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  1. Adding Girls to Pack

    THREAD POLICE ALERT! Egg cartoon. Fill with cotton balls or lint, crushed charcoal, and pour over with melted wax. Leave a bit of the cotton out for a wick. Good fire starter...will work in light rain. Boys adopted in spite of the name and kept the name.
  2. Adding Girls to Pack

    Half joking. She knew I had no control over "headquarters" did; she had her own GS gripes. She has "her group" and they are all aging out. Then she will be done so it doesn't really matter. Anyway she introduced "brownie bite fire starters" to our Troop via my boys. You know the old story: Boy tries to start fire on front driveway. Boy meets girl. Girl says why don't use a 'brownie bite".
  3. Adding Girls to Pack

    I am good friends with a GSUSA leader (and former professional) who was congratulating me on Son#2 getting his Eagle. I mentioned (bragged) a few of his highlights and she asked about what an SPL was which led to a discussion of our Troops (sometimes watered-down) youth led mixed age patrol method. She was shocked, just shocked that we trusted them enough to plan and carry out things on their own and while she could see it would be chaotic it would be much more helpful for leadership development than the GSUSA program. She then told me to quit poaching their girls.
  4. Virtual Campfire

    When we were in the UK in the summer of '13 you couldn't swing a cat in London without hitting a dutch scout troop. I liked 'em. Pretty informal but a cheerful group of campers. The French High Schoolers were insufferable; (1) they were high schoolers (2) a different sense of personal space and hygiene and (3) mocked everything they saw (maybe that is maybe still (1)) The Germans scouts were pretty pushy and would crowd past folks in line but with a firm command they would acquiesce and back in the queue. Some old Scot woman I was with in line whispered "Very well done, got to keep a firm hand with them." I did enjoy talking some scouty stuff with them. It was an interesting trip.
  5. Virtual Campfire

    My father was a boy scout on Long Island NY during the war. In his (then) rural community there were a number of (very happy) German POW's on work release who did odd jobs, gardening etc. A number of the high school boys like him befriended them (dad knew a little german) and he swapped an old Cub Scout cap for a German POW cap which was considered very cool in his high school. He said almost his entire patrol had one and would wear them on campouts though the Scoutmaster told them not to let anyone see them wear with the scout uniform. He remembers talking to one german (a torpedo mate from a U-boat) in late '43 who was so happy to be out of the war and was planning to relocate to the US after the war.
  6. We used to have the most success when the men were the ASM's and worked directly with the boys and the women were the committee and the back office.
  7. I do not think BSA has stated any changes in program but each Troop has different styles of delivery. I believe BSA has stated that there will be no 'co-ed' troops but Boy Troops and Girl Troops under the same CO if desired. I do not think there is no requirement to have the parallel Girl Troop. My point was if you just wanted to stay the way you are and not have to deal with the Girl issue to shoot something over to Council and see what their reaction is. (I can imagine a CO that might not want mixed-sex Troops). Some folks argue that while the program is not supposed to change the social dynamic will change from single gender to mixed gender. (This is also GSUSA'a position on staying girl only) I really assumed you were just asking a pragmatic question like those chomping at the bit to go co-ed are asking about if there will be early-adopter boy-girl Scout units. This all leaves aside for now if you think what National is saying now is what they will do in 2019. Jaded as I am I still will take them at their word. But we do not have a lot to go on. Or are you wanting to re-hash the whole "what is masculinity in scouting" or if it really exists as a 'thing' (my wife thinks it is a hilarious discussion after living with three males). That has also been discussed in great detail here.
  8. Talk to your committee and CO about your intent to stay a 'Boys Only' Troop; if they agree contact your Council in writing and see how they respond. YMMV
  9. OA and the aboriginal cultures

    Not very american that.
  10. Cubmaster Retiring

    Really for that kind of money give him the plaque and a nice dinner and take the remainder into some kind of donation/scholarship/equipment in his name.
  11. Scout Sign

    I have the same problem. I bend the fingers surreptitiously when I remember and do the whole hand anyway if I forget. Mine won't stay closed without tape. It'd me more important to wear a neat uniform IMHO.
  12. Why Can't Adults Trust the Scouts

    We got some other Eagle-parents who are fantastic....it is just the Eagle-Helicopter hybrids that get a free pass for a while and muck things up.
  13. Why Can't Adults Trust the Scouts

    Yeah we got an Eagle parent who does the same stuff.
  14. OA and the aboriginal cultures

    Axe Men and Shield Maidens.
  15. OA and the aboriginal cultures

    "Now now I appropriated Norse Mythology and Literature. But that's OK because...well...because Oxford. And the movies turned out awesome"
  16. OA and the aboriginal cultures

    I apologize for not capitalizing native americans, medes, saracens but capitalizing Tolkien. Apology not accepted.
  17. OA and the aboriginal cultures

    Silly @desertrat77, Native Americans are not sophisticated enough to know when their culture is being appropriated. So their approval is irrelevant; others must be offended on their behalf. In fact the whole name of the organization is bad. Order of the Arrow? Arrows are sharp pointy things and an obvious slur on native americans, medes, saracens, and Tolkien elves. It is an honorary organization so name it the Order of the Garter once we start letting girls in. Should make the initiation ceremony a whole lot more interesting.
  18. Origin of the Eagle Pledge and Eagle Charges

  19. (I have to do a lot of visioning and community meetings over the years) People often do not do what they say they want to do. So going back to see what worked or what is working is a good start. Incorporating outside conflicts and scheduling is important. Respecting what they DON'T want is important. Working with the newbies and younger guys "to start them out right" is a good strategy. That has worked for us several times in turning around the Troop. I will let you know how to sustain any of this beyond two or three years if I ever figure any of it out.
  20. Generations

    Dig the hat.
  21. @Jameson76 like crunching the numbers on what works and what doesn't. It is an always moving target. @MattR I feel the change too with parents and boys....less want a challenge....but their are still some. I want to focus on them rather than water down the program too much.
  22. Origin of the Eagle Pledge and Eagle Charges

    Yeah I almost got one but told my son the "dad" pin was fine. I think it is fair for a SM to get one because folks have NO idea how much behind the scenes 'stuff' they have to put with.
  23. Virtual Campfire

    "F-Troop" when the Indians were still Italian-Americans in a black wig. At least they all were friendly. I see "Rat Patrol" on real late...seems the same plot week after week...guys with a couple jeeps and a .50 caliper successfully ambush a german half-track and panzer week after week spoiling a critical mission. Guest stars have the life expectancy of an Original Star Trek red shirt. (at this point I drop a marshmallow into the fire just to watch in flare up)