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    The emerging Biden Proposal

    Pack, what kind of change in the price of ammo do you think would have any meaningful effects? 100% surcharge? 500% surcharge? From what I have learned, the NRA has been very successful in lobbying congress to prevent the collection and analysis of firearms related data by government agencies (like the CDC). Methinks they just don't want to let the cat out of the bag. If the Biden Proposal results in ANY action, reversing this ban should be the obvious place start.
  2. AIFansome, thanks for the link to that local article. Pretty good background. Vol-Scouter, note that this is fairly recent. Although Ryan came out as gay in 2011, he completed the requirements for Eagle just prior to his birthday in October 2012. In the 3 months since then, his story has gained national steam. And, Horizon you appear to be right. According to this article, BSA's charge of his refusal to do his Duty to God came out of left field was was not supported by the facts. The comments from his dad in the final paragraph echo what we've been speculating here in these forums: ,Hopefully, we will see a change in the national policy within five years.
  3. Trevorum

    Patrol Patches at Class B Trading Post

    My favorite patrol name was the Primordial Ooze.
  4. Trevorum

    Winter Solstice

    On this shortest day of the year, I wish all my Scouter friends a very joyous Winter Solstice. May your new year bring personal growth, community service, and family happiness.
  5. Several years ago, i spotted an error in the then newly issued Archeology MB pamphlet. I wrote to the contact and was pleased to see the error was promptly corrected in the next edition.
  6. Just wanted to share this with my Scouter friends - I have just completed the long process of interviewing job applicants for a new position at my firm and the top two candidates are both Eagles.
  7. Trevorum

    Eagle on your resume

    Well, I've hired the best candidate. It was a tough choice, both were well qualified in different ways. To be honest, I didn't even realize the fellow was an Eagle until after the interview was over. It was buried way down on the bottom of page 4 of his curriculum vita, below publications and just above references. I still have my Eagle on my CV, even though these days it's buried on my page 23. It's never gotten me a job or a contract, but people have told me it speaks to character.
  8. Barry, You are absolutely right. I'd love to have you as my son's SM. Period.
  9. Trevorum

    Kinda Sad?

    "AstroTurf is a brand name which is accepted generically ..., there are several such examples." Such as (dare I say), "Kool-Aid"?
  10. Trevorum

    Political trends

    Has anyone else noticed a lack of political bumper stickers this year in comparison to previous election years? I see a few stickers here and there for the blue guy but almost none for the red guy. And I live in a reddish area, so I know it's not a valid trend. What's up? Have stickers become a passe' form of political expression, like campaign buttons before them?
  11. It pretty much is, already. "A blue island in a sea of red."
  12. I am embarrassed for Texas sometimes. But then, I remember I live in Austin!
  13. Trevorum

    Political trends

    One of the surprises that hasn't got much attention (yet): by the next presidential election we could well have a 51st state.
  14. Trevorum

    Political trends

    Papa, Barney Frank may be gay but he's not a Senator. Merlyn is correct. Tammy Baldwin is the first openly gay person to be elected to the Senate. (Not counting Larry "wide stance" Craig.)
  15. Trevorum

    Sharks and Minnows saves the day

    Always a good game... Your mention of 'zombies vs. villagers' made me smile. A troop I know plays 'plants vs. zombies' ...
  16. Trevorum

    Political trends

    I'm now seeing a few more stickers for the red guy than several weeks ago. Whether that means anything, I'm not sure. Rather than red vs blue, I'm more interested in the general decrease in sticker frequency when compared to four years ago. Some have said they are reluctant to express their political opinions on their vehicle for fear of vandalism. That may be. I suspect however, that political bumper stickers are becoming an anachronism.
  17. Trevorum

    So a Scout Tells you he is gay????

    This happened in my troop several years ago. How did I handle it? I signed his Eagle application.
  18. Trevorum

    do political banner ads matter to you?

    I've got Rand Paul. I think I pay more attention to yard signs posted by real people than to ghost web banners
  19. Trevorum

    Pack First Aid Kit

    I recommend a small daypack. Very easy to carry, lightweight, multiple compartments. One compartment contains essential but rarely used items (triangular bandages, cold compress, etc); another compartment contains frequently used items (band-aids, aspirin, etc.) which need to be regularly replenished. If desired, another compartment can contain Rx meds (each youth has a individual, labeled, clear zip-bag). Hang the bag in the same spot each campout so no one has to run around. Also, the bag should be bright colors only (you don't want to be hunting for the med bag if it's camouflaged)!(This message has been edited by trevorum)
  20. Trevorum

    Scoutmasters minutes

    This one, from about 2004, is one of my favorites and I still recieve email requests to use it. Go ahead. Trevorum ---- This Scoutmaster Minute is for those of you guys who sometimes feel"conspicuous" when you wear your uniform out in public. Last Thursday evening I had a Court of Honor to attend for a Scoutmaster friend of mine who was receiving a special award. His troop is way south of the river and I knew that I wouldn't have enough time after I got off work that evening to drive home, get dressed and then drive all the way back, so I brought my class A uniform to work with me that day on a hanger. After work, I got dressed and then, since I still had a little time before the Court of Honor and because I was a little hungry, I decided to grab a bite to eat. I went into the McDonalds and stood in line. It was pretty crowded and I noticed a table of high school guys, maybe 16 or 17 years old, behind me and to the left. As I stood in line, looking up at the menu and deciding whether I wanted combo meal #1 or #3, I heard one of these guys snicker and say, "Hey! Look at the Boy Scout!" There was a split second of embarrassed silence. Then, as I was turning around to say something, one of the other guys at the table said loudly," Yo! Dude! Chill out! *I'm* a Scout!" Our eyes locked for an instant, and even though we had never met before, we shared a bond of comradeship, this 17 year old and me. Then, without skipping a beat, the fellow in line in front of me, about my age, who hadn't seen me enter the restaurant, turned around and said "Me, too!" and he grinned and gave me an OA handshake. Unbelievably, one of the guys in the kitchen who was wrapping up burgers called out over the counter, "Hey, me too!" And then, not to be left out, I heard an 8-year old voice pipe up from one of the tables, "I'm a Cub Scout!" Well, after I had paid for my burger and left, I was feeling pretty good. You see, there are a lot more Scouts out there that we realize. We may not be in uniform all the time, but we are all Scouts just the same. We all follow the Scout Oath and the 12 points of the Scout Law. I'm very glad to be part of that brotherhood.
  21. Trevorum

    Political trends

    Maybe we should get back to bumper stickers ....
  22. Trevorum

    Taxing to re-educate how to behave

    What?? No Crocs in camp?
  23. Trevorum

    Taxing to re-educate how to behave

    Rome doesn't appear to be proposing taxes, but rather fines. In contrast, Florence and Venice are mentioned as having taxes to support historic preservation. In the case of Venice, quite literally "support". Good point, Beav.
  24. Trevorum

    Taxing to re-educate how to behave

    Along identical lines, the NY Post recently reported about how visitors to the 9/11 memorial are behaving inappropriately. "... visitors to the National September 11th Memorial in New York City show no such restraint, with some treating that hallowed ground more like a Disney attraction. They sit (or worse, lie down) on the bronze-plaque names of the dead, and lay (and spill!) their drink cups on them, creating an almost cheerful atmosphere, the Post said."
  25. Trevorum

    In the memory of Holden Caulfield

    I've always meant to read The Satanic Verses by Salman Rushdie.