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  1. I think our troop has eagle advisors that work with boys 16 and above to help them along the way to eagle. The boys are counselled on managing their time to the next rank and when to begin projects. We still have a few boys not make it but it is usually because they did not put in the time or show interest. Maybe that will work for other troops?
  2. Krampus

    Free Give-aways and Fundraisers

    We give new scouts their loops, troop numbers and a neckerchief and slide. Had hats too. Total cost to the unit is around $22 which is funded through fund raising each year. We budget for around 10-15 new scouts. Each scout is asked to sell a target amount to cover the total budget, new scout gear included.
  3. My unit usually does philmont. We have done seabase as a troop. We have sent boys to northern tier but we have not gone as a troop. We have not been to the one in West Virginia yet. We have done high adventure with a few summer camps such as Daniel Boone, Alexander, Ben Delatour, Gorham and a few others.
  4. Krampus

    Bass Pro Shop's Boy Scout month

    We had a few scouts attend similar classes. They were okay. Very much like attending an Home Depot class. Pretty hands on but I am not sure they cover all the requirements as you would with a merit badge counselor.
  5. My troop told my son to have 2-3 project ideas just in case, especially because he was nearly 17 at the time.
  6. Krampus

    Touring Different Councils and Districts

    This one looks interesting. http://www.longhorncouncil.org/
  7. Krampus

    Megachurch Southeast Christian to drop BSA

    Sadly since this issue came up we have 9 Scout and 5 Cub units in our District who lost their charter. Gladly, our CO is picking up one Cub unit and we have offered to take in Scouts from the closest other units.
  8. Krampus

    Philmont questions

    3 crews back from Philmont. Everyone had a good time. Was concerned a few adults who went did not take training seriously and were over-weight (very over-weight). They struggled but made it...and hopefully learned that they need to drop 50lbs if they ever do that again. Sadly, two leaders with two other crews were not so lucky. One died of a heart attack. The other we suspect died under similar circumstances but nothing official from Philmont. Encourage your leaders to REALLY get in shape, have a detailed set of cardio work done and do it AT LEAST a year in advance so you have time to get in shape. It ain't worth going to such a wonderful place only to go on a one-way ticket. Philmont *IS* a tough place...and we ain't 20 anymore and bullet-proof.
  9. Krampus

    Helping Scouts With Objections

    I am glad folks are offering advice. I am stunned one or two are making this scout's belief systems out to be irrelevant. I have two scouts that have approached me. One was leaving based on religious beliefs, the other on a more prejudice belief. For the former I merely listened to him, discussed that the policy does not go in to effect until next year and noted that he does not have to agree with the policy to still be part of scouts. He responded as I expected and I respected that. Unlike Thomas Jefferson, I did not mock what he believes. I accepted his point of view and asked him to look at both sides. I told him if he walks away it should be a decision he takes time to think about because (due to his age) walking away will be permanent. For the latter scout, we discussed discrimination and how that affects society. We discussed the dangers of discrimination and how that drove WWII and the 60+ years of current problems in the Middle East. Unfortunately, this scout is getting his hatred from home so there is not much that we as scouters can do about that. @Qwazse, I'd be interested to find out what the scout says/said (if you feel you can share) when you talk to him.
  10. Krampus

    Megachurch Southeast Christian to drop BSA

    KDD...let's not go there. Each side proclaims to know how Jesus would have thought on this issue and neither has a clue. We have a moral stand off and the Baptists are within their right to follow theirs. I suspect those on the other side of this debate would have done something similar like left Scouting had the proposal not passed. Let's not throw stones.
  11. Krampus

    Why Wood Badge?

    BD is right. I was a Scout. I was a long-time Scouter. RT folks and other unit leaders at RT were telling me how much my unit and I would benefit from WB. I am very organized and good at goal-setting and networking anyway. So three years ago I went. Total waste of time. If you know your core scouting skills, know how to run a troop, read BSA documents for leaders, attend RT, network with your peers (here and at RT and elsewhere) you will get all you need. For those lacking direction or experience or organization then WB might be worthwhile.
  12. Krampus

    'Adult' Uniforms

    Old guys like that would be an obvious exception. 40 or 50-somethings wearing more bling than Lady Gaga is ridiculous. When the 50-somethings become 70 or 80-somethings, then more power to them. But for now get real.
  13. Krampus

    Megachurch Southeast Christian to drop BSA

    In a near by council there are three Baptist units who will not have their charter renewed. One other unit I know was holding off on their recharter at their COR's request until the vote was taken. After the vote the COR called the unit to say their charter would not be renewed for 2013. That's 4 units now looking for homes which they had prior to the vote.
  14. Krampus

    May 23rd predictions and post-vote plans

    I'm sorry, but anyone currently in the program -- unless they have their head in the sand -- should be fully aware of what the policy of BSA is. If they weren't and elect to leave, I suspect that is a small number. What remains to be seen is how a vote either way will affect new members coming in.
  15. Krampus

    IRS vs. America

    @ Moosetracker...I don't mind your opinions because they are yours and you have every right to give them based on the information you elect to read and hear. However, as someone who has first hand knowledge of two of the four "scandals" currently under investigation I can tell you that your information is far from accurate. If you knew what those investigating this know but are not allowed to share for legal reasons you would most certainly change your tune. MB had it right when he said Nixon is likely rolling in his grave for having suffered more having done less.
  16. Krampus

    Parents who Undermine the program

    And they point to other parts of the BSA program that have also been watered down (see thread below). http://www.scouter.com/forum/order-of-the-arrow/22355-when-did-brotherhood-become-a-quot-give-me-quot#post277642
  17. Krampus

    Scouts represent America

    Right. But presidents win by a few % points BUT the number of people eligible to vote that actually vote is even LOWER than that. So what you have is a president that 30% of the voting population voted for which is an even smaller percentage of the overall population. In essence, we have minority rule...and look that that has done for us all these years. I'd rather let private organizations be just that. If 65% of the population hates shot guns does that mean they have the right to dictate the membership policies of the NRA? Thankfully, no.
  18. Krampus

    Where did the drinking thread go???

    Didn't you get the note that you had to stay sober, celebate and straight all the time...even off the scouting clock? It was in the last national email.
  19. Krampus

    Where did the drinking thread go???

    ...made up only because I worked in a distillery in college.
  20. Krampus

    Advancement and Overbearing Parents

    Thanks for doing this topic. Another wrinkle to my problem is that the TC is populated by parents who's son wants to rocket through and make Eagle by 14. Anything that stands in their way they see as bad.
  21. Krampus

    'Adult' Uniforms

    So.... Don't mind the knots. Do mind more than 9. Rules say stop at 9 so set the example. Not in favor of knots not earned (i.e., West knot). Don't mind temp patches on the right pocket. Usually wear the most recent summer camp one or whatever we as a troop earned. While you can wear a temp patch high above the right pocket, it is pretty silly we wear your Jamboree 1973 patch. Sure you went, but really? Does a 50-something man need that much validation in his life? Wear the 2009 Jambo patch or your Philmont trek patch. Better yet, leave that space blank. I think the rules call for the current Jambo patch anyway. Interpreter strips seem to be non-existent any more. I could wear 4 but wear only one. Want to avoid looking like Richard Dreyfuss in "Moon over Parador". Service stars are another thing you don't see. Don't mind seeing those on scouters for cub and boy scout service. Adult patrol patches tick me off. I get the concept but they are not allowed. Actually saw a scouter wearing 12 knots tell a guy with an adult patrol patch that he was not compliant with uniform standards. Unit anniversary bars are for certain years of service. Personalized unit bars for 20 years of service are just tacky. Great you have a 20 year-old unit but wait 5 years and then buy the correct insignia. Name tags, wish I saw more of these.
  22. Krampus

    Trek Leader Selection Issue

    I think we are staying from CM Mike's question. I'd keep the kid and his dad but put them on notice. Philmonth training and planning is a boy-led activitiy. If the boy leader is not leading then he needs redirection. If still not leading then he needs replacement. You cannot leader unless by example. If your example is not to show up then they picked the wrong leader. This, for my money, is when the adviser steps in and points out that crew unity is not good. IMHO, if you don't have it before you leave you won't magically find it on the trail. Best addressed now.
  23. Krampus

    Where did the drinking thread go???

    Am I the only one that finds the irony in complaining about camp food as being overly-processed and sneaking off for "real food", while at the same time pumping your body with overly-distilled libations that have more crud in them than the aforementioned "bad food"? ;-)You are safer with a piece of Wonder Bread than some of the alcohol you will find at any watering hole near most scout camps. ;-)