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    If not Mike Rowe, who?

    Before he was Mr. Sulu, George played bass bugle in the Troop 379 drum and bugle corps in Los Angeles.
  2. Trevorum

    If not Mike Rowe, who?

    Schiff, LOL!!! I had no idea he actually did a commercial. That's great.
  3. Trevorum

    If not Mike Rowe, who?

    How about George Takei? He'd probably shake up the white conservatives even more than Jamie Foxx
  4. Thank you BSA24 for pointing that out; I was going to respond with the example of classical Greece, which had a flourishing culture and religious life for 500+ years while accepting homosexuality as a part of society, and whose eventual decline had nothing to do with sexuality. I'm always amused by da folks who either do not know history or who choose to ignore it in order to support their notions.
  5. Seattle, glad you won't stand in the way of inevitable progess. And I, for one, am OK with that. You (and others) focus on making our organization stronger, while I (and others) focus on making it more just. Not mutually exclusive.
  6. Nlds, it could be because all those referenda occurred in the past. Take a closer look at the scatter plot ; notice the trend lines? Of course, past performance does not guarantee future returns (!), but the data strongly suggest that we are now at the tipping point in public opinion. And whether it happens this year, or next, or in 5 years, it's never going back in the bag. The only real question, is: how much will BSA lag behind?
  7. Waiting in the airport this afternoon I saw on the TV, but couldn't hear, a news piece covering Zach Wahls delivering his petition. Did anyone catch the TV story?
  8. So the clarification says they do not gant membership to individuals who engage in behavior which distracts from the mission . That is pretty broad, sort of gives them leave to kick out anyone who they don't like. I wonder if they would kick me out if I marched as a private citizen in a gay rights parade and my DE saw me on the news.
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    Friends of Scouting patch

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    Friends of Scouting patch

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    Friends of Scouting patch

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    Friends of Scouting patch

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    Friends of Scouting patch

    Sigh. Zscout, if the patch is issued by your council, if it names the council, if it has the FDL, or BSA, and if it is one of the four approved shapes for council shoulder patches, then by definition it *IS* a CSP. It doesn't matter if it was an activity patch (like a jamboree) or a commemorative patch (like an anniversary), or a fund raising patch(like FOS), it's *still* a CSP. And if it is a CSP, then anyone in the council can wear it.
  14. Trevorum

    Friends of Scouting patch

    As I said, most Scouters will find it odd for someone to wear a special activity CSP for an activity they didn't participate in. But there is no policy against it.
  15. Trevorum

    Friends of Scouting patch

    You do not need to be concerned with the source of the funds. That is irrelevant. The family could have given the patch to their next door neighbor, and they could wear it. ANY registered member may wear ANY CSP that is issued by their council. And for what it's worth, there is no "expiration date" for JSPs.
  16. Trevorum

    Friends of Scouting patch

    I disagree. ANY council shoulder patch (CSP) that is issued by a council may be worn by ANY registered member of that council. There is no reason why a youth member may not wear a special CSP that is issued for FOS support. That said, I believe that most scouters would find it odd if someone who did not attend a special council event (eg., a Philmont trek, jamboree, etc.) elected to wear the CSP from that event.
  17. I spent some time last night reading about the social conditions that lead to the Stonewall Riots in June of 1969, and am startled to realize how far we really have progressed in extending civil rights to previously oppressed minorities. In 1969, had an Eagle Scout spoken out in support of gay rights, (called 'homophile' at the time), the reaction would have been swift and severe, I dare say. Hearts and minds are changed one by one, and I think the tipping point is here, now, this year. I have faith that within our lifetimes, our society will finally come around to full acceptance of gay persons, including membership in stodgy, conservative organizations like BSA.
  18. Does anyone else here use ScoutRoom.Net ?
  19. Trevorum

    Chaplain Scouter Question

    OGE, we could call you OHCAC members (One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church) but I don't think that would be any better.
  20. Trevorum

    WHat was the coolest thing you bought?

    For the trail: my lightweight tripod stool. Really, really appreciate a comfy seat at the right height.
  21. Loved my crocs as camp shoes. Very lightweight. And fashionable !
  22. Trevorum

    Who are you, really?

    I've met five forum Scouters IRL (and have long list of others I'd like to meet)
  23. Trevorum

    new uniform old hat

    I say go for it. I know some troops still wear the red berets (gag).
  24. Trevorum

    Secret Service Scandal

    First I've heard of the values. Strange, I thought aggressive bargaining was expected in those places...
  25. Trevorum

    Breast Feeding Your Tiger Cub

    Shocking only to our culture perhaps. Many hunter-gatherer peoples would use extended breast feeding as a birth control mechanism; lactation tends to suppress ovulation