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  1. I agree. I think as long as the actuals don't look too dire that BSA may cash in some "brand nostalgia" to get someone help them kick the can a bit longer. But I don't see how some cost escalation will not occur.
  2. If weight is a problem here is the solution we teach all our newbie backpackers* *may be considered hazing.
  3. Do they have a logic for this (idiotic seeming) change? I am not saying you don't carry backup water (they are kids after all) but REALLY!?
  4. Excellent point. I failed the swim test at camp and had to do an event with the one other boy who were partially colored "Beginners" (this was last year). I think this one has jumped the shark.
  5. I am amazed that when we set up the axe yard there is always a scout who will chop wood for hours. Every year. And with a full axe even the ADD kids REALLY focus on not chopping their toes off. I do sweat those seasons out though. We have had more injuries with carelessness with knives and hatchets. One boy did so long every campout he earned the nickname of "Axe" and it stuck with him to adulthood.
  6. I have had them all. I loved Camelbaks but have punctured 3 so not for me. I have some old aluminum old school ones though I am suspect of the soldering joints. The new ones are just two heavy. I have cracked Nalgenes from dropping (though some last for years) but never my recycled Smartwater (1 liter dropped 80 feet on rock and lived) bottles. I clean them with denture tabs (a good way to clean any of the above) and might get a new one every season. I am suspicious of the plastic in my vast array of military surplus canteens-- how much can I trust the plastic in a 20 year old Hungarian army bottle? For me (and I have to carry a lot of water) is the weight of the container. But in the end "Hike your own Hike". Gives you something to debate while meeting on the trail. Along with boots (or not), backpacks, and tents-vs-tarps-vs-hammocks-vs-bivy sacks. The biggest challenge is getting the young guys to take enough water.
  7. Scoutshop sells at $1.24 for 8. Even cheaper! (shipping and handling is $19.95)
  8. I meant that local units try all sorts of crazy things and by the law of averages there will be a misguided few that may try to soften the path for girls, we see it often by well meaning parents for boys. But no means necessary or inevitable (I think).
  9. I think any pressure to change the program for girls, how ill advised, may come from local units. The only question will be if the District-Council-National structure will reinforce the stated rules or cave to pressure. Too early to worry about that for me.
  10. I think this is a wise policy to act confident and magnanimous towards other youth scouting programs. Getting nasty will only hurt the BSA brand name.
  11. Quite a few of the GSUSA leaders I know (and most of them say 'leave our girls alone') admit that the GSUSA National PR push against BS4G makes them uncomfortable and looks bad.
  12. Better a cut corner than a knife wound. Better a hurt feeling than a hurt hand. Not saying there may be better things to use in your correctional bag of tricks but there are times you need to make an impression. Knives and fires are not toys and there are real physical consequences to their misuse.
  13. I say, Sir, I say-you bully me Sir. You bully me with pico-aggressions. Obviously you are lookingfor more YPT training.
  14. The boys asked me recently to perform the little teapot song for old times sake. Bullies. My son had a corner clip to his Fireman's Chit, was very effective. The story of that incident has grown in the troop lore. I am not so upset about the "damage to a scouts property" argument because a lot of boys had 2 or 3 cards because they kept losing them (and we made them re-do the whole training--my bad) It is NOT a hazing thing it is a SAFETY thing...papercuts.
  15. As someone who just took his son for a man to man conversation at Starbucks yesterday I am not sure what menu you were ordering from!
  16. I think they will hold back on the Lone Scouting at the beginning....
  17. Let's be honest. That is all CYA for National. There will be some tut tutting from Council and District folks and some "did you know" at training sessions but for those Troops that want a de facto co-ed Troop their will be little blow back or correction until AFTER something bad happens. The rules make a pretty good buffer for National if local units ignore the rules and something bad happens. Then we ALL will get some required additional training. I suspect many units will just make a "mom has to come along on campouts" rule. I think the only problem will be when there really is not any "linked" troop, even a sham, and it affects some young lass going for advancement--particularly Eagle. If some stops her advancement they will appeal it and since we do not punish the Scout of the sins of the adults they will find a way to make it happen. So for those girls who cannot find the minimum number of 4 for a Linked Troop but can find one who will let them join anyway. Seems like a low level risk for the Scout advancement wise, a mid level risk for the Scout safety wise, and a high level risk for the unit Liability wise.
  18. "Never tell people how to do things. Tell them what to do and they will surprise you with their ingenuity." Patton
  19. Oh! It's blessed are the meek! I'm glad they're getting something, they had a hell of a time... Mrs. Gregory
  20. "The study of nature brings into a harmonious whole the question of the infinite, the historic and the microscopic as part of the Great Creator's work. And in these, sex and reproduction play an honoured part." Baden Powell
  21. Workers of the world unite; you have nothing to lose but your chains. Karl Marx
  22. An honest 'I screwed up' can go a long way.
  23. It is hard to do in practice...I talk a good game but mettled and screwed things up in my time.
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