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  1. Not just baseball. In my area EVERY sport is year around now. Nearly EVERY sport has gone from mostly rec leagues to mostly select leagues. No one is average anymore and EVERYONE is special so they are on select teams!! It is stupid. Parents are like sheep because they think their kid is the next Pele or Pete Rose. The level of play in the select leagues has gone WAY down hill. They may call it select but it is just rec with a super high price tag!!! A bad select soccer team will cost you $2000 a year to play. That same team cost you $150 for two season not 5 years ago!!!!! School is just as crazy. Band, orchestra, choir, etc., all have mandatory weekend practices and such!!! Band? What the heck? Right? They "compete" too as young as 6th grade!!!! I don't know where we went off the rails but we as a society just won't let kids be kids. Worse, we won't let them be AVERAGE!!!! Which takes us back to badges-for-nothing, badges-for-trying rather than badges-for-completion. Give that kid a trophy and a "promotion" to the select league!!!
  2. Unless they really, truly want Gosh to darn something. Socks always need fixin' and Gosh does a helluva job. [Can we say helluva?]
  3. I have a Hindu Scout with a great sense of humor. He says "Oh my gods" instead. I've noted his humor and appreciation thereof, but asked him to refrain from using the phrase.
  4. They are near Yellowstone so they charge a premium. Medicine Mountain is near Rushmore and is only $270...a better deal. We found the same thing with Colorado. BDSR was far cheaper than Alexander and, IMHO, in a much better and more scenic area. I think the key is, if you look around you can find some great deals.
  5. @@Beavah, I get your commentary. What I am asking for is the proof that your statements are correct. If you no longer have a charter organization then parts or the Charter Organization Agreement cannot be fulfilled. Without a CO unit leaders cannot be approved. Without a CO there is no representation at the council level. The CO is the mechanism by which Scouting is executed and they are the signatory to the charter to enforce all the rules, regulations, bylaws and other policies of the BSA (the bible). I think you are dead wrong to ascribe the non-existence of a CO as being "small stuff". Who's insurance covers the unit? Who makes sure the unit is following BSA directives? Who is accountable? It's not the unit because the unit belongs to the CO, without a CO you have a violation of the Charter Agreement. I appreciate your speculation, but I am seeking actual proof that a unit could go the rest of the year without a CO. *If* that is actually the case, who assumes the liability and risk that the CO would normally cover?
  6. ROFL...in my area you'd have MORE volunteers than you could register if that was the weekly ritual.
  7. Wow, really? I thought the largest cost of summer camp was the labor (staff) and the food. Maybe it is just our region but summer camps with mess halls are more pricey than those where you cook on your own. Likewise, camps where you bring your own cot/mattress are slightly less costly than camps that provide them. Maybe it is a southwest thing.
  8. Ok,. I amend my original statement about swearing in foreign languages...if you swear in @@ianwilkins English is does sound better than American English. Some how, "I don't give a toss" sounds much better than the American equivalent.
  9. I found the leader guide. Was surprised to see tents not provided. Very unusual but maybe that's Kansas? Side note, I found the price pretty high for not providing tents and cots. Are similar camps in your area that high too?
  10. Who signs applications for a COR not there? Similar case in 2013 our DE gave the unit 90 days to find a home or no charter. Surely someone has the BSA bible on this issue.
  11. Dang it? Not likely to raise eye brows. Frack? We know what they are substituting it for so that would raise eyebrows. Foreign words for English words? May sound nice in French but it still means *#%?.
  12. The word "maybe" conveys a possible explanation for the "new" award. Since you don't have the answer, any one who posts their opinion and fancies a guess is just as correct until the answer is available from BSA. Lighten up, Francis.
  13. How can you be charted to an entity that no longer exists? There's no one to sign any forms and such. I haven't seen the BSA regs on this but I wil wager when your CO goes belly up you have X days to find a new one. This happened in 2013 when the church of Christ was booting out units. They had 90 days I think to find a CO for the charter to be valid. I am sure someone here can find the BSA reg that says what the process is.
  14. If you read I wrote "maybe it was about...", that's offering an opinion. Adding in the links to the requirements was to note for those who may not be familiar with them exactly what NOVA, STEM and Philmont had to do with one another. I am sorry if you find offering information helpful.
  15. Look, you snarked in with the "gee, I didn't know science doesn't happen outside" retort to a clearly written post about the obvious incongruence between the actual NOVA requirements and being at Philmont. That is why I put the link to the requirements in there and drew your attention to them. It makes no sense to have a NOVA course at Philmont when 90% of the requirements have little to do with being outdoors. Now, if the NOVA award was more focused on nature, weather, forestry, wildlife mgmt, etc., (all outdoor badges for the most part), then I could see the reason to be at Philmont.
  16. I agree. Every place we have ever gone have the tents and a platform. Most have cots and mattresses. Only one time in 8 years did we need to bring our own cots.
  17. Why don't you explain to how the NOVA award can be earned while outside at Philmont enjoying the outdoors. See the links I posted for your clue. Clearly *some* of NOVA can be done outside, but you'd need to spend about 80% of your time inside or tethered to a work area to get the award done. The point, since you missed how obvious it was, is that Philmont is meant to be an outdoor experience. Why waste the time and money to get there if you are going to stay in the PTC and earn an award you could do at the Kearney Holiday Inn's Grand Ballroom?
  18. Sorry to hear that. The good news is you have free gear. If you DE has no clue on how to help you, you might want to reach out to the council SE to see what they can do. It sounds like you may not have a valid charter which would be a real issue if you get in to an accident (God forbid). I suspect that you may have a grace period to find a new one in BSA's eyes, but this would be my first order of business (clearing up my charter status) if I were you. Good luck!
  19. Maybe earn NOVA on a STEM trek at Philmont? Though how you'd do that when Philmont should be about outdoors and most of the NOVA award requirements are not outdoors-based. is beyond me.
  20. Nope, they were around when I left in 2010. Wrong? That's up to you. But your own post pointed out that the kids do not equate a patch to an accomplishment, so maybe it was just a waste of money. MBs are like Webelos old activity awards. You have to earn them for the rank. IMHO the "activities" dumb down the whole process. I feel the old Webelos and AOL path was closer to what Boy Scouts do. The new "adventures" seems more like Brownie "Try Its".
  21. I don't know where the 98% comes from but CS used to have monthly patches scouts just got for being at the pack meeting. Maybe that has changed. Sadly, it looks like CS has added a bunch of patches that are "earned" by doing requirements. They used to only do that for Tigers with the Tiger beads. By time you reached Wolf you got BLs or pins if you did work, then your rank. That was basically it for most ranks. I'm not sure I agree with more bling just for doing requirements that, in the past, were part of another patch. That would be like giving a Star Scout patches for completing his MBs, completing his POR, his service, etc.
  22. Re-read what I wrote please. If the Scout is doing requirements, then the award is not a meaningless award. We were talking about show-up=get award type awards.
  23. Agreed. Shooting sports patch sounds like he has to earn it. Showing for the day and getting a patch, not so much. We have far too much of that in Cubs. Thankfully not so much of that in Boy Scouts...yet.
  24. If using Latin or Yiddish it sounds more profound!! As in, "Mater tua tam obesa est ut cum Romae est urbs habet octo colles!"
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