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  1. Interesting history of Brownsea Double-two on" pinetree web.com". It does list the agenda for the week. Find the search box and enter "Brownsea", or find the index and down at the bottom of it is the link to the Brownsea training history. The link at the bottom of the article "Learning About Leadership" was worth a refresher

  2. I am not aware of any vast subsidies unless the inner city Scouting program is referred to. I feel that the gist of this thread is that National and some councils seem to be more focused on the money-raising than with program. It makes one wonder how Scouting survived the Great Depression when donations were down. I \'ve spoken with many of our elderly who were Scouts during the 1930s; they had a great time!



    we're thinking we could raise some money there as well.

    Promote the clinic as a freebie except for the cost of supplies. That way many more Scouts will show up. Announce that refreshments & fried chicken will be available. Sales of soda pop, water, iced tea, snacks, luncheon entree should bring in the money.



  4. Does anyone else besides me think it is significant that the council did not actually ban the Scouts from doing anything? They asked the local unit leaders to discuss the subject' date=' and instead the Scouts withdrew from the event entirely. That does not seem like the best way to have dealt with the issue. .[/quote']


    I think it is very significant that the town council did not require every vendor to appear before it and be interrogated. Discuss the subject? And then we'll ban you if you don't see things our way - else why even have the inquisition?


    Then to get in a snit because the town slaves - in council's mind - dare refuse their clean-up "duties" just because they were slapped in the face. Is expected community service or required community service really in the spirit of doing things for others



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  5. Most non-profits have a board of directors. I believe BSA has the National Executive Board - comprised of about 72 members.


    Many franchisees sue their franchisor; some of these lawsuits are won by the franchisee. Anyone recall Chicken Delight?


    While business CEOs may make the bucks, CEOs of non-profits usually have little business experience. These people chose the feel-good majors in college, and run their enterprises on feelings rather than the bottom-line (usually). So, saying they could make more in the business world may not hold.


    Perhaps chief Scouters should be restricted to recently retired business execs. They are still young enough to be vital, don't need a paycheck because their investment income is more than most of out paychecks, and are probably more realistic in goal planning

  6. By far our main fundraiser is selling nuts (peanuts, toffee peanuts, cashews, mixed nuts, chocolate covered peanuts, choc pretzels, yogurt pretzels, trailmix, etc). Bought in bulk and re-packaged into 1 pound bags. We charge $3.50 - $8.00.



    What time of year does best for your nut sales?




    I will continue to offer better alternatives that are more educational, better value for money, and less invasive to our personal faith: 4-H, First Lego League, Science Olympiad, etc. The day he chooses to quit BSA because he wants to, I will quietly rejoice.

    All these orgs also allow gays, amd some of them involve overnight trips to various competitions and meetings



    I am having trouble finding this rule in BSA literature. Can you help please?

    I did find this: "Neither does the National Council place a limit on the

    number of merit badges a youth may earn from one

    counselor. However, in situations where a Scout is

    earning a large number of badges from just one

    counselor, the unit leader is permitted to place a limit on

    the number of merit badges that may be earned from one

    counselor, as long as the same limit applies to all Scouts

    in the unit. Approved counselors may work with and pass

    any member, including their own son, ward, or relative.

    Nevertheless, we often teach young people the

    importance of broadening horizons. Scouts meeting with

    counselors beyond their families and beyond even their

    own units are doing that. They will beneﬠt from the perspectives of many “teachers†and will learn more as a

    result. They should be encouraged to reach out."


    Guide to Advancement 2013



  9. those plastic knife and soap demonstrations aren't teaching anything useful and will not represent real world needs for a knife.

    the skill might help you get out of jail. It did for Woody Allen in 'Take the Money and Run'


  10. chocolate melts in summer weather


    maybe when soda pop is on sale at 12 cans for $2.50 to $3 stock up. Get a wagon, a cooler chest, some ice, set in the cans and look for crowds. Sidewalk vending permits aren't that expensive. Oh yes, get some paper wrapped plastic straws for the ladies


    An elderly couple I met sells homemade ice cream at music festivals. Their ice cream makers are belt driven by old one cylinder farm engines with the flywheel (flywheel is about 18 to 20 inches and has a guard over it).


    Down South someone always seems to be selling boiled peanuts in front of Wal-Mart

  11. Some namby-pamby councils may thus rule based on their mis-interpretation of state, county or town knife ordinances. As long as knife is not double edged, nor looks like a ninja fighting knife it should be OK if carried openly. However, some laws disallow anyone under 18 from carrying any kind of knife.


    One of my sheath knives was purchased at a Scout Shop a few years back. Since it has the Good Turn knot embossed onto the sheath, and the Scout insignia on the blade itself, couldn't I just say it was part of the uniform?

  12. For some reason I can't add another comment to one of my replies above, so...

    It's preferable to hatchet splitting because at no point do you need to put your fingers in harms way. Done right, you're never swinging anything towards yourself, never putting your fingers in front of the cutting edge of a blade, and you move the blade by hitting it with another object, so all of the motion is done in a far safer manner.


    Ouch! We must kindly ask you to turn in your Totin' Chip. At no time do your ever swing a hatchet down while holding a billet of wood upright. No, you use a hatchet as a wedge in this case: insert the bit into whatever crack you find in the end of the wood, press in in hard. Then, with both hands on the handle, lift up the joined wood-hatchet about 4 - 6 inches and hammer back with the billet vertical. Do repeatedly and the wood will split.


    Your baton method is more easily done with a froe rather than a knife blade -- keeps the hand away from the baton/mallet


  13. The EBL book, ALONG THE MOHAWK TRAIL, written by Fitzhugh was the book that inspired the early BSA movement to commission the other series that Fitzhugh produced over the next 20+ years.


    I just read Along the Mohawk Trail, written 1912, (online via Google Books) and found it utterly preposterous. It portrayed Scouts sleeping under the night sky instead of in a proper tent, using Morse code to signal across a distance of three miles by using a bonfire, actually throwing their pocket knives to play mumbly-peg; it even had two Scouts hike around the Adirondacks for two weeks without any adult supervision. Total fantasy.


    There was mention of a rather interesting POR. I'm not sure what 'troop jester' actually did


  14. Both our council and the next one over are in dire financial straights, and I think that the right thing to do is to consolidate them.


    I can see consolidating the purchasing departments to get better volume discounts on stuff they need to buy. However, it has been shown that decentralizing is a much better model than centralizing - more responsive to local needs instead of trying to fit the one size fits all decisions from Central City


    Michigan seems to have gone overboard on consolidating. Has it been nothing but good for them since then?


  15. Do a lot of units do Camp Cards? I keep hearing about them but have yet to see one in person myself. Is it a popular fundraiser?

    Oh, absolutely. Most have a one-time coupon attached to be used at a popular grocery. The coupon's value equals the cost of the card.

  16. Since Councils are full of high powered executives, they should be doing their own funders and sending each troop some money. Council can sponsor/host a bass fishing tournament, semi-pro or better golf tournament, a marathon, le tour de council bicycle race, clay or trap shooting competition, high dollar sponsor appreciation banquet, sailing tournament, Grand Portage relay race, celebrity auction, polo match, seek donations of boats and vehicles, put on a community wide juried arts & crafts show.


    Living off the backs of bent and broken children is just too shameful

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