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  1. Our pack was struggling to began with. Now we loss half our scouts and parents. Our most active parents moved for good and our second most active parent moved for the rest of the school year and may not come back. My job is now gone so I have to go to work offshore for now. I not sure what our pack is going to do with the three only active familys either moved are no longer active. I told my wife if no one picks up the pack to go join another pack. zippie2223

  2. We have been back home for a few days now. I have been working around the house and the shop getting everything back to normal (well as normal as it can get under the circumstances). We did a lot better then most people. Some roof damage and I no longer have any fences or a trampoline (the trampoline was found spread over three yards). I'm just glad to be home and too have a home.


    Of the five boys in my den two are not planning to return ever. One boy is in school in another state and will not return for the rest of the school year. Two boys parent we have not heard from, one of those lived in the city and I only pray that he and his parents left before the storm. Please keep all of those who suffered from this tragedy



    BTW anyone have any ideas of how to get the smell out of a refrigerator.


  3. Thank you,

    We need all of your prayer and any help you could muster. I don't know what we have left a home. My little bear just relized that this is not s vaction and that he may not be going home for a while. My baby cried for a half hour when he relized that his birthday was not going to happen next month. We are not sure where we are going to go because last word was 30 or more day before we could go home. Then what are we going home to.

  4. Five day 8:30-4:30

    50.00 reg 60.00 late T-shirt included

    Pack you own lunch

    BB gun, water slide, Fishing, Achery, Crafts, Bear Acivements and electives, Games, Beltloops (Chess and Badminton)

    Pizza party on Friday

    Water at every station, Day care for little tots- 5$ a day

    On Monday We were the only Den Cheer our den cheers. Our kids loved it. By Friday a few dens had cheers.


    we found a bee hive in one of the trees over the badminton net on Friday, weird how nobody saw it till then.

  5. I like the guy, but I guess we should run it by the committee? Should talk to him about it before we bring it up? He seemed quite ashamed of his past actions when he told me about it. I suppose that the CC and COR may already know about it since it was on the adult application from last year and this year.

  6. One of our adult leaders has admitted to me that he is a convicted felon. He told me he has a felony dated back to 88' for criminal damage. He has been a great deal of help to us and works great with the kids, plus I would hate to lose a good leader.


    Our DE has said that BSA WILL do background checks on all applicants. Does the CO have the right to choose their leaders or can BSA turn this leader down based on an old conviction.


    BTW He has been with us for three years, and I took a look it was on all of his previous applications.

  7. Hmmmm (the very least we will always take more)...

    We have 3 Webs1- I would like 2 to 3 more with a dedicated Leader (the leader we have refuses to get trained)

    We have 4 Bears and 2 part-time Bears- We would like maybe 2 or 3 Bears

    We have 4 Wolves- I hope to get a another leader and with about 5-6 wolves

    We want as many Tigers as we can handle with dedicated Leaders


    What we need most is Leaders and Committee Members. If we have those, the kids will follow.


  8. Our Bear den will be meeting twice a month during the summer. Plus the pack is meeting once a month for a summer time activity.

    In the den meeting we will be building bird houses, learning about local birds and how to identify them, then a hike/bird watching. We may learn how to identify local fish then going fishing.




  9. Kittle,

    The one thing I have been noticing in our pack and district, is the more a scout camps the more likely they are to stay in scouting. I don't know if this goes for every pack or district, but the dens and packs that are will to show up at our New Cub Overnighter and/or Fall Encampment are the ones that seem to make it.

    It may be that the leaders that show up at these events are the better leaders and therefore more likely to succeed?

    Or it maybe that camping is what the kids and parents were looking for when they joined scouting and those kids are not getting board with the program?


    I would venture to say its the latter. But I could be wrong


  10. Most of our money come from popcorn sells. What we do is tell all the parents at the first pack meeting that they owe the pack 40$, but if you sell 100$ in popcorn that fee is waived. We also sell scout expo tickets in March April and May. We give away prizes to the top sellers and the council gives away prizes.


    We tried kid accounts but it was a mess.

  11. I just want to take a minute and say thank you to all the cub scout Moms out there that make this a worth wild experience for the boys. Moms today take on a lot, work, housework, shopping, homework, and PTA. So if we can take a minute and say thank you for caring about your sons and ours, and making scouting a fun and interesting thing for our Cubbies



    In our pack over half are single moms. I know how hard it is to raise a kid with two parents, I can not begin to imagine how hard it must be with only one.


    Again thank you and have a HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!!

    God bless you




  12. It turned out ok I guess. We had a turnout of 10 scouts. 5 are staying over night at the CO. It took a while to get it going; a lot of people were late. Something I forgot when setting this up was that it is festable time in New Orleans. The Jazz Fest plus a lot of schools are doing fairs. Thank you guys for listening to me whine. BTW my son won first in the kids division and I came in second in the adult division. See ya on my way to the campout!!!

  13. I have been planning the pinewood derby/camp out for the last month (really longer). We were supposed to meet at 10:30 this morning at the CO. At 9:30 I called the current CM to see if he needed a hand loading the truck. He told that he had it under control but he would not be there till noon. So I called the other den leaders to tell them about the change of PLANS. One said she had to work all day; one never did answer the phone. Then I called the other members of my den. Two said that they were not going to make it; two said that they would be there but are not going to be there for the campout. So we will have a total of 6 scouts at the pinewood derby and 3 scouts at the campout. I have been thinking about changing packs, but been holding off because the CM is going to Boy Scouts soon and I am taking over as CM. This is just disappointing. I have been calling people over the last month making sure that they are ready for the event.


    I am just pouting :(

  14. And what if one of my cubbies is my nephew, can I be his guardian on a camp out?

    Yes I was asking because Last week I took my nephew camping and his parents came up the next day. He and my boy slept in their own tent. I was scared that if one of them started to cry or get lonely that they would end up in my tent. Everything worked out fine, but did not want any odd situation. Thank you for answer that.

    I did take Youth Protection Trained and I also took training giving by council. I was just trying to clarify what I have learned. I was hoping that I got it right.

    I was looking for minimums under Youth Protection. I normaly have more parent involment then this, but there was a time last week at a den meeting that I was left alone with the boys for about ten minutes. I did not like the feeling.

  15. Leader requirements

    Tell me if I got this right?


    1. Den Meetings:

    1 Leader and another adult


    2. Outings:

    2 Leaders


    3. Camping:

    2 Leaders and never any other scout in your tent other then your own son.


    4. In car going to event/meeting:

    1 leader and at least two scouts


    And what if one of my cubbies is my nephew, can I be his guardian on a camp out?



  16. jens3sons

    Its not that the COR has to be there, it's that the church is being used. They should have informed us earlier but it happens I guess.



    That's a great idea, but we didn't find out till late Monday evening and I guess we just panicked and pushing it back was the quickest solution. I wish I can go back in time and do it again. On again, off again, I think would really upset the parents.



    Yes St. Joachim Church has let us down this time but they are a pretty good bunch over there. They do a lot for the council, the district and for us. We'll let this one slide (jj).


    I wish we would have not panicked when we heard the news, well live and learn, and always have a back up plan.

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  17. I am stressed about B&G. We were going to have it Friday night. Our COR called my CM last night and said that the CO has something planned Friday night (fine time to tell us). My CM and I were trying to plan it last minute for another night but it not going to work for either us or our other DL's. Our last resort is moving it too next months pack meeting. But then again we have FOS planned next month and the B&G will be push on time being on a school night.


    http://www.lascouts.net/pack81(This message has been edited by zippie2223)

  18. I'm in the same situation as you. We meet on the outskirts of town at our CO, a church. I'm a wolf den leader and I am one of the parents that have to bring his little one to the meeting. I usually have enough materials and snacks for all the kids. The little ones usually draw or make a mess of the materials but that keeps the quite. I was taught that cub scouting was a family organization and everyone in the family is invite to the meetings. But hte one rule I have is that the parents must stay with the little kids and remove him/her if they get to disruptive.

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