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  1. I can tell you that in Texas, we are pretty open about these things. The discussions are held privately and are very earnest. I would say that most discussions fall in to three camps: 1) Parents that know their child has an issue and are willing to discuss it and how to handle, 2) Parents that are aware there's an issue but have not dealt with it yet or are in the process of dealing with it, and 3) Parents that are in denial about their child's situation, blame others or simple blow it off as "kids being kids". That's as far as mental or behavioral issues. As for health issues, 99% of the time parents are VERY open (again, discretely) about any health issues. Only a few times did I have kids with asthma have an issue and not have an inhaler. We met with parents when we got home and the response was, "They haven't needed the inhaler in years." Our rule: If the doctor prescribes it, you carry it. Behavior-wise, we lay down the law. Violate the rules and you are on probation. In 12+ years only had to use it 3 times.
  2. I think if you asked all the COs in the country, I suspect a VAST majority of them would think this is the case. I highly doubt that they understand that the CO "owns" the unit and it is an extension of their ministry.
  3. Really? I've always seen them with patches galore. Is there a BSA uniform guideline that says we cannot use the jac for that?
  4. While I think experienced leaders in Cub Scouting is important, personally I could not do it again at this point in my life. I consider my time in Cubs fun, but it was because I was sharing that time with MY kid. I could not imagine doing that again. It would be like doing another tour in Iraq. Maybe when I have grandchildren or when my kids are gone and I am feeling that empty next and cannot move as well. Hat's off to those who can do this. Right now I just don't have the patience.
  5. If he's in the south, the next closest Catholic unit might be two states away.
  6. Try this: Open a normal small business account and put the CC, treasurer and the SM on the signature card. Move your money to this account. AFTER all this is done you can add the tax id. We use a major bank and did not have to have a tax id or anything else to open a small business account.
  7. District has a ceremonial team. They are ok. The process they use for call outs -- done at spring camporee -- takes forever....over two hours!!! Out unit has done what my cousin's unit has done. We formed our own ceremonial team. We do our own tap out. We then send our guys to the chapter ordeal. Last camporee, not a single one of our guys wanted to get tapped out by the district folks. They had already had the unit ceremony which they said was more important to them.
  8. I'm a purist. It's called a merit badge sash, not a patch sash or brag sash. There's red wool jackets for that stuff.
  9. Suggest this: - Don't transfer the money just withdraw and redeposit. Use a bank check. Saves the paperwork. If there's checking on the account already just open the new account with a check. - Use the church irs number. Open it as a business account.
  10. Sorry @@Beavah, but do they teach reading in your neck of the woods? I clearly posted a DE's job description. If one bothered they could google the search terms and find several dozen DE job descriptions, a vast majority of which CLEARLY put this issue within the domain of the DE. At very least, it requires the DE to maintain relations with the unit volunteer leads and report any serious violations of BSA policies to the council. No offense, but you really should try reading what people write, taking a moment to digest it and then writing your folksy wisdom. Like I said, if you read the first paragraph of that one job description of a DE it provides for them to get involved to stop what is going on AND bring in other parties.
  11. My friend, I live in Texas. "Liquor, Guns, Ammo" is the state sign. In the west part of the state it's "Liquor, Guns, Ammo, Steak". In the eastern part it's "Liquor, Guns, Ammo, Live Bait" In Central Texas it's "Liquor, Guns, Ammo, BBQ" Along the coast it's "Liquor, Guns, Ammo, Fish" Along the border it's "Espíritu, Armas de fuego, Munición, Tacos"
  12. Sorry, unit health and execution of the charter agreement is not a core component of their job? Since when? DE's are always after me for my JTE paperwork which is tied to exactly all this. The DE needs to get off his/her butt and get involved and bring the CE with them. This is an accident waiting to happen. Read this @@Beavah. The job summary spells out the perview of the DE which fits this case just fine. What the DE doesn't cover would certainly be covered by the CE or someone under their joint control. A simple google search brought up 2 dozen or so similar job descriptions for DEs, so let's not say this isn't part of their core job when evidence says otherwise, eh?
  13. DEs are paid staff, no? Why wouldn't one expect a DE to step in a situation like this which would seem very much a core component of their job?
  14. Not sure what "trained just below wood badge" means. You use common sense and don't pontificate a lot? You are in it for the boys and your own ego? Didn't realize they had banjos in CA.
  15. I draw the line at packing out my stuff. I consider it "leave no trace" if you, and the animals, can't find it. I've got a Biologist friend that spends time with woodland critters. He says they avoid cat holes but seek out camp sites or dinning areas. Contrary to what some believe, even animals don't want your S.
  16. It's in the Rules and Regulations of BSA and alluded to in the charter. The exact link is in the other thread on this topic.
  17. Well, based on that first incident, that Scout would get the following in my troop: He would be barred from any future camp outs for six months. He would be limited to service projects and troop meetings. He would be forced to write a letter of apology to the park or whomever owned the facility. We would have a meeting with him and his parents where we review the troop's code of conduct, the Oath, Law and expectations of him. He would be told that ANY violation as profane as his recent actions would be grounds for us to recommend termination of his membership from our unit and that he would be barred from participating in ANY future unit activities. Funds would NOT be refunded. We would document all of this, have him and his parents sign, a district rep would be present and we would file a copy in our unit records, give him a copy and give a copy to the district. ANY violation approaching the level of indecency you stated above would kick in his termination. There's no place in Scouting for that behavior. Your SM has his head, well....it ain't in the sand. Cannot believe anyone would let that situation go for more than 24 hours. That's just dumb. There would NOT have been the chance for a second incident in my unit.
  18. Sounds like it is time for the District and Council folks to earn their money and get involved, straighten out that SM and his family.
  19. Oddly enough it's a color spectrum deer cannot see. It is actually harder to see by deer than regular camo.
  20. Sort of. If you read the BSA documents it says that the CO owns the gear BUT it is essentially "ear marked" for a Scouting unit. So, in other words, a CO could not kick out a Scout unit, take their gear and use for their own youth group. The charter agreement and supporting documents between the CO and BSA has that gear ear marked for use by Scouts for the Scouting program.
  21. C'mon @@Stosh, you expected BSA to put all of their requirements, policies and documentation in one, single location which was easily obtained and cross-referenced? Shame on you. From bsahandbook.org. Second page. And yes, it is considered an official BSA publication for APL duties.
  22. Yup. In LNT training the key issues are more noise, camping impact, garbage/refuse management. Cannot recall a single incident in 10 years where someone has complained that Mrs. Stosh was wearing pink camo.
  23. Same here. I can honestly say that topic has NEVER come up. Now, I have had heated debates on packing your own poo.
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