water at helping the body retain liquid, but that he doubted it could be any better.


    Dr Betts said: "If you are dehydrated to start with following exercise, a beer, as opposed to a spirit, probably does not have a high enough concentration of alcohol to induce a diuretic effect."

    Printed in the Telegraph -- a UK newspaper

  9. "Please try to give parents a little leeway. I'm usually very organized about things like this, but unexpected things can sometimes make it harder"


    Depending on where you live, having the physical before camp starts may be a state law and not just a camp ruling

  10. Any out of the ordinary -for the bear - scent may attract a bear

    From Montana Fish & Wildlife

    "For example, basically all food items are bear attractants, but beyond food the list includes: trash, recyclables, toiletries, first aid kits, pet food, window cleaner, baby wipes, scented tissue, air freshener, soda cans, bottled beverages, canned food, coolers (full or empty), mosquito repellant, deodorant, lipstick, tobacco products, and any other product with a scent.


    Do not store any of these or similar items in your sleeping area. Any one of them may serve as a bear attractant.


    Here are other recommendations for managing bear attractants in camp:


    Do not keep any food in sleeping or working areas.

    Do not keep any personal hygiene products in your sleeping tents. (toothpaste, soaps, deodorants, shampoos, tooth brushes)

    Maintain a separate area for cooking and food storage. Store personal hygiene products in the food storage area.

    Attempt to produce few leftovers or food wastes.

    Attempt to reduce food odors, try and take low odor foods with you in the field. Freeze-dried foods have very little odor.

    Use leftovers as soon as possible. Store all leftovers for a short time and use sealed airtight containers.

    Grease is very attractive to bears. Attempt to cook non-greasy foods as much as possible. Wash off the stove, tables, and barbeques after every meal to reduce odors. Burn greases in a hot fire or reuse it right away. Store grease in an airtight container.

    Incinerate garbage daily, or remove it from camp daily. Burying the garbage will not eliminate the odors. Bears dig up buried garbage. Greasy dishwater can be dumped in a pit dug away from camp. Treat the pit with lime or bleach to mask odors.

    Keep the camp and surrounding area clear of litter.

    Keep your packs, sleeping tents, sleeping bags and clothes free of food odors.

    Avoid cooking foods with strong odorsbacon for example.

    Wear a hat or kerchief while cooking so your hair will not pick up food odors.

    Change your clothes after cooking. Do not sleep in the same clothes you wore to cook in. These clothes should be stored away from the sleeping tent.

    Wash cooking utensils immediately after use.

    Store all food and leftovers in bear resistant containers if possible, or elevated in a food cache.

    If you do not have bear resistant containers, store food in sealable plastic bags.

    Place food in a large bag and suspend well out of reach in trees, at least four feet out from the tree and 10 up.

    If you cannot burn your garbage, bag it up in sealed containers and suspend it from a tree. Garbage should be dealt with daily do not let garbage accumulate in your camp.

    Latrines should be treated frequently with lime to reduce odors. Human waste is considered food by a bear. "


    Any scented or flavored tobacco will probably attract. On the other hand, if you smell like a forest fire, then maybe not



  11. "We actually don't help with any boys or leaders camp fees"


    If the specific purpose of the fundraiser (all fundraisers should have a specific purpose) was to help the boys in the unit go to camp (as previously stated), then any donations go to the unit as a whole to be used to plug any camp shortfalls - either in general or individually

    Any other use by the unit, such as covering bounced checks, is thus highhanded and disloyal.

    This should have been explained up front -- that money from ticket sales goes into individual accounts, but that gifts to the unit are kept in & used for the camping account

    Did the Cubs get to keep the tips from waiting tables?


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