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    Shall we sing?

    Reverberation with the last post- I used to be an OWL, a good old OWL too. But now I'm finished OWLING I don't know what to do. I'm growing old and feeble, and I can OWL no more. So I'm going to work my ticket if I can. Back to Gilwell, happy land, I'm going to work my ticket if I can. HOOT, HOOT...
  2. John, Lisabob - great advice. There's no excuse for anyone in the troop acting in such a manner, certainly most of all not in front of the Scouts. Running a Scout troop is difficult enough without someone trying to play the big tough guy who runs over anything in his way. I'm willing to bet this one caused problems in his old troop and maybe even in the Wood badge course as well.
  3. t158sm

    Hello from Mt. Pleasant SC

    Hi and welcome in. This certainly can be a great place for ideas of all kinds. We'll be going over to Mt. Pleasant to stay on the Yorktown in about 7 weeks also. Looks like it'll be a great trip.
  4. t158sm

    District Web Pages

    Hog wash - That's what this sounds like to me. Rumor mill must be up and running again. Had our yearly district cookout last night, nothing was mentioned about this, website is still going strong.
  5. Great idea Trev. Many times you can read a seemingly innocent post only to end up finding (edited) at the bottom. At least some idea of what kind of info has been removed would be nice too.
  6. t158sm

    Calling a Scout

    Barry you've nailed it down. If the mother was concerned she should have made further inquiries as to why the call was made. Too much of todays society seeks to blame someone else for everything.
  7. t158sm

    Reneging on SM Conference

    Nldscout: It is totally within Ma's discretion if to pursue legal recourse or not. She is the one involved with the Scout and the situation. Ma feels that this situation can best be handled without judicial involvement. She has chosen not to have a warrant taken out, the matter should continue to be dealt with internally. IMHO Ma, you could have an officer talk to this young man about the ramifications of his actions though.
  8. t158sm

    Had All I Need

    Hate to see another good Scouter walk away. Always try to remember the good that you have brought into the world through your work in Scouting. Wheather you can see it or not it's there.
  9. O.K. folks I need a little help. Our troop will be traveling to Charleston, SC to stay on board the U.S.S. Yorktown during the first weekend in August. We usually take a slow and relaxed pace when driving so I anticipate this will end up being a 10 hour drive or so. To make things easier and not have to be on the road for such a long time just prior to arriving at the ship, we plan on leaving out on Thursday and driving for 3-4 hours and staying on the eastern side of Atlanta. Here's the problem. We need a place to stay for approx 20 people. Due to space limitations we will not be taking tents or the other usual camping items. I've failed to find a Scout camp (Bert Adams is closed the first two weeks of August) in a suitable location. Nor have I found a state park that has an available facility to house us. ( Most have a cabin or cottage capacity of no more than 4.) Anyone have any suggestions? I appreciate your help in advance.
  10. Thanks. I've looked at the site and I think this should do just fine.
  11. t158sm

    Assistant Scout Master

    First question I'll have to ask is - Does your troop have a functioning troop committee? If so then a member of the committee should oversee fundraising. If not then this would be an area to work on - build the committee. In an ideal troop a Scoutmaster or an assistant would not have responsibility over finances. Their concern would be with the implementation of the program and with development of the Scouts themselves. But, things don't always go as planned in the real world. Glad you enjoyed the course, Jon (your course SM) and I went Through SR-33 together in 1994.
  12. Moxie: Among others RFD TV - 379 on Directv.
  13. t158sm

    changing councils

    Welcome to the forum Brooktrout. Your easiest move may be to simply let your charter drop and register as a new unit in the council you want to move to. Your old council may try to give you some static or hold things up if you try to transfer an intact unit to another council. What has been said or done about your request so far if anything?
  14. Congrats also, But I too question why you didn't get to choose for yourself.
  15. Only about 15 miles one way. We almost never attend because it's on the same night as our troop meeting. When we formed the district about 6 years ago this was brought up but the night worked for most of the others. Kinda makes us the outcasts of the district.
  16. In another thread someone seems to have taken issue with my use of "magic" to describe Scouting. What do you think? Has Scouting brought a "magic" into your life also?
  17. t158sm

    A Scout is Thrifty?

    Ed: I think Longhaul's point is - how much did the BSA pay the risk management firm for the work they did? From the looks of it the work the firm did was minimal and mostly useless.(This message has been edited by t158sm)
  18. t158sm

    Greetings from Albany, Oregon

    Greetings (most interesting name I think I've seen) glad to have you join with us. Welcome to the campfire. Scouting is a wonderful adventure, hope you have a great time. There are lots of great folks here that have a wealth of information and experience to draw from. Feel free to ask or share whatever you feel inspired to.
  19. Beavah: My sentiments exactly. Whatever happened to just letting them be kids? I don't believe parents should micro-manage their children's lives.
  20. t158sm

    The magic of Scouting

    There are many people I consider good friends who are no longer involved in Scouting. Perhaps we met in Scouting but that really doesn't form the basis of our friendship. There is a difference between a friend and a acquaintance. Just because you know someone doesn't make them your friend. Magic is seeing someone you haven't seen in a few years light up and cry tears of happiness upon seeing you even though it was at his wife's funeral. Your true friends are your friends forever. Magic is having a "lad" who only came to a few meetings and never spoke up, never really took part in the meeting come up to you several years later and thank you for the great time he had. Magic is having a Cub Scout give you something he just made and was so proud of just because he wanted you to have what he made. Magic is being very ill almost to the point of dying and having everyone else rally around you to make sure you know what you mean to them - just in case. There are so many ways to describe the magic in Scouting - I wish I could list them all. Eamonn, I'm sorry but I think you missed my intent. There are many people who do take Scouting too serious, who give to much of their time at the expense of other more important things in their lives. They I think fail to feel the magic. Scouting becomes more than a game to them, sadly it changes into something else.
  21. From its me's last post: "You people are over selling scouting to the point of exaggeration." All I've seen are honest reasonable answers - You're the one taken to exaggeration. You asked a group of people who are dedicated to Scouting for THEIR answer to a question and then chastise them for THEIR answers. Sounds like you might have other issues that you haven't told us about. "To express that scouting is the unsurpassed program for developing youths is fictional." And soccer would be that program to you? Chess? Piano? Swimming? Get real. Name another program that even comes close. "Its foolishness to consider that pulling him out of scouting will do irreparably harm." Let me read over this thread again to see if I've missed this... Nope, not there. No one said any of the such. Now you're just grasping straws to attack those who you asked for help to begin with. From what I've read on this thread people have simply just given their honest reply to "Why stay when there appears to be so little return on the investment?" " In my opinion Webelos II scouting is hardly the magical rewarding program that all scouting is billed as on these forums." You seem to have taken issue whit my use of the word "magic" to describe Scouting. For me, I feel the magic. I am a better person for having been a Scout. THERE IS NOTHING ELSE THAT COULD HAVE GIVEN ME WHAT SCOUTING HAS GIVEN ME. It gave me something in my heart that made me want to be a better person. To help other people. To do the right thing even when it's not the cool thing to do. It makes me want to give hundreds of hours a year to other peoples kids in hope that they'll find the same thing. Despite problems encountered from broken homes, kids with ADHD, parents who don't care about their own kids or see them as just a means to their own selfish end. I've had camping trips where I was a babysitter and everything possible went wrong. The magic comes when 10 - 20 years later one of those kids comes up and reminds you of that trip. Then they say "That was the best time I ever had, Thank you." Then you know it's all worth while. Then you feel the magic. I'm truly sorry you've never felt this, and probably never will.
  22. t158sm

    District Camporee / Council Fees

    Event riders are a part of the norm for our camporees. We've had to plan this into budget for all of the camporees I've been involved in running. Sounds like we're getting off cheap compared to some out there, a camporee usually runs about $7 per person for folks around here.
  23. t158sm

    So who is in charge of the patrol?

    Great, I look foward to hearing how things turn out.
  24. "After the Derby was over, we had one of the parents take a swing at his ex-mother-in-law." Talk about suprise entertainment! LOL
  25. t158sm

    Too many parents?

    Ditto. Good advice Anarchist. If a separate room is available try to use it. BTW, welcome to the forum Alpineer. Lot's of good people and good information here.