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    Interesting topic came up....

    Zero tolerance means that, for example, they don't want drugs being dealt and used at a school. It does not mean they expel a third grader that forgot he had a Tums in his pocket, left over from the weekend because he had an upset stomach, just because he happened to be wearing the same pants.
  2. Krampus

    Interesting topic came up....

    It would be nice if it was the ill-informed parents that drafted up the zero tolerance policies, implemented them and managed them but that's not the case. They are drafted by lawyers and managed by administrators. Sometimes they have hearings before that happens and sometimes they don't. I cannot recall many cases in recent years where administrators went on record to oppose said policies. Why don't the teacher's unions shout from the roof tops how bad zero tolerance policies are if they support their members' stance? While parents -- and I would argue that the number that support zero tolerance is not as large as implied -- may support some zero tolerance policies, it is the lawyers and the school boards who draw up and implement the policies. There ARE ways to make such policies address the intent of what the parents want without punishing the innocent like the Eagle scout who was suspended. The lawyers and administrators can draw up policies that have common sense review as part of a zero tolerance policy.
  3. Stunned that no parents have gone to the CO to get him removed.
  4. Krampus

    I need a backpack

    Via is pricey and ok. Maxim is stronger and better IMHO. Bolder is better because you can always weaken strong coffee, you cannot do the reverse too well.
  5. Yeah I was trying to avoid the deep details on military supply. MCSS/DLATS does not operate at a profit because they are not part of the PX/BX supply chain. Marines fall under relatively the same construct as Army with regard to supply. I assume Navy does but not 100% sure. CG gets their stuff at Old Navy.
  6. Krampus

    Interesting topic came up....

    Tell that to the Texas school district parents where the ISD have a zero tolerance policy about drugs. A 5th grader with severe asthma went to school mistakenly with his rescue inhaler in his back pack. He used his backpack over the weekend when his family went camping and forgot to take his inhaler out when he go home. Went to school and was expelled for having an "illegal drug" on him. Parents have tried to change the policy to no avail. Zero tolerance should come with the exercising of common sense, but usually do.
  7. Krampus

    Interesting topic came up....

    You forgot "Will you sign off on this?" after you just said you would at the next meeting.
  8. I am not comparing the BX/PX model with the cost of the uniform. The uniform is mandatory so parts of it are not sold at a profit (or at least weren't, cannot say what the current administration has done). Just because those elements were sold in the BX/PX does not make them necessarily sold at a profit. In the past they were not. They may be sold at profit today. Don't know 100%. The BX/PX model does run at profit, but their mark up on unit costs is MUCH lower than civilian retail.
  9. Krampus

    Venturers and Go-Carts

    So have we. Many times. If BSA wants to prohibit units from doing things, like say bubble ball or hot air ballooning or paint ball, they'd word the prohibition correctly to expressly forbid it. They didn't so we can. Done.
  10. Yup, because that uniform is not sold for a profit. Hard to compare the cost of something versus the price for something. If you imagine the Magellan SBs are $25, I suspect their cost to Academy is 2/3rds of that. I highly doubt that the cost to BSA is $30 for those SBs. I suspect their per unit profit on those are around 50%.
  11. Krampus

    Venturers and Go-Carts

    Exactly. The wording above does not make that clear, does it? If they meant for go-karting to be excluded in all situations they'd say something like "The activity of go-karting is expressly prohibited at all times for any Cub Scout or Boy Scout unit. For Venturing or Varsity units, go-karting is allowed at commercial facilities that..." Since they did not clearly word that section, my interpretation is that my Boy Scout unit can go go-karting as long as we have it in our tour plan and we use a commercial facility.
  12. BSA switchbacks are nearly $50. Academy Sports sells the Magellan switchbacks for half that.
  13. Krampus

    Venturers and Go-Carts

    This is a poorly written section. One could read this and conclude go karting was allowed but only at commercial facilities...even for Boy Scouts and cub scouts.
  14. Meh, let's be clear about some thing: THESE ADULTS YOU ARE DEFRNDING ARE BREAKING THE RULES!!! Clear enough? This isn't a simple case of misinterpretation, these adults are making up their own rules. Let's not go off on tangents about teachers and coaches and such. These are adults who have promised to uphold the rules and policies of the BSA and have violated that promise. They're wrong and their program needs fixing. The process for bringing that to light is exactly what the Scout is doing. How can you support the adults holding the kid to their standard but NOT the written policies of the BSA? That makes zero sense.
  15. JASMs function like ASMs. They do everything an ASM would do. Mostly it is reinforcing the patrol method and making sure processes and procedures are followed. They may sit in to be part of SMCs. They may be the SM that is out in the garage monitoring activities outdoors. We train them like we train the ASMs. We've taken the policy and procedures part of SM-Specific training and made it JASM-friendly. We (the adult SMs) guide the JASMs in their roles. From their perspective I have one JASM that explained his role like this: "We're kind of 'silent SPLs'. We know what the PL and SPLs should be doing. We know what the boys should be doing. We know what comes next, but we don't lead the activity. We 'suggest' to the SPL and PLs what they should be doing and guide them to their own conclusion." When I showed this Scout the definition of "guided discovery" he said, "Wow, I never knew I was THAT philosophical."
  16. EXACTLY!!! Just made a young man, who was starting to lose interest, a JASM two months ago. He's been to every event since. Showed up to one event where he was not supposed to "just to help out". I put him in charge. He ran the whole thing perfectly, allowing the PLs to do their job and kept the adults in the coffee tent. JASM is a great role to keep the 15+ crowd engaged and leading.
  17. Krampus

    Adult-led troops

    ...with ten palms.
  18. This troop sounds so ueber-controlling they likely would not count such a worthwhile activity. They seem to what things done their way only. A fiefdom has been built by these adults and they don't feel they've been given their tribute. Sounds like a unit near me. We were the recipient of one of their "cast offs". Kid made Eagle within the year, was SPL, JASM, ASM, went to staff Philmont, revamped our TLT, took over our first year program and then went away for the last few years of college. Top student, doesn't drink or smoke, says "Yes sir" and "No Sir". Is going in to the Navy after graduation. Nothing we (the unit) did to make him that way, we just got out of his way and let him lead. hoping this young man gets the chance to move on.
  19. There are a few problems. The site is horribly laid out. They violate many of the early rules of web site development in limiting the "click layers" one has to go through to find information. Their nomenclature is mixed and does not translate well for the uninitiated. Just try to find your training on my.scouting, or a tour plan. The platform for the applications are very "heavy". They are old or poorly written/developed. Should not take that long to render reports or navigate around. The infrastructure back end and network are suspect and not very good. For example, the scouting.org site runs fairly fast and is hosted by Akama Technologies. It's location on their infrastructure is pretty fast, returns pings pretty well, so we know it is not the network or servers there, so any slowness on the base scouting.org site is application-based, not server or network based. The my.scouting.org and myscouting.org stuff is hosted an L3 Communications in Dallas. When you try to reach the IPs for those domains it is S-L-O-W. That can mean a number of things from the servers being over burdened, the network link being heavily traffic (or not properly sized), etc. For a large organization with a sizable IT systems they should be a lot leaner and meaner in their IT systems. I've worked on systems for federal agencies that get tens of millions of interactions this time a year and handle much more data that don't run this slow. Heck Minecraft, before Microsoft, was in the Amazon cloud and ran like a Swiss clock. Surely BSA can do better.
  20. I'd like to think so. We also have a Scout who is in the situation @@perdidochas. He was sort of active during his first six months as Life. In reviewing his level of activity it fell below the established troop threshold. He was told to get his level of activity up and he didn't. Come to find out there's severe family problems at home which lead to his withdrawal and lack of activity since. Still signed his proposal and final report. Still signed his handbook. Discussed what he had been doing to meet the alternate test of "active". Seems he threw himself in to his drama club. Was there 20+ hours a week. It was an escape from home. Scouts reminded him of dad. We signed his application and everything else. He thanked us and went to his EBOR. I'd like to think this is how it should be done. We didn't do anything new or different, we simply followed the rules, kept open communications with the Scout and, where necessary, met him half way. He did the rest.
  21. Krampus

    Adult-led troops

    You're right, of course. The modern term for them now is STEM Scouts.
  22. According to your own posts, you wouldn't sign off on this kid's stuff if you had met him. Yes, as long as he met that test in the GTA. Now, if he was MIA for that long in my troop he'd be getting quarterly reminder that he's not been active. Thankfully we don't have that problem.
  23. There's a wild life refuge (mostly birds) north along the Red River. Every spring the wild flowers that used to grow on the black prairie grow there. The local bee keepers benefit from this greatly. The spring honey is some of the sweetest! In the summer lavender takes over. Lavender honey is pretty nice too. One part of the hive was producing a blueish honey. Turns out the bees brought back some candy they found (Jolly Ranchers as I recall) and the color was infused with the honey as it was processed by the bees. Amazing creatures.
  24. Krampus

    Bear Repellent Recommendation

    Depends on what they ate @@Stosh. I would not eat a snake around farms in my area. With the rat poison laid around you might get a snake that ate a poisoned rat. Not good. Also, Copperheads have to be cleaned properly to remove the venom sacks along their body, otherwise that venom could mix with the meat.
  25. Krampus

    Forced to cross early?

    It's written as guidance, not a rule. Imagine a small troop where that's not possible.