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  1. Actually, a pot-smoking Eagle IS worse than an Eagle with no skills, for at least the latter is keeping himself morally straight...to the extent that means anything anymore.
  2. I see you are having problems with this new software too. ;-) Takes WAY too long to load and then you go back and, POOF, you have posted 30 times!
  3. Why can't BSA just have a form of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell"? I mean, as Scouters we never wear our religion, politics or sexual orientation on our sleeve, so why this need to be "openly gay" in Scouting. I am not "openly heterosexual" when at Scouting events, so why wouldn't don't ask, don't tell work? I think this will open up a whole can of worms which is being covered in another thread. Guys not wanting to tent with a gay scout, harassement, teasing, etc. I mean, we are talking teenage boys here...not the most sensible lot in the world to begin with. I sort of feel like Dana Carvey doing his "Grumpy Old Man" bit, but somethings are just better left alone and unsaid. We should be focusing on leadership development and teaching these kids outdoor skills. Having openly anything that is not Scouting is a distraction from that mission.
  4. This boy sounds like he is having issues engaging. Some kids need a bit more of instruction. You can teach a scout to fish and he will eventually learn. Some kids need more work than others. I like the mentor idea. Have the boys encoruage him. Even if he has just one friend it can make all the difference. I think the whole "riot act" thing is a bit much right now. Let's remember that Scouting is for the boys to have an escape and to learn. Just because the kid is not Joe Scout yet does not mean he deserves a tongue lashing. Try a few things, meet with mom and dad, have a few guys cozy up to him and help him. Doing one's duty with a smile on your face goes both ways for both the troubled scout and his mates.
  5. Rick: This is a bogus posting as "Billy" could NOT have "earned" anything but SCOUT. Actually, Rick, don't think he could have even earned Scout... "2. Complete a Scout application and health history signed by your parent or guardian." "10. Participate in a Scoutmaster conference. Turn in your Boy Scout application and health history form signed by your parent or guardian, then participate in a Scoutmaster conference." I had an Eagle candidate which got spit back out of the system because his POR dates were input into TM wrong (month/day mixed up). How a Council would let a kid like this get through with records like that?? Would not get past out Troop, let alone District or Council. Take two steps back and punt.
  6. The irony here is that the BSA does not want the local units to "add or subtract" requirements because they want everyone to be the same, yet they are presently waffling on an issue which would do the exact opposite and allow units to "roll their own" with regard to certain issues. In the scheme of things I think allowing the local units some latitude with regard to the former would be less controversial than the latter. Maybe you should wait until that decision comes down and then use that as a way to leverage your unit being able to institute what it wants. That seems to be the way lately.
  7. Wonder what the Pack Committee Chair thinks. Doesn't the CM report to that group like a CEO reports to a board? While I agree the District folks may WANT more participation, it is up to the Pack to decide what they want to do. A good CM and Pack Chair will plan around District events (where possible) so that their boys can avail themselves of both the Pack program AND the District program. Sounds to me like both the District people AND the Pack people in this example are forgetting the reason for their service: "For the boys!!"
  8. Agree with the post immediately above. Hot water and bad food are not a good combination.
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