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  1. Job opening at National

    WOW I work in government and the vague sloppiness of the the primary responsibilities speaks volumes about the Irving dis-organization.
  2. New merit badge idea?

    "WOKE!" MB will start in 2019 (will be fast tracked for Eagle required-rumored to replace Camping in that list). CisMale Scouts outside the state of California may only get Partials, however. \~/
  3. Has your troop ever gone to Disney World?

    Sometimes the Patrols meet up for a movie, a house sleep over, or meet up to eat. I see that as a plus as long as some camping gets done too.
  4. Has your troop ever gone to Disney World?

    I have been in enough Troop photos to know: short newbies to the front, fat old guys to the back. I like my first years to be belly shielding height.
  5. Has your troop ever gone to Disney World?

    Inter-racial parents. Fat Parents Fat Turtles
  6. Has your troop ever gone to Disney World?

    I feel left out only having two boys. I guess you can't be a gay couple either.
  7. Sad sign of the times

    Threat (Social Media) to high school near us in Tampa, arrest made. Son's school announced all classroom doors locked at all times now. I am not going to debate the issue on this forum. As this is a Florida issue I have already made my opinions known to my state and federal representatives. I am surprised at how quick parents have organized in the last 24 hours; I imagine it is more intense further south. It is an election year for many.
  8. We just had an election and a (new?) OA video discusses that if you have no opinion do not turn in a ballot and if you think no one deserves it then by all means turn in a ballot. Then the Lodge representative mentioned the options again. So, at least in our Lodge (good 'ol Uh-To-Yeh-Hut-Tee) progress is being made. (Thanks Gene!)
  9. Sad sign of the times

    If you are the cop school resource officer. I am not so sure about arming teachers...some of my son's teachers seem nuts. Really.
  10. Sad sign of the times

    Nothing new does not equate with doing nothing. Fire Codes were strengthened after Our Lady of the Angels.
  11. L.L.Bean to embed IoT sensors in coats and boots

    Ah man our Troop is still using this on the AT. Sure it is heavy to carry but better than the 60 miles of wire the Scouts carry.
  12. Sad sign of the times

    Bad timing. Nothing new (I knew about that one BTW) but what would the historic pattern per 1,000 student population be?
  13. Cub Scout Patrols

    Oh how I mock them but there have been some campouts those logs feeling pretty hard... (They are a nice looking group)
  14. L.L.Bean to embed IoT sensors in coats and boots

    I do not see what the problem is. If one does not want to buy creepy technology by all means avoid it. It does bring up an interesting issue that pops up here from time to time and that is the erosion of scout skills such as map and compass, orienteering, etc because of false confidence on technology. I teach emergency prep MB and I often ask boys what they would do IF (something like(A man is clutching his neck and falling over. He seems to be gesturing wildly at you. Is he choking? What do you do?) and I keep getting growing numbers of boys thinking "call 911" is the the answer. I see the same problem with many of the adult leaders on the AT hikes. They over rely on staying on the well marked trail or their phones to keep them from getting lost. Besides I wouldn't want the blockchain signal when I am running from the self aware killer drones. Though this fat turtle sends out a whopping IR signal I am sure.
  15. Cub Scout Patrols

    This is what I meant.
  16. Cub Scout Patrols

    I made one (a scout is thrifty) it has a plywood seat, is orange, and says "home depot". The seat is bolted, sealed with silicon, and attached to one of those water proof screw lids. Good for canoe camping.
  17. Concerns with coed rules, leadership, liability

    In my experience those boys who did some coordinating with a Troop were more likely to cross over and stay active after the first three months. Not everyone, but it helped. Ones who did not or had no camping experience with a Troop as Webelos guest were much more likely to have a first year 'crisis' experience at a campout. We have had the best results with those boys that attended a council "Back to Brownsea" event where they were divided up into patrols for a weekend and did lots of boy scout things led by boy scouts. In some cases some kids were being pushed along by parents into Scouts and that has always had mixed results. Boys who hate camping are always gonna have issues.
  18. Cub Scout Patrols

    We did what Parkman did though it really depends on what the other parents wanted to do. Sometimes my family ended up cooking our own food because...it was fun and we were camping. We were often in the minority.
  19. Concerns with coed rules, leadership, liability

    Now that is just being picky. Besides, makes it hard to see that they are girls.
  20. Concerns with coed rules, leadership, liability

    We have one that stops by a couple times a month. It helps that he lives nearby and many moons ago his boy Eagled in the Troop. He watches some meetings, sits in on a CC or two, and attends the occasional COH. A couple times I have had some bureaucratic question and he did look into it and get back to us. Occasionally he has told us not to ask a question.
  21. Concerns with coed rules, leadership, liability

    That's OK it is all 'interim' - nothing to see here. Please move along. But swell, they sure are cute.
  22. Concerns with coed rules, leadership, liability

    I wish you had not pointed that out, someone no doubt will be punished for it now.
  23. Concerns with coed rules, leadership, liability

    I keep hearing that "Family Scouting" is NOT synonymous with "Girls in Scouting". But I just got a scouting email with a FAQ to questions about "Family Scouting". (https://scoutingwire.org/3-places-to-get-answers-to-your-questions-about-family-scouting/?utm_source=scoutingwire&utm_campaign=swvolunteer2142018&utm_medium=email&utm_content=A) and when I go to BSA Brand Center for photos under "Family Scouting" it is clearly based on 90% girls for Cub Scouts. Attached is a screen shot. (It is from https://scouting.webdamdb.com/bp/#/folder/3482216/) They couldn't show boys and girls together or a family with a son and daughter? I know this is for recruiting...but really? Is it just me? I mean none of this stuff is probably cheap. I'd much rather see something like @Cambridgeskip's picture of his "co-ed" scouts.