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  1. Am I the only one?

    Who is quoting who? I am getting so confused?
  2. New YPT Launch

    Will the new training still have the "Too Sexy or Not" uniform quiz? And what is this "Skorting" trend I am supposed to be on guard for--skirt snorts? I am so confused. Do I need to get additional PYT-YPT training now? HELP!
  3. Girl Scout sold cookies outside Medical Marijuana Dispensary

    Ah but you highlighted it in red.
  4. This has been touted for years as one of the great things about Philmont is as a family destination while one gets ones training. The spouses of the one's I know who went spoke highly of it.
  5. Girl Scout sold cookies outside Medical Marijuana Dispensary

    If people leaving an adult book store bought a lot of cookies would it still be appropriate for a Girl Scout to be there? I believe the zoning separations from schools, etc are probably similar. I would argue it goes beyond 'what is legal' to 'what is appropriate'.
  6. Am I the only one?

    Not very scout-like; are we repressing dissent in BSA now too? I always thought the rights of the workers to gripe about the "man" was as american as apple pie.
  7. Girl Scout sold cookies outside Medical Marijuana Dispensary

    Well I guess we are judging her -or more likely the parents-actions on the basis of what we might expect of Boy Scouts. It is Girl Scouting so maybe that is OK-though they has conniptions about Trans-fats but I guess Pot is OK. I guess the real reason she is getting applause is that the main things we appreciate in our culture now are only things that can be quantified or monetized so as long as she sells more that is a win! I mean the goal is sales right? (This thread may merge with the James West Knot one!)
  8. Girl Scout sold cookies outside Medical Marijuana Dispensary

    This seems more appropriate: Consider these Girl Scout cookie and beer pairings https://www.usatoday.com/story/money/nation-now/2018/02/06/girl-scout-cookie-beer-pairings/311103002/
  9. Arrow of Light Ceremony - Flaming Arrows!

    Even a real cheesy arrow could be entertaining. Do glow sticks float? Can you use a sling shot?
  10. Cub Scout Behavior Memo

    I hated the whole food thing when I was DL. Eventually the parents demanded a 'snack time' and I relented as long as I had no part of it.
  11. Cub Scout Behavior Memo

    Looks real good. I'd maybe make the families section a little more concise. I feel convicted about the chatting.
  12. Am I the only one?

    Council! District! National! Parents! Girl Scouts! Society! Today's Scouts!!!! (Turtle starts the wind up with the big rock and then notices the big glass house he is living in) "Never mind."
  13. Girl Scout sold cookies outside Medical Marijuana Dispensary

    As long as these places empower women or people of any conceivable or partial gender other than 100% heterosexual male. I for one applaud the planned BSA cis-normative discrimination awareness merit badge. As for GSUSA I am waiting for their special "Sensible healthy cookie eating while under the influence" education talks.
  14. James E. West Fellowship

    This is the "Ask me, I am a soft touch" Knot. Girl Scouts learn to recognize this knot at cookie time.
  15. 501(C)3 non profit status

    We are a unit in a Methodist church and the pastor and the United Methodist Women (God bless them!) view as part of their (anemic) youth ministry. We invited him to a few meetings and holiday parties and makes a diplomatic appearance. He did a sterling job helping counseling the boys after a scout died. But, yes the church staff treats us like other groups 'renting' the space and we have had some mild hostility from pre-school staff that also uses the church property ( I think it is a little kids vs big kids thing) and the Methodist Men's club (who carp on us if we leave a hair out of place). On a side note we did invite the 70+ associate pastor to camp with us (he as an ex-scout and career military Chaplin). He came out camped with adults, avoided the boys, sneaked in some booze, and shared a tent with his girl friend (to our surprise since he drove himself). Of course it turns out neither had bothered to do the YPT (they both had been heavily vetted by the Methodist church for youth activities previously and thought they did not need it. (*sigh*) Another reason they stayed away from the youth. My experiment in adult association did not work out,
  16. New YPT Launch

    On the one hand it is a PITA and I now I have to tell some of our new younger ASM's and MBC (the just aged out scouts) that they will need to take it again when they thought they were good for 2 years. Was hard enough to get them to do it the first time. Other the hand after looking through the material posted in this thread I thought it was a much more thorough and serious presentation. I was glad they talked about the possibility of older scouts preying on the younger scouts. That was a blind spot for me. It seems like an improvement and the greater good seems served my a deeper presentation even at the risk of losing a few folks by the greater demand on their time. (But then I am a little biased as when I was in elementary school me and another kid got molested by our coach. If that happened today when I finally reported it maybe something would have happened. {To my father's credit he did not kill the man but I do believe the threat was sincerely made}.)
  17. Cub Scout dies sledding at Andersen Scout Camp (WI)

    Two issues: (1) Yes, something is amiss. I am surprised a 7 year old could sled alone, much less without a helmet but I assume this was an "unauthorized" activity. We can barely do a derby down a hill around here with all the safety precautions. At that age you really have to keep an idea on them a lot...while they lack judgement they can move pretty fast and be impulsive. If it was like a camp I have been to I would think a sledding area would have a wide wide margin of error. But I am from warm country and this is all abstract. (2) Terribly tragic at such a young age and a terrible burden for all those around him to bear. I feel for the leaders especially. Very, very sad. Forever young. I am glad the organ donation gives the family something else to hang on to.
  18. We have that too. Once in camp the forecasting stone was a large bolder with a tripod of huge spars set up on the parade ground in the middle of the night. There is always some new kid who has never seen it and thinks it is hilarious.
  19. Sunday Morning segment on the BSA

    Do we have the data for past 1999?
  20. Adopted sites in Council Camp?

    No camp is perfect but they were really good. Was impressed at how loyal the staff was to the camp and how many years some of them have been coming back. Good signs. Were very accommodating to special requests if they were reasonable.
  21. Concerns with coed rules, leadership, liability

    But, but isn't that what the opposition said would happen and we were assured that there would be policies to keep that sort of thing from happening? Shocked.
  22. Adopted sites in Council Camp?

    I heard a rumor that was at Camp Raven Knob, NC. Some units go to the same campsite for summer camp for decades so they invest in better improvements, etc.
  23. Adding Girls to Pack

    THREAD POLICE ALERT! Egg cartoon. Fill with cotton balls or lint, crushed charcoal, and pour over with melted wax. Leave a bit of the cotton out for a wick. Good fire starter...will work in light rain. Boys adopted in spite of the name and kept the name.
  24. Adding Girls to Pack

    Half joking. She knew I had no control over "headquarters" did; she had her own GS gripes. She has "her group" and they are all aging out. Then she will be done so it doesn't really matter. Anyway she introduced "brownie bite fire starters" to our Troop via my boys. You know the old story: Boy tries to start fire on front driveway. Boy meets girl. Girl says why don't use a 'brownie bite".
  25. Adding Girls to Pack

    I am good friends with a GSUSA leader (and former professional) who was congratulating me on Son#2 getting his Eagle. I mentioned (bragged) a few of his highlights and she asked about what an SPL was which led to a discussion of our Troops (sometimes watered-down) youth led mixed age patrol method. She was shocked, just shocked that we trusted them enough to plan and carry out things on their own and while she could see it would be chaotic it would be much more helpful for leadership development than the GSUSA program. She then told me to quit poaching their girls.