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    Happy Blasphemy Day

    I must have missed that thread also... Beavah (and others) almost certainly feel that Odin and Thor are myths and would have no hesitation about saying so, despite the fact that there are good people who yet believe in those entities (I'm not one, by the way). I have no problem in saying that I believe angels and demons are myths, despite the fact that Beavah (and other good people) may believe in those entities.
  2. Trevorum

    Eagle Scouts turning in badges?

    I've never asked Beav, but I think he has his word processor set to auto-correct "the" to "da" and "you" to "yeh" I just hope he uses a different program when he prepares those legal briefs...
  3. Trevorum

    Lowes National Eagle Scout Project Impact Grant

    Very good thing by Lowes. I noticed the qualifier: for "selected" Eagle Scouts. The link (thank you!) explains that Lowes will distribute $100 cards in block grant fashion to councils. "The council or district Eagle project review board will determine which projects qualify for a Lowe's grant. The local council will distribute its allotment of the $100 prepaid gift cards to recipients."
  4. Trevorum

    Disappointed in behavior here.

    Tim, Thanks for your feedback. I'm sure all of us can stand a gentle reminder now and then to be Courteous. Hopefully the behaviours you have noticed have been in the Issues and Politics forum where things occasionally get wild. Please stick around and share your experiences and viewpoints.
  5. Trevorum

    Happy Blasphemy Day

    I can't believe I missed this entire thread the first time around. A very entertaining replay of the Ed and Merlyn show. We could sell tickets. But Pack, to answer your question: a miracle is the same thing as magic - but with more witnesses (some of whom later tell stories about it). And I agree with you about Satan (). Does not exist, merely a human invention. (edited tpyos(This message has been edited by trevorum)
  6. Trevorum

    Well, what do you know...

    I can almost hear the wagons circling in Irving ... Within six years, for sure. Maybe sooner.
  7. Trevorum

    need blazer button

    Welcome to the forums! If no one responds here, you should try Patch-L. I'll bet someone there collects buttons.
  8. Trevorum

    BSA post LDS

    I fervantly hope that cooler heads will prevail in the LDS leadership and they won't vote to take their marbles and go home. However, a compromise is a possible outcome. They might *not* formally schism, but could negotiate a deal with National that will allow them to even further enhance theiralready considerable separation within the BSA umbrella. They might completely withdraw from Roundtables, Woodbadge, camporees and other pan-BSA events but still run a parallel Scouting program within BSA. Sort of like Learning for Life but on the other end of the spectrum.
  9. Having presented the official BSA "inclusiveness" module at Wood Badge training, I do know that inclusiveness and membership diversity is explicitly valued in our organization. And yet, here we are still actively debating the membership policy that excludes homosexuals. As I have said before, change is coming. I have no doubt whatsoever that inevitably, BSA will eventually change this policy. There appears to be much support on these forums for this belief. So, my question is, if you also see this change coming towards us, how long do YOU think it will take for BSA to reverse the current policy? My guess is within 6 years, by 2018.
  10. Trevorum

    BSA Should Ban Smokers

    NJ, good one.
  11. Trevorum

    BSA inclusiveness: how long coming?

    hmmm ... I missed typing a "g" and Utah becomes it's own continent!
  12. Trevorum

    BSA inclusiveness: how long coming?

    AZ, well now, THAT might be easier for the LDS continent to accept ...
  13. Trevorum

    Eagle Letters... extreme recipients?

    To clarify, Eagles are recognized at out regular CoHs, the same as every other advancement.
  14. Trevorum

    Eagle Letters... extreme recipients?

    Clearly, different troops have different traditions with regards to these issues. Probably none are right and none are wrong. Our troop takes no part in planning or conducting an Eagle CoH, leaving that 100% up to the Scout(s)and his/their families. Unlike a regularly scheduled CoH, it is not a troop event although the troop membership is generally invited. Similarly, our adult leadership does not send out requests to dignitaries and personalities for Eagle congratulation letters. The family of the Scout often does this. With regard to SMT224's original question, if your troop traditionally send out these requests to a standard list, I feel that the Scout should be responsible for sending out any special requests.
  15. Trevorum

    Local SoCal Trade-o-rees?

    Los Angeles Area Council is hosting a memorabilia auction on Sat 10/6/2012. Prebidding at http://www.boyscoutsla.org/Patch_Auction.html
  16. Trevorum

    New Member

    If it relates to Scouting, that's great. Otherwise, we'd probably prefer not.
  17. Trevorum

    How bad do you procrastinate?

    SSS, I'll bet she complained that a full 40 percent of your sick days were on either Monday or Friday, thus creating a long weekend for you.
  18. Trevorum

    Flag Ceremony as a Fund Raiser

    I'm not keen on this idea, Seattle. Providing flag ceremonies as a community service is a great idea, but we shouldn't charge. Or even encourage quid pro quo donations for the service.
  19. Barry, If I were asked, I'm not sure I would automatically disqualify a mom from being CM just because she worked as a stripper. It would rather depend on how she presented herself to her neighbors and most importantly, to the youth. While in grad school, I knew a colleague who supported herself by working as a stripper on the weekends. She was a fine person and neither her classmates nor her fiance had a problem with it. OTOH, I have no doubt that some strippers are real skanks. My point is that the character of each person needs to be evaluated on their own merits and not by merely slapping a label on them.
  20. Trevorum

    Odd Ceremonies

    Do you mean that secret thing we're not supposed to talk about to outsiders?
  21. ... and with that, maybe we should let it go (until next time, of course!) Horizon, make mine peach.
  22. Trevorum

    Uh, Oh...

    This peek into the Executive Board is fascinating. And encouraging.
  23. Barry, no,, just a few camels....
  24. Trevorum

    BSA Radio Spot?

    Was the ad targeted at kids or at their parents?
  25. Barry, just to be clear, are you saying that homosexuality was accepted before the early Bronze Age?