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    4 gallons of water

    Eagle 92, I've never heard 4 gallons thru the body. Been to MCRD PISC, AMPIP REF TRNG at Little Creek,Norway (twice), 29 Palms 5 times, Saudi and Kuwait,Camp Ripley Minn and Bridgeport Calif. Mostly what I heard and preached was that you must drink enough so that your urine is as clear as possible. Yellow urine drink more, Dark yellow urine you could be too far gone already. It was easy in the snow because the designated areas told the whole story for a tent team commander. It was harder in the snow because thirst was not a big factor. The cold shuts off your limbs and forces you to expel a perceived excess.Double Whammy. Plus you may not feel thirsty as readily in the cold. And yes most places the water tasted like crap and worse. In Lebanon is was the worst but I saw a lot of Marines get Dysentary(sp?) from food in town. The problem is today we live in an air conditioned environment with by and large not a lot of activity. A Scoutmaster who works as an asphalt paver is going to fair a lot better than a stockbroker in an office. Likewise a kid that works a farm bringing hay and the kid that plays video games all day. One luxury in the field at 29 Palms, Calif was a mid day bag of ice per platoon. Cold water and drink mix always goes down much easier.
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    Arena Show

    This is my first chance to see a Jambo. I thought by and large the Arena show went well. I also know I am a very old 48 year old man and the Arena show is for boys. I thought Mike Rowe was OUTSTANDING. I watch Dirty Jobs every now and again, not a regular. His words resonated with me and I hope with my son. I heralded the jobs done by real men and women. It spoke of struggles and uncertainty that we all must deal with everyday. A good mix of humor rounded it out. I hope it is on youtube or something because it was good and though he spoke of the past he could have been talking about last night's Troop meeting anywhere in America. Bully for you Mike Rowe!!!!!!!! Thank you to the Bechtel family for you generous donation to America----please spend some time up there while the boys are there, every smiling kid that is upifted by Scouting is a small pay back for your gift. I really disliked the AT&T promotion. I did not like watching two idiots try to play guitar hero while maybe 100,000 people watched. I won't comment here on Mr. Obama as I have said my opinion on another thread. I very much liked the film of BP and thought there should have been much more old footage. I like seeing the celebrities pictures that were scouts in their youth. I never Napolean Dynamite, Richard Gere and Jim Morrison were Scouts. Anybody else have an opinion? I would like to know what the boys thought.
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    Obama not speaking in person at Jambo

    Sure Gern, Let's make everybody watch a video. I remember after Tailhook , I had to give a mandatory 45 minute class to a company of reserve Marines who were not at the Tailhook party. That approach is just plain stupid. It does not address the core issue. I stated before, I served a long time to make sure kids can say anything they want to about the nation's leaders, let's keep it that way. I also stated that I was there that night. It certainly was not everyone in the crowd. As a slice of the nation 54% could have drown out the rest. This guy ain't Jesus. He has said many times he is not in a popularity contest he believes he is fighting everyday for the right thing. I respect him for that, I think he 's wrong, but he's a fighter. As far as national demanding something, we can't get so many things right as it is. If National demanded that I think I would defy it. Maybe we should can those who disagree with all BSA policies. Some little skinny guy, who was very bright said, "An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind." As for my character, don't worry Gern I'm doing ok. Balance here was deleted by me it started saying a bunch of things that were true but not part of the discussion.
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    Obama not speaking in person at Jambo

    Geez Gern, Your goat's really been gotten!!! Many, many people do not like this President. Many , Many did not like the one before him. I don't think BO is sitting in the Oval office wondering how to get back at the BSA. These kids are a section of the nation, not one bit better or worse than the nation they come from. Bando said the BSA has to live with being homophobic. Maybe Mr. Obama has to live with calling me a bitter clinger. Again I said not a word during his speech. I guess I'm still free to think what I want, I don't think this guy is the best thing for America and I will vote likewise the next opportunity I get. I'd wager I'm quite a bit darker skinned than most on here so please don't assume it's a race thing. I am judging the man by his ideals and his experience.
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    Did Mr Mazzuca(sp?) really ride the rope?

    My wife said to me "Yeah that was him and TV wrestling is real!" On Mike Rowe's entrance: Scouts a lot---I was sitting next to a guy that owns an excavation company and said to him"Good thing OSHA ain't here" He said "NO (doo doo)"
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    It was about time

    Hey folks here's a story about mini the moocha she was a low down hooochy koocha HIDY HIDY HIDY HIIIII !!!!!!!!!! while you are at it get Oh, Brother where art thou" Do Not SEEK the Treasure!!!!!! I RUNNED O-F-T Never trust a Hogwollop!
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    A friend checked in from Jambo

    Short, I understand your point and that is why I did not go near my son's sub camp all day long My son was in line at the Trading post at 7am. He was even fully dressed. I spoke to some Venture folks the night before they arrived at 9 am Friday and did not get in until 11. I drove from Albany NY to get there, if an MP sergeant suggests 5 am I'll take his word. I was a SGT once and would never tell two civilians bum scoop. Based on SGT SCHMUCK's(not his real name) advice, I did expect to wait 4 hours INSIDE the facility. I would have slept in my car just nicely at a parking lot or staging facility as I had been told. Heck, I waited in the Arena for 4 hours from 4 to 8 when it started. When the gate did open at about 0615, there were 100's of Military and Civillian folks standing and waiting for people to be parked ect. Every Marine can play "hurry up and wait" (in fact ask any Marine it is an art form) but these forks would have had to stand waiting for another 2 1/2 hours for us to be let in. Sorry for the 6 posts the other night the wifi I was on was not registering.
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    It was about time

    Mrs. Murphy: May I help you boys? Elwood: You got any white bread? Mrs. Murphy: Yes. Elwood: I'll have some toasted white bread please. Mrs. Murphy: You want butter or jam on that toast, honey? Elwood: No ma'am, dry. [Mrs. Murphy gives him a look, then turns to Jake] Jake: Got any fried chicken? Mrs. Murphy: Best damn chicken in the state. Jake: Bring me four fried chickens and a Coke. Mrs. Murphy: You want chicken wings or chicken legs? Jake: Four fried chickens and a Coke. Elwood: And some dry white toast please. Mrs. Murphy: Y'all want anything to drink with that? Elwood: No ma'am. Jake: A Coke. Mrs. Murphy: Be up in a minute (FULL OF SARCASM) Two white guys just came in. The short fat one whats six fried chickens and a coke. JAKE!!!! The tall skinny one wants some dry white toast! ELWOOD!!!! OH NO YOU BETTER THINK ABOUT IT!!!!-----THEY STILL OWE YOU MONEY FOOL!!!!!!!!!!!! Not exact but you get the idea. I have to go list to some John Lee Hoooker. Boom boom boom She knocks me out---- right offa my feet. Saw it 7 times at the movie theatre. They came to Saratoga Performing Arts Center and the first thing they said was "Behave there ain't no chicken wire between us"
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    Sea Scouts @ National Jamboree

    I walked through the Sea Scout booth at Jambo. I would think the Boating Manufacturers organizations would be fostering this movement. The child that boats may someday buy a boat, DUUUUUUH. The booth was well manned and had fans blowing through it. Welcome feeling. I read wooden boat alot and dream, there is boats for free in there every month---granted they are basket cases but I own a row boat and a canoe. I'm not a boat guy. We need some good men for this movement.
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    A friend checked in from Jambo

    At 1700 on Friday we did our recon. Some Army Sgt MP told us we should be there at 0500. At that time we got our vehicle inspected. The inspection went fast and was really kind of useless, if anybody wants to know why just ask. Next morning up and at 'em at 0345 do the three S's and on the road. Get to main gate at 0520, we are told nobody will enter until 0900. The PFC Mp was the soul of tact and bearing. I explained what I had been told but no dice. Again the soul of tact and bearing. We used to say a Marine on duty has no friends, I'm sure the 'corps still does and I'd imagine the Army says something similar. Turn the car around to leave and park 50 away from the gate area. Tell wife what our status is and ,"Wait here". I walk back to the PFC's and tell them I want to see their Sgt or NCOIC. They ask what for. I tell them," You are doing your job,I have no problem with you, now please go get your SGT. A SSGT finally comes from someplace(SSGT's are busy people, I used to be one). I calmly discuss the fact the an MP Sgt suggested I get here at 0500. He asked, "Sir are you sure he did not say 0900 and you made a mistake?" I told him that I was a SSGT and clearly know the operational difference between 05 and 09. I told i'm was so angry that i could start yelling and screaming like an idiot and cause a big scene. I told him that would probably not help my case. He said, "You're right". Remember these folks have guns and mace. After telling him I would write a letter to the CG about the SGT from yesterday I left. Wife is livid at this time and it is 0545. MP's suggest we wait in Bowling Green which is 4 miles away. Not knowing what to do but ruling out Bowling Green we finally park at a restaurant with some other dejected souls. The restaurant had NEW YORK in the name. A small crowd of vehicles gathers and we see a green Subaru of Venture aged young men making the loop down 301 to the gate and coming back. We begin to recognize other vehicles as the crowd of 20 swells and we see the "kayak car"(car simply has a kayak mounted) take a few laps. I told my wife," I will take a lawn chair and sit down there while you all stage here and call you and let you know when the traffic starts to flow." Wife does not wish to be left with strangers. Wife and go down and have another look after cell ph # were exchanged to alert the folks staged at the restaurant. A line of cars is beginning to form on the far side. We go get in said line knowing we could be told to move by Va. State police at anytime. After 30 tense minutes they start letting cars go thru and the folks back at the staging area(restaurant) are alerted and start piling into their vehicles like young British fighter pilots during the Battle of Britain. This is not the most epic story of the day, but it was frustrating and stressful to be told to get there at a certain time by a person with some knowledge only to be told you will not even be allowed to get in line for 3 1/2 hours.
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    A friend checked in from Jambo

    I'll tell you about what happened getting it but right now I can't keep my eyes open.
  12. theysawyoucomin'

    Obama not speaking in person at Jambo

    I did hear some boos. At best the applause was lukewarm. Kids hear what their parents are saying. The opinions kids have for the most part come from their parents. Granted some kids truly form their own opinion. Pollsters often poll kids before elections. They are very accurate when it comes to election day. That is not a coincidence. I seem to remember food and garbage thrown at the presidential limo on Inauguration day a few years back I don't remember a public outcry then. My Scouts thought Mr. Bush was a moron because mommy and daddy said so. I personally kept quiet during Mr. Obama's speech and after. As for the Scouts booing look at the environment they have been raised in. My boy is 15 1/2, recent memory has not had either side behaving nicely. I put a lot of time in making sure they can boo and not be arrested. Let's keep it that way.
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    A friend checked in from Jambo

    Arrived today at 4:50pm did not try to get in, just reconned gates and got a parking pass . Parking was a bit of a mess but what can you expect. Me and Mrs Uz are going to arrive at 5 am to insure we get in. I'll let you know what happens. There sure are a lot of red traffic lights in Va. and every one is red!!! Two kinds of drivers here the slow and gentle type and then the kind that have seen how us native New Yawkers drive and they are trying to copy it.
  14. theysawyoucomin'

    A friend checked in from Jambo

    Arrived today at 4:50pm did not try to get in, just reconned gates and got a parking pass . Parking was a bit of a mess but what can you expect. Me and Mrs Uz are going to arrive at 5 am to insure we get in. I'll let you know what happens. There sure are a lot of red traffic lights in Va. and every one is red!!! Two kinds of drivers here the slow and gentle type and then the kind that have seen how us native New Yawkers drive and they are trying to copy it.
  15. theysawyoucomin'

    Den Chiefs

    Have the DC go to DC training(a must if he is to make his cord red,white,blue) Meet with the Scoutmaster, DC,DC parents, and DL.Talk about the expectations for this position. This is a position that I have seen a boy use for Life and Eagle rank. Get the DC the Cub book for the year of the boys he serves. I don't see how you can possibly be effective without knowing the material. Guide the DC towards making his cord red,white and blue. Easy to do if the DC is doing his job(As BP says about advancememnt"like getting a tan in the outdoors while having fun) or something like it. The DC parents play a huge role in this. Added transportation, added runs to the store for materials, helping the boy prepare. YET THEY DO NOT DO THE JOB FOR THE DC. DC's parent should go have a cuppa decafe and read the paper while DC does his thing. Parent is not to facilitate the DC's actions at the meeting. The boy "earns his stripes " by doing this. "Dad please let me do this" This and leading a patrol can be the best two positions for a boy if it is handled properly
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    A friend checked in from Jambo

    Trading Post is getting sparse already. You mean all this Chinese made crap with the Jambo logo is going to be scarfed up by a bunch of adults before my kid even gets there? Why would you even bring that stuff out before the kids got there? Because the staff is made up of volunteers that "deserve" to buy the crap first?
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    A friend checked in from Jambo

    My Boy left this morning. One kid in his Troop left his required picture ID in Maine of all places. I started to hear how indignant the boy was to the Jambo SM and had to walk away. Sure hope they let him in, sure hope the OVERNIGHT FEDEX man finds him somewhere on the planet, they have been harping on the photo ID requirement for months. I live about 15 minutes from the Bethlehem man who was arrested for tackling a kid that was wilding his house. What in the world are kids thinking?
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    Is Wood Badge just about "the beads"?

    I've been away from this board for a good year it seems, probably to the great joy of many, and this is still being beaten around?
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    National Honor Patrol

    Just a quick Roll call. How many of you have Patrols in your Troop who have earned this small gold star in the past two years. My Troop has no patrol that has earned this device
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    Gold Stars on Troop Flag

    This is not a patrol method question, I just figured most Boy Scout leaders hang here. Does anybody here have a troop Flag with gold stars signifying those that were boys in the Troop then subsequently gave their lives in national service. Our Troop has 5 from WW2 and one from Vietnam. We are sewing the stars on now.
  21. There was a post on the uniform thread a while back, I have recently sent an email to the Gold Star mothers organization asking them to tell their members to tell our members to honor their fallen sons. The Gold Star mothers and siblings know if their loved ones were Scouts. First to review the reg from the uniform guide: GOLD STARS (MEMORIAL) Gold stars may be affixed to the unit flag indicating members of the unit who died in the service of their country. The stars should be placed along the staff edge of the flag, parallel to the staff, with the bottom star 6 inches from the staff edge and 6 inches from the bottom edge; subsequent stars to be placed proportionately on that line, up to the place assigned to the veteran insignia, No. 11117. Ref: Insignia Guide, page 49 (2003-2005 edition) Next my note to them: Ma'am, My name is ---------------- I am a Scoutmaster in Troop XX , ---------------------, NY The Troop XX flag proudly displays 6 gold stars signifying 6 former Boy Scouts from the Troop that went on to lose their lives in service to their country. Five stars are for WW2 members and one is from Vietnam. Why am I telling you this? The fact that you can remember the fallen on a Troop flag is just not well known in the Scouting community. Can a letter be written to the Boy Scout national HQ from the Gold Star Mothers asking them to reinforce this tradition with all Boy Scout and Cub Scout units? Secondly can this "word" be passed to all Gold Star mothers through your newsletter? Many Boy Scout Troops from long ago still function in the towns where your members still reside. If not, many brothers and sisters would be able contact Troops. Any Boy Scout Troop or Cub Pack would be proud to display this small remembrance for a fallen former member. Let us both work together to insure every fallen warrior is remembered. Incidentally I am a former Marine. The person that found this regulation for us is --------------, a medically retired Army Reserve or National Guard Captain. Sincerely, uz2bnowl A response came back: I've thought about this in relation to the original intent of the service banners/gold star banners. The fact that this use isn't traditional (meaning it isn't the normal rectangular red, white and blue window banner) certainly doesn't detract from the fact that it shares the same intent as the service banners - to acknowledge, honor and memorialize the sacrifice of an American in the nation's service. Although the government did codify the use of the service banner in the 1919 World Almanac, it was more along the line of suggestions, certainly not laws like we have for the use and presentation of the American flag. Therefore it doesn't have to be a traditional service flag that displays the gold stars - heaven knows there were thousands of interpretations made by families and organizations in World War I and II. So, from my perspective, the use of gold stars on Boy Scout troop flags seems to be an acceptable adaptation of the original intent of the service flags. I can't think of any organizations that would treat those stars with more honor than the Boy Scouts. I love the idea of those young men being told what those stars represent and perhaps a bit of personal history about the young men who were once Scouts, as they are now, who went on to serve the nation in this way in a time of need. I see whole future generations of Scouts understanding and appreciating the symbolism of the gold star - an understanding and appreciation that far too few in this nation now have. If you like, we could work up a "speech" or "ceremony" that a gold star mother or Scout master might deliver to dedicate the gold stars on a Troop banner (I particularly like the possibility of gold star mothers being involved in this with the troop). That, plus personal comments about the soldier(s) they represent if such information is available, would be a meaningful tribute. Such an adaptation would also clearly promote the original intent of AGSM to perpetuate the memory of those lost and to inculcate patriotism in the youth of the nation: Section 2: To preserve the records and perpetuate the memory of those whose lives were sacrificed. Section 3: To maintain true allegiance to the United States of America; to inculcate lessons of patriotism and love of country in the communities in which we live; to inspire reverence for the Stars and Stripes in the youth of the Nation. Perhaps a note on the AGSM website with a link to the Scout regulation in the Insignia Guide would be helpful as well as a note in the newsletter. I will leave this in your hands from this point - I have not included any of the other moms on the distribution of this note so you could present it as you wish. Please let me know what is decided! This is not an official response from the whole organization. More of another way to get the word out about honoring these former Scouts. I put this up here so that if somebody calls your Troop and says there is a provision to remember their loved one they are correct. I know I have written about this a couple of times and some might think, "Why is he going on and on about this?" You can be sure I'll stop when every former Cub and Boy Scout that gave his life for his country gets the honor he deserves I should not be so sexist it is not much of a stretch to think that a young lady could have been and Explorer, Venture Crew member, or leader and be included in this honor. Please pass this word to folks in every district in America. Thank you.
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    If all levels of Scouting went coed

    We could double at amount of people that would complain about advancements, that would be great!! There is already venturing. I think it would be horrible.
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    What happens if I sign this form?

    I am a Scoutmaster. If I am asking this question you know that I think the boy isn't ready to be an Eagle. Is it contrary to sign a Scout's Eagle form and then tell the Board or Review that you have misgivings about the boy making Eagle at this time? WHAT IN FACT ARE YOU SAYING WHEN YOU SIGN THE FORM? Not yelling just don't know how to underline. If they don't need my signature as the SM why not just go to the Board? DAC stormed out of a meeting we had on the subject this evening. He said, "You are making a mountain out of a molehill". I guess as a Scoutmaster your concerns don't amount to much. Ready to resign immediately. UC was at the same meeting concerning this advancement and said 5 months and 10 days were close enough to six months. This is not the only issue. The Scout will make Eagle someday but if he is looking for it right now he does not have my edorsement. Boy is 14 1/2 yrs old.
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    Dad Wants son to Eagle Before High School

    Cue the HELICOPTERs PARENTs!!!!!!!!!!! Tell them there is a lovely Troop in (fill in neighboring town) that would help you reach your goal. For only having 5.1 % of the world's population how did we get stuck with so many &$$^@!@$ Let's suck the fun and adventure out of everything!!!!! Seriously, I would have said why don't you wait to see what happens after your son has spent one month in the Troop before we knight him.
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    What happens if I sign this form?

    Ev, The Scout must be removed. I will qoute it chapter and verse tonight off the Scouting website. It's too darn bad it has to be that way but the box checkers have taken over and Idealists don't stand a chance against the helicopter parent generation. Trouble is these little sheltered waifs will be running the country whilst I'm sitting on the porch waiting for the dirt nap.