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    So Many Problems, Where do I Start

    Lisabob: Not sure why you had t158 at the start of your post, but the "get in trouble" part was not from my post. Unfortunately, I'm well versed in the relations (or lack thereof) between different councils.
  2. t158sm

    Raiding another troops membership

    I was thinking the exact same thing as Beavah. Maybe two-deep leadership is a problem for the smaller troop. Maybe not enough Scouts show for a particular outing. If both troops can work together that would solve either problem. The troop I serve is about to partner with a new formed troop to help get them going. We've done this several times over the years. Works out well for everyone.
  3. Our troop operates much the same way as does FScouter's, but with some minor adjustments. The senior patrol leader attends occasionally (once, twice a year or so) to present the troop program for the coming year or also to present (request) any special needs the patrol leader's council may find they need to inform the committee about. Other than that the Scoutmaster (me) serves as the go-between for the two.
  4. t158sm

    New to the Forum but not Scouts

    Hi and welcome in. Glad to have you here. Have some fun, learn a few things and maybe even make a friend or two.
  5. New Scout patrols have their place - Whether they stay together for 6 months or a year or whatever is a matter of what works best for that troop. How long do you consider them new Scouts? When the time is right, let them choose. Ours always divide into the other patrols.
  6. People grow apart, that's just a part of life. Age doesn't always determine who one's friends will be. The best we can hope is that we've taught them well and that they choose because of what's in someone's heart.
  7. Congratulations on a job well done. Wood Badge is a special time, remember it and enjoy fondly. t158sm Some are old, and some are bold, but Wood Badge Owls are good as gold.
  8. t158sm

    So Many Problems, Where do I Start

    Difficult problems, but many of us here have also faced situations like these. Ask yourself and your son too - What kind of experience are you getting in this program aside from what you mentioned? Are these Cub Scouts having fun and enjoying being Scouts? If so try to get others to help and stick in there. The leaders in the pack don't have to be parents of the boys involved (it helps, but isn't necessary) Are there any former Scouts in your area who might could lend a hand? What about your friends? Is there a local Boy Scout troop that might could provide assistance. Ask the church that charters your pack to mention in their newsletter that the Cub Scouts could use a few volunteers. Talk with the District Executive for your district and ask for advise and help. There are many ways to find your way out from the maze of problems your unit has if that's what you want. After you ask yourself about the program, you find that you and the Cub Scouts are not enjoying yourselves as Scouts - Then I suggest visiting other nearby units and looking for one that can offer what you and your son need. Best of luck and let us know how things go.
  9. t158sm

    Katrina help please

    From the first post in this thread "Because both US mail and private delivery services are still spotty at best in New Orleans" I'm not concerned with the possibility of fraud or any of the such. But if the effort comes about like I think it can, I simply believe the process would be better suited to involve the councils. The word is already being spread to the units in my district. I'm working on the people to contact at the council. (But I don't know how this will go as the Greater Alabama Council has what I'll just describe as difficulties.) Plus I've also gotten in touch with the area Girl Scouts, who've shown an interest in helping. Almost everyone else seems to be quite on this. If you have an interest in helping, I'm sure Mr DeSanti and the rest of us would appreciate knowing about the effort. "To help other people at all times."
  10. Being on Wood Badge staff is an exciting and wonderful experience. You will learn just as much, if not more by being on staff as you did going through the course. Spread the word, let it be known of your desire to serve on the next course. When the opportunity arrives, take it, and cherish every moment.
  11. t158sm

    My Ticket's Done!

    Congratulations. I held off on registering for a while because of the bickering, but things seem more peaceful now. CLM OWL SR-33 CC SR-126
  12. t158sm

    Katrina help please

    I'll get in touch with my DE and see what we might be able to set up in our council. Ditto on what JD said I'm sure the effort would be hastened by sending what's needed from council to council.
  13. t158sm

    You might be using the Troop Method....

    If a Scoutmasters two favorite pieces of equipment aren't his coffee cup and a comfortable chair...
  14. t158sm

    Scouts get the call to Ford Field

    Might not qualify for a service project - but did the Scouts that took part have fun? Isn't that the reason for all this anyway?
  15. t158sm

    MB fair question

    Our council has merit badge fairs just as SR540Beaver explained - one day event with either two half day classes or one full day class. Makes for an easy way to work on some of those less than everyday merit badges. I've taught fingerprinting before for the fair. Seen several others taught like Pulp and Paper, Horsemanship, and Reptile Study. Makes for a great opportunity to meet at least partial requirements on merit badges Scouts wouldn't have otherwise been exposed to.
  16. t158sm

    Too busy to take training

    Two things that can inspire a leader to take training are: 1. A personal invitation instead of a generic letter and 2. positive word of mouth from those that have already taken the training. Nothing beats the personal touch from a fellow Scouter they know and trust.
  17. t158sm

    Hello Scouting Friends

    I've decided that it's time for me to join the campfire. I've been standing on the outside listening in for a year or so and would now like to take a seat, if nobody minds, of course. I've been in Scoting since 1978 and have been a Scoutmaster since 1989. I'm from the Greater Alabama Council (my part of which was once the Choccolocco Council). I'm a Wood Badge Owl SR-33 and will probably be in this Scouting stuff until I pass on.
  18. A short while after becoming Scoutmaster my DE asked me to reform the pack and to be Cubmaster. Big mistake. IMHO trying to wear both hats will take away from what a person can offer either program. The troop suffered and the pack suffered as a result. I ended up giving up the pack and letting it drop. With my attention focused on the troop, we've been able to grow and have a strong viable program.
  19. It's probably a bit far for you to go, but the Greater Alabama Council will be hosting NCS May 11th - 19th at Comer Scout Reservation near Fort Payne, Alabama.(This message has been edited by t158sm)