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  1. 1.Does your Troop actively recruit 2nd year Webelos Cub Scouts? Yes, but it is pretty casual. We do two camp-outs where we accommodate them. A nearby troop is very aggressive and we have had to step up our game. 2. If it does what methods are used and what is the approximate success percentage per method? The most effective is when the Scout Master talks to them personally. I would say that was 70% effective. The Webes got to start fires and work with saws at their campout. That was 50%. 3. On average how many Cub Packs does your Troop recruit? 2-3. We have one feeder. A nearby Troop folded and 1/2 their Webes come to us the other 1.2 to our competitor. I think the "fussier" parents go to the other Troop. We also get some from a third group. All 3 Packs are Elementry school based 4. If the Troop does not recruit where do find your new Boy Scouts? Any additional information will be very helpful. We have 80 scouts listed with 55 actives. We get 12+ newbies a year...typically a patrol from each school. Get 3-5 walk-ins a year as well. We produce 4-6 Eagles a year. We do a lot more camping than neighboring Troops and have a lot of parents helping out.
  2. Need some Pack Meeting Game Ideas

    Get the Cub Scout How-To Book. Has many games, inside, outside, noisy, quiet, equipment, no equipment. Balloon stomp was always a big hit.
  3. fairwell canvas camp tents?

    I am rather fond of those awful canvas tents. Hot and leaky but certainly dark enough. Like the room. My little tent would get old after a few days.
  4. Dogs and camping

    Have to agree w Eagle92 Trained Service Dogs fine, they usually are used to large groups of people. Can't really keep em out anyway. I had a Sheppard/Greyhound mix. Beautiful dog, loved everyone, was a "Gamma Dog" submissive to a hamster if need be. Yet she was big and if she saw a squirrel might lunge and knock a kid over. Also some kids were just terrified. I would have loved to have brought my dog to the Pack campouts but it just seemed like too much of a complication. If I was in a real small unit I might feel different. The problem of other irresponsible owners remain.
  5. Another Good Reason For Wearing the Uniform.

    I do not think this is a horrible reason; if you are proud to wear the uniform and get recognition for it OK. My son was a new Wolf years ago and was photographed in the paper doing the Memorial Day flag thing. Got picked up by AP and went national. He was pretty sharp looking in his new uniform. He had a serious look on his face which was why I thought it was picked up --was actually because he was having fun and all the gravestones had flags and he had to bring them back.
  6. I am new to do some MB counseling on the side. I am intending to purchase some MB books since our Troop library is depleted. Flipping through some of the books I see some are pretty good, some pretty minimal, and some outdated. I was wondering what the older wiser SM's think of the MB book quality? Which are great and which are duds?
  7. Best and Worst Merit Badge Books

    As I revisit this I found Small Boat Sailing and Rowing pretty good.
  8. Poor guidance = Dull program = fewer scouts

    My 12 year old (1st class) son last night: "I know what I want to for my Eagle Project! A public service video." me: "what about?" "How Boy Scouts isn't all boring community service projects--it's exciting dangerous outdoor adventure!"
  9. New Patrol Method Training Presentation

    I saw the presentation. Overall I like it. I would move a lot of the wordy parts to your comments section and say it--it will still print out on the notes. Then cull, cull, cull. Use pictures to describe activities. The difference between a good presentation and a great presentation is the great one is distilled down. IMHO.
  10. pack c/o food

    Assuming you know how and have access to the equipment I would do Dutch Ovens. Can also do a Garbage can Turkey.
  11. Dogs and camping

    I am a dog lover and have had a number of Belgian and German Shepherds. I trust dogs but not their owners. I have taken them on family campouts and hikes but never, never on a scouting trip. Why: 1-If I am busy I can never 100% be certain my herding oriented dogs are not going to chase after some running or teasing boys. I will be busy working at the campout. 2-We have had some folks bring their dogs -- but probably 40% of our families have dogs do I want 30-40 dogs running around. 3-A lot of families are irresponsible enough with their boys I suspect that a number of them would let good ol rover run free. And yeah how many dogs need to poop and not get picked up to become a hassle. 4-I don't even want to get into liability issues. Here in Florida I am completely uncovered for dog bites with my homeowners. That said I would love if every Patrol had their own Dog.
  12. Troop choice conundrum

    Agreed --visit different Troops. Each has a different culture. If there is something that rubs you or your boy raw it rarely gets better. My son agonized over two good troops. One was very spit and polish but heavy car campers. Very nice boys. The other had many more campouts, high adventure, but the boys were more rough and tumble. He chose the 2nd as he wanted more of a personal challenge. Both were good, each had its flaws, but were unique. Let your son look. And if he makes a wrong choice it is not for life; we always get a few transfers in both directions every year.
  13. Cub Camp cooking

    I think Scoutfish pretty much nailed it.
  14. What to do with my den???????

    Good grief! I had 20 tigers and then 12. Do not make my mistake...BREAK THEM UP. I will be a lot more fun for them and for you. You can always piggy back some activities if it helps the other leader or share schedules but the smaller groups give the boys the attention they need.
  15. Recruiting night...what went wrong?

    Congrats on the 6 boys. You want quality not quantity. Even if you just got a few you are moving forward. Yes it can be disappointing when you do a lot of work and no one shows up. I had a Tiger meeting where only 2 of 20 Tigers showed up (usually averaged 12). Just me and my ADL and our sons. I was getting an attitude and our boys were expecting a meeting. Was really an Dad-son play-date but was Best.Meeting.Ever. Keep your focus on delivering a good program; the rest tends to work out.
  16. Hats and Handbags

    Old Ox, For me you hit on a key point!I am now able to do many things I was never able to do as a youth. To share those things with my sons is priceless. I would have been in Boy Scouts in the mid '70's and it did not look that appealing (I did like the belt loops and berets), not much the adventure I assumed would be there. I have been very fortunate to have boys who are "throwbacks" who like playing outside and building stuff themselves, it just seemed to me that traditional scouting was a good fit for them. Somehow I got hooked along the way.
  17. a new-new uniform shirt

    I think the rich kids will buy the latest uniform parts to show off in front of the others. I think it defeats keeping a group "uniform". I am discouraged by this...
  18. Help with Leadership

    366, It is basic management Tell the ASPL want the end result should look like. It is up to him on how to get there. Have him ask for resources after thinking about it. Remind him you are a resource for advice if needed. Let him do the work. Try not to jump in when he does completely differently than you might have. As others have said, even if messes up he will learn something and prob some skills will get taught. If you miss some surely there will be other opportunities to tidy things up. Good luck!
  19. Parent Problems- from a Webelos Leader

    OK, OK I have had some perfectly horrible parents that I really encouraged to go to another Troop...
  20. Parent Problems- from a Webelos Leader

    To deal with hovering parents assign jobs and remind them they do not have to stay. Some will gratefully bolt. I had mine: 1-Some were basically Assistants -one Dad for PE and games, one super Mom for scheduling, etc. really helps to have 2 adults engaging the boys. 2-I asked all to do something once for part of a meeting. If a parent knew a Biologist they arranged for a presentation. Works great if they can talk about their hobby and career. It really helps to get to know the background of the parents--they can be a diverse and tremendous resource. 3-I had some for a "mini-committee". They would be off in a corner planning a field trip, making calls, planning menus. Half the time was hanging out. (The terrible economy really helped us -- 1/3 of the Dad's were unemployed at some time so they liked having a project) When you get enough engaged parents they start to "own" the program and group dynamics will start to damper the troublemakers. I have had the occasional painful parent but most could be redirected to charge in a more productive direction.
  21. I have much to learn

    I would weigh your commitments to the Pack carefully. I was a Webelos leader and an ASM-newbie the same year and it was very difficult. It seemed I was camping every other weekend. However I know ASM's that are on Pack Committees but those being very active seem to burn out fast. Congrats on the SM-in training. Get all the training you can. It would build up your confidence and that helps in leadership. I totally concur on needing to be seen at every campout and as many events as possible. You need to BE THERE. Boys appreciate that you take the time, regardless of your ability level, to make things possible. You get credibility. In my case it took a year but most of the older boys seem to start to accept me. I think it is that I am a regular and that some of the older Dads are dropping out (aging out, health, family, economic stress more than the program) Keep up the good work!
  22. dishonest parents and dishonest leaders

    The entitlement issues can really impact the boys when they get into Boy Scouts and they find that they really have demonstrate that they know the requirement, not just that they did at home with Mom or Dad. Most of the boys will get up to speed but some of the parents have a bit of a shock. Just last night I told a couple of brand spanking new mid-year crossovers that "Cub Scouts is do your best but Boy Scouts is do the requirement."
  23. Cub Scouting Hurting Boy Scouting?

    Baden P I think you are correct; I am too close too things and inexperienced to see the situation clearly. At the cub scout campouts I used to get my sons to cook some of their own meals, set up their tents, etc. I was one of the only parents doing so. The boys are pretty excited the first year the T-1 program keeps them busy. Then they have to sit around a couple years until they are old enough to do the High Adventure. Then they get bored and leave. The first year we do a lot of interesting trips --canoeing, climbing, hiking, snorkeling, but it still car/base camping. That said we try to travel light and are trying to switch over to a more backpack based approach. We had some success moving toward a boy led unit but the system collapsed partially due to our size. We are now planning to switch to a mixed age Patrols and more Patrol based camping. Our experienced "outdoor guys" we had relied on have aged out, got sick, or had life get in the way. I think our Troop will need to make sure that leaders, especially less experienced ones such as myself, get in shape and get the skills they need.
  24. Hey Dude

    As I push 50 I like what I like. Embrace the uncoolness. I like Dockers, processed food, and trashy TV. Scout is so dorky it is cool. I have many interests so I call myself a "Multi-disciplinary geek". I used to be a "cool" arty architect type. I cannot say I was any happier that way.
  25. Sure looks like a Kelly Kettle to me....